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Cantelberg, Wilhelm (Erstbischof von)
Canterbury, William of
Canterbury, William Wake (Archbishop of)
Lincoln, William of
W, W.
W. W, William Wake
W, William Wake
Wake, Guillaume
Wake, Wilhelm
Wake, William
Wake, William (Abp. of Canterbury)
Wake, William Archbishop of Canterbury
Wake, William (archevêque de Canterbury)
Wakius, Gulielmus
Wilhelm" (von Cantelberg)
William" (de Cantorbery)
William (Lord Bishop of Lincoln)
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Adams, Leonard
Burnet, Gilbert (1643-1715)
Chiswell, Richard (Londen)
Church of England Diocese of Lincoln Bishop (1705-1716 : Wake) (see also from)
Church of England Province of Canterbury Archbishop (1716-1737 : Wake) (see also from)
Church of England. Diocese of Lincoln. Bishop (1705-1716 : Wake)
Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Archbishop (1716-1737 : Wake)
Hermas, 2nd cent
Hone, William (1780-1842)
Jones, Jeremiah (1693-1724)
Talbot, William (1658-1730)
Trimnell, Charles (1663-1723)
abstract of the account of charity-schools ...
Apostolic fathers.
Articles of visitation, and enquiry, concerning matters ecclesiastical exhibited to the ministers, church-wardens, and side-men, of every parish within the diocese of Lincoln, at the triennial visitation of the Right Reverend Father in God, William, Lord Bishop of that diocese, anno Dom' MDCCIX
Authority of christian princes over their ecclesiastical synods asserted with particular respect to the convocations of the clergy of the realm and church of england : occasion'd by a late pamphlet intituled, a letter to a convocation man &c
Bishop of Lincoln's and Bishop of Norwich's speeches in the House of Lords, March the 17th. at the opening of the second article of the impeachment against Dr. Sacheverell
Bishop of Lincoln's charge, to the clergy of his diocese, in his triennial visitation begun at Leicester, June the 1st. 1709, The
brief enquiry into the antiquity, honour, and estate of the name and family of Wake, A : with a summary deduction of the lineal succession of the chief branches of it, from its first rise, down to this present time
Case of the exiled vaudois and french protestants stated, and their relief recommended to all good christians, especially to those of the reformed religion in a sermon preach'd at st. james westminster, april 5, 1699, being the day of the publick fast
Continuation of the present state of the controversy between the church of england and the church of rome being a full account of the books that have been of late written on both sides
danger and mischief of a mis-guided zeal a sermon preach'd at the parish church of St. James Westminster, April the 2d, 1710. By ... William Lord Bishop of Lincoln., The
Defence of the exposition of the doctrine of the church of england against the exceptions of monsieur de meaux, late bishop of condom, and his vindicator
discourse concerning the nature of idolatry:, A : in which a late author's true and onely notion of idolatry is considered and confuted.
Discourse of the holy eucharist, in the two great points of the real presence and the adoration of the host in answer to the two discourses lately printed at oxford on this subject : to which is prefixed a large historical preface relating to the same argument
excellency, and benefits, of a religious education., The : A sermon preach'd in the parish-church of St. Sepvlchre, June 9. M.DCC.XV. Being Thursday in Whitson-week, at the anniversary meeting of the children educated in the charity-schools, in and about the cities of London and Westminster.
exhortation to mutual charity and union among protestants in a sermon preach'd before the king and queen at Hampton-Court, mai 21. 1689., An
Formulaire de prières pour le matin & pour le soir, à l'usage des familles. Par Monseigneur L'Archevêque de Cantorbery. Traduit de l'anglois.
genuine epistles of the apostolical fathers St. Barnabas, St. Ignatius, St. Clement, St. Polycarp, the Shepherd of Hermas, and the Martyrdoms of St. Ignatius and St. Polycarp. Written by those who were present at their sufferings. Being, Together with the Holy Scriptures of the New Testament, a compleat Collection of the most Primitive Antiquity for about a Hundred and Fifty Years after Christ. Translated and published, with a large preliminary discourse Relating to the several Treatises here put together, by the Most Reverend Father in God, William, late Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, The
Good brother, having reduced my last visitation articles, ... to such of them as I esteem most proper for my present enquiry; I cannot but take this opportunity to recommend it to you, to assist, and excite your church-wardens, to make such a full, and impartial return to them, ... as both their oath requires, and in duty they ought to do.
Good brother The Brief which His Majesty has been pleased to grant, for the Relief of the poor Episcopal Reformed Churches, beyond Sea, gives such a full account of the distressed Estate to which they have been reduced, and of the fatal consequences that will attend their present Wants, if not speedily, and effectually supplied; as far surpasses any Arguments that could have been offered to excite your Care, and the Charity of your People, for the succouring of them
His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury's letter to the Right Reverend the Lords Bishops of his province. Westminster, June 5, 1716
Histoire ecclésiastique ancienne et moderne, depuis la naissance de Jesus-Christ jusqu'au commencement du XVIIIe siecle: Dans laquelle on considere l'origine, les progrès & les variations de la puissance ecclésiastique, relativement à l'état de la littérature, de la philosophie, & à l'histoire politique de l'Europe durant ce [sic] période. Par feu Jean Laurent Mosheim, docteur en théologie, & Chancelier de l'Université de Gottingue. Traduite de l'original latin, avec des Notes et des Tables chronologiques, par Archibald Maclaine, docteur en théologie; et de l'anglais en français, sur la seconde edition revue & augmentée de Notes, de plusieurs Appendix & d'un Index très exact, par M. ****** [Marc-Antoine Eidous]. Tome Premier [-Sixième].
historical treatise touching transubstantiation
humble address of the arch-bishop, president of the convocation of the Province of Canterbury; and of the bishops and clergy of the same Province, in convocation assembled; presented to His Majesty at St. James's on Monday the sixteenth day of April, 1716. Together with his Majesties most gracious answer., The
Lehr-Sätze der englischen Kirche in Form eines Catechismi
letter from a country clergyman to his brother in the neighbourhood, touching some reproaches cast upon the bishops, A
lost books of the Bible, The : being all the Gospels, Epistles, and other pieces now extant attributed in the first four centuries to Jesus Christ, His Apostles and their companions, not included by its compilers, in the Authorized New Testament, and the recently discovered Syriac mss. of Pilate's letters to Tiberius, etc.
Memoir of the family of Wake
Missionarie's arts discovered, or, an account of their ways of insinuation, their artifices and several methods of which they serve themselves in making converts with a letter to mr. pulton, challenging him to make good his charge of disloyalty against protestants, and an historical preface, containing an account of their introducing the heathen gods in their processions, and other particulars relating to the several chapters of this treatise
Patres apostolici.
Practical discourse concerning swearing especially in the two great points of perjury and common-swearing
Preparation for death being a letter sent to a young lady in a dangerous distemper of which she died
principes de la religion chrétienne expliquez en forme de demandes et de réponses sur le catéchisme de l'Église anglicane, Les ; trad. de l'anglois, 1719
Principles of the christian religion explained in a brief commentary upon the church catechism
Second defence of the exposition of the doctrine of the church of england: against the new exceptions of monsieur de meaux, late bishop of condom, and his vindicator
Sermon [Mat. 10, 42] prêché à Westminster : le 5 avr. 1699 : sur la condition des Vaudois exilés et des protestants français
sermon preach'd before the House of Lords, at the Abbey-Church in Westminster on Friday, Jan. xxx. MDCCVII, A
sermon preach'd to the Societies for Reformation of Manners At the parish-church of St. Lawrence-Jury, Upon Monday December the 31st, 1705, A
sermon preached before the King in St. Jamess chapel, upon the thirtieth of January, 1715 Being the Day of the Martyrdom of King Charles I, A
sermon preached in the parish church of St. Margarets Westminster, upon Sunday, January the 8th, 1709/10 Being the Day of the Yearly Collection for the Poor Children of the Gray-Coat Hospital, A
Sermons and discourses on several occasions
Sermons. Selections
Seventeen sermons preach'd upon several occasions : With the summ of a conference, on February 21, 1686, between Dr. Clagett and Father Gooden, about the point of transubstantiation
state of the church and clergy of England, in their councils, convocations, synods, conventions, and other publick assemblies, The : historically deduced from the conversion of the Saxons, to the present times
Sure and honest means for the conversion of all hereticks: : and wholesome advice and expedients for the reformation of the church.
Traité de l'honneur qui est deu à la b[ienheureuse] v[ierge] Marie : selon les idées des véritables protestans : prononcé en forme de sermon
Traité de la nature et de la fin du St. Sacrement de la Sainte Cène
Two discourses, of purgatory, and prayers for the dead
vindication of the realm, and Church of England from the charge of perjury, rebellion & schism, unjustly laid upon them by the non-jurors: and the rebellion and schism shewn to lie at their own doors., A
William Wake's Gallican correspondence and related documents, 1716-1731