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Floyer, Jean
Floyer, Johann (Ritter)
Floyer, Johann (Sir)
Floyer, John
Floyer, John ((physician))
Floyer, John (Sir)
Floyerus, Joh
Floyerus, Johannes
Sir John Floyer
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Language material
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Baynard, Edward (1641-)
Bleile, Joseph (1852 fl)
Boyle, Robert (1627-1691)
Cónegos Regrantes de Santo Agostinho. Mosteiro de São Vicente de Fora (Lisboa)
Didot, François Ambroise (fl. 1753-1789)
Innys, William (fl. 1711-1737)
Servières, Jean (fl. 1782-1807)
Sommer, Johannes Casparus (1706 fl)
Vallerius, Nicolaus (1699 fl)
Wilson, Philip Kevin
Abhandlung von der Engbrüstigkeit
"Advice to a young physician" and other essays
ancient ~vxpoxoinyia revived, or an essay to prove cold bathing both safe and useful, the
aquis medicatis, De
Beiträge zur Kaltwasser-Heilkunde : nach ärztlichen, und eigenen Erfahrungen : in zwei Abtheilungen
comment on forty two histories described by Hippocrates in the first and third books of his Epidemics ..., A
Des Ritter Johann Floyer's der Arzneygelahrheit Doktor Abhandlung von der Engbrüstigkeit, 1782:
enquiry into the right use and abuses of the hot, cold and temperate baths in england, an
essay concerning the creation, aetherial bodies, and offices of good and bad angels
essay concerning the mosaic system of the world
essay to restore the dipping of infants in their baptism, an
exposition of the revelations, an
history of cold-bathing, both ancient and modern., The : In two parts.
Inquisitio ...
Medicina gerocomica: or, The Galenic art of preserving old men's healths, explained in twenty chapters. To which is added an appendix ...
Nutzen und Gebrauch der kalten Bäder
Oracula Sibyllina.
oriuolo da polso de medici ... Aggiuntovi un estratto da Andrea Cleyer sopra l'arte de chinesi per tastare il polso., L'
pharmako-basanos: or the touchstone of medicines, discovering the virtues of vegetables, minerals and animals, by their tastes and smells
physician's pulse-watch, the
praeternatural state of animal hurnours described by their sensible qualities, the
Psychrolousia or, the history of cold-bathing, both ancient and modern in two parts. The first written by John Floyer, of Lichfield, Kt. The second, trating of the genuine use of hot and cold baths... to which is added, an appendix. By Dr. Edward Baynard, fellow of the College of Physicians, London
sibylline oracles translated from the best Greek copies, The
Specimina historiae naturalis ...
Tentamina physicochymica circa aquas thermales Aquisgranenses quibus adjecta ex Anglico ab coversa R. B. Specimina historiae naturalis et experimentalis aquarum mineralium. Atque Joh. Floyeri, Inquisitio in usum et abusum calidorum, frigidorum et temperatorum balneorum
Traité de l'asthme, contenant la description, les causes & le traitement de cette maladie Traduit de l'anglois
Traité de l'asthme : contenant la description, les cuses & le traitement de cette maladie.
treatise of the asthma. Divided into four parts: in the first is given a history of the fits, and the symptoms preceding them. In the second the Cacochymia which disposes to the fit, and the rarefaction of the spirits which produces it, are described. In the third, the accidental causes of the fit, and the symptomatic asthmas are observed. In the fourth the cure of the asthma fit, and the method of preventing it is proposed. To which is annext a digression about the several species of acids distinguish'd by their tastes. And 'tis observ'd how far they were thought convenient or injurious in general practice by the old writers and most particularly in relation to the cure of the asthma., A
Tres elegantes tractatus de aquis medicatis Nic. Vallerius, Rob. Boyle, Joh. Floyerus ; Editi cum praef. Joh. Fred. Helvetii.
Versuch zu beweisen das kaltes Baden gesund und nützlich sey
Von den herrlichen Wirkungen des kalten Badens