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Horne, John
Horne Tooke, John
Tooke, Horne
Tooke, John H.
Tooke, John Horne
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Fox, Charles James (1749-1806)
Great Britain. Court of King's Bench
Great Britain. Court of Oyer and Terminer and Gaol Delivery (London and Middlesex)
Gurney, Joseph (1744-1815)
Hardy, Thomas (1752-1832)
Harvey, A. D.
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Student of the Inner Temple
Taylor, Richard (1781-1858)
Thelwall, John (1764-1834)
controversial letters of John Wilkes, esq., the Rev. John Horne, and their principal adherents; with a supplement, containing material anonymous pieces, &., &., &., The
Diversions of Purley
Epea pteroenta, or The diversion of Purley
Epea pteroenta; or, The diversions of Purley, 1798;
Epea pteroeuta, or, The diversions of Purley
Further proceedings on the trial of John Horne, Esq., upon an information filed ex officio by His Majesty's Attorney General, for a libel, in the Court of King's Bench on Wednesday the 19th and Monday the 24th of November
Genuine copies of all the letters which passed between the Right Honourable the Lord Chancellor and the sheriffs of London and Middlesex, and between the sheriffs and the Secretary of State relative to the execution of Doyle and Valine.
genuine trial between the Rt. Hon. Geo. Onslow, Esq. and the Rev. Mr. John Horne, The : tried at Guildford the 1st of August, 1770, before the Right Honourable Lord Mansfield, for printing two libels against, and speaking defamatory words of, George Onslow, Esq., one of the representatives for the county of Surry : together with the libels, and all the letters that passed relative to this affair
Horne Tooke's prison diary
In the House of Lords : between John Horne, clerk, plaintiff in error and Our Sovereign Lord the King, defendant in error.
In the House of Lords, John Horne, clerk, plaintiff in error and the King, defendant : case of the Crown.
John Horne, plaintiff in error and Our Sovereign Lord the King, defendant : upon a judgement, in the Court of King's-Bench, on an information for several libels : the case of the plaintiff in error.
letter on parliamentary reform, A : containing a sketch of a plan
letter to a friend on the reported marriage of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, A
Letter to a friend on the reported marriage of... the Prince of Wales, by Mr. Horne Tooke. The 2nd edition, A
letter to the editor of the Times, 1807:, A
Many days in Morocco
Memoirs of John Horne Tooke interspersed with original documents
Memoirs of John Horne Tooke, together with his valuable speeches and writings, also containing proofs identifying him as the author of the celebrated "Letters of Junius", by John A. Graham,...
, @or the Diversions of Purley... by John Horne Tooke,... 2nd edition
, @or the Diversions of Purley, by John Horne Tooke. A new edition... by Richard Taylor,... to which is annexed his letter to John Dunning,...
oration delivered by the Rev. Mr. Horne, at a numerous meeting of the freeholders of Middlesex, assembled at Mile-End Assembly-room, March 30, 1770 To consider of an address, remonstrance, and petition, to His Majesty. Containing a minute and circumstantial detail of all the grievances and unconstitutional steps which have been taken, from the seizure of Mr. Wilkes's papers to the present time. With many spirited remarks, and several pieces of secret intelligence of a very interesting nature, not known to the public before., An
prison diary (16 May-22 November 1794) of John Horne Tooke, The
Proceedings in a action for debt, between the Right Honourable Charles James Fox, plaintiff, and John Horne Tooke, Esq., defendant.
Proceedings in an action for debt, between the Right Honourable Charles James Fox, plaintiff, and John Horne Tooke, Esq. defendant.
proceedings in cases of high treason, The : under a special commission of Oyer and Terminer, which was first opened at Hick's Hall, Oct. 2, 1794, and afterwards continued at the Sessions House, in the Old Bailey
reply to "An address to the people of Barnwell District, by Palmetto", A
speeches of John Horne Tooke, during the Westminster election, 1796: with his two addresses to the electors of Westminster. Also, the speech of the Right Hon. C. J. Fox, on the last day but one of the election., The
State trials for high treason : embellished with portraits ...
trial (at large) of John Horne, Esq., upon an information filed ex officio by His Majesty's Attorney General, for a libel, before the Right Hon. William, Earl of Mansfield, in the Court of King's Bench, Guildhall, on Friday the fourth of July 1777, The
trial at large of John Horne Tooke, Esq. for high treason, The : before the special commission, at the sessions-house in the Old-Bailey, began on Monday, November 17, and continued until Saturday 22, 1794 : with the whole proceedings of the attorney and solicitor general on the part of the Crown, and Mr. Erskine and Mr. Gibbs for the prisoner
trial of John Horne Tooke for high treason, The : at the Sessions House in the Old Bailey, on Monday the seventeenth, Tuesday the eighteenth, Wednesday the nineteenth, Thursday the twentieth, Friday the twenty-first, and Saturday the twenty-second of November 1794
trial of Mr. Thomas Hardy, for high treason, The : containing the whole proceedings, from the opening of the special commission, the judge's charge to the grand jury, lists of the witnesses, jurors, and the bills of indictment found against Thomas Hardy, John Horne Tooke, John Augustus Bonney, Stewart Kyd, Jeremiah Joyce, Thomas Wardel, Thomas Holcroft, John Richter, Matthew Moore, John Thelwall, Richard Hodgson, John Baxter : together with the arguments of counsel on the part of the Crown and in defence of the prisoner
Trials for high treason : containing the whole of the proceedings at the Old-Bailey, from October 28 to December 5, 1794 : comprising the trials of Thomas Hardy, John Horne Tooke, and John Thelwall : including the examinations of Lord Camden, Duke of Richmond, Lord Fred. Campbell, Earl Stanhope, Mr. Pitt, Mr. Fox, Bishop of Gloucester, Major Cartwright, Mr. Sheridan, &c., &c. : with the speeches at length of Mr. Erskine, Mr. Gibbs, the Attorney General, Mr. Serjeant Adair, &c. : and also, the previous proceedings at the Sessions-House, Clerkenwell, and the Old-Bailey
trials for high treason, of Thomas Hardy, John Horne Tooke, John Augustus Bonney, Stewart Kyd, Jeremiah Joyce, Thomas Holcroft, John Richter, John Thelwall, and John Baxter, The : to which are prefixed the Lord President's charge to the grand jury, the proceedings, first at Hick's Hall, and afterward at the Old Bailey, previous to the commencement of Mr. Hardy's trial, and a correct copy of the indictment : also, lists of the petty jurors, and of the witnesses on the part of the Crown
Warning to the electors of Westminster, from Mr. Horne Tooke, A
whole proceedings in the cause of action brought by the Rt. Hon. Geo. Onslow, Esq. against the Rev. Mr. Horne, on Friday, April 6, at Kingston, for a defamatory libel, The : before the Right Honourable Sir William Blackstone, Knt., one of the justices of His Majesty's Court of King's Bench