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Coblentz, William W.
Coblentz, William Weber
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Carnegie Institution of Washington
Emerson, Walter B. ([from old catalog])
Emerson, Walter Bradbury
Emerson, Walter Bradbury ([from old catalog])
Hogue, John Meredith (1908- [from old catalog])
Hughes, Charles Wesley (1893-)
Kahler, Herbert (1896-)
Long, Maurice Blaine (1893- [from old catalog])
Stair, Ralph ([from old catalog])
Stair, Ralph (1900- [from old catalog])
Absorption, reflection and dispersion constants of quartz
balanced thermocouple and filter method of ultra-violet radiometry, with practical applications, A
Biographical memoir of Edward Bennett Rosa, 1861-1921
comparison of stellar radiometers and radiometric measurements on 110 stars, A
Constants of spectral radiation of a uniformly heated inclosure or so-called black body
daily record of ultraviolet solar and sky radiation in Washington, 1941 to 1943., A
Data on the spectral crythemic reaction of the untanned human skin to ultraviolet radiation ...
Data on the spectral erythemic reaction of the untanned human skin to ultraviolet radiation
Data on ultra-violet solar radiation and the solarization of window materials ...
decrease in ultra-violet and total radiation with usage of quartz mercury vapor lamps, The
diffuse reflecting power of various substances, The
Distribution of energy in the visible spectrum of an acetylene flame
Distribution of ozone in the stratosphere
Distribution of the energy in the extreme ultraviolet of the solar spectrum ...
Emissive tests of paints for decreasing or increasing heat radiation from surfaces
Emissivity of straight and helical filaments of tungsten
Evaluation of ultraviolet solar radiation of short wave legths
Evaluation of ultraviolet solar radiation of short wave lengths
Factors affecting ultraviolet solar-radiation intensities.
From the life of a researcher.
Further radiometric measurements and temperature estimates of the planet Mars
Further tests of stellar radiometers and some measurements of planetary radiation
Glasses for protecting the eyes from injurious radiations
Infra-red transmission and refraction data on standard lens and prism material
Infrared absorption spectra of plant and animal tissue and of various other substances
Infrared absorption spectra of some plant pigments ...
Instruments and methods used in radiometry
Investigations of infra-red spectra
Luminous efficiency of the firefly
Luminous radiation from a black body and the mechanical equivalent of light
Man's place in a superphysical world
Measurements of extreme ultra-violet solar radiation using a filter method ...
Measurements of ultra-violet solar radiation in various localities.
Measurements of ultraviolet solar- and sky-radiation intensities in high latitudes ...
Measurements of ultraviolet solar radiation in Washington
Measurements on standards of radiation in absolute value
Methods for computing and intercomparing radiation data
new spectropyrheliometer and measurements of the component radiations from the sun and from a quartz-mercury vapor lamp, A
Note on the spectral reflectivity of rhodium.
Note on the thermoelectric properties of tantalum and tungsten
Photoelectric sensitivity of bismuthinite and various other substances
physical study of the firefly, A
portable ultraviolet intensity meter, consisting of a balanced amplifier, photoelectric cell and microammeter, A
portable vacuum thermopile, A
Positive and negative photoelectrical properties of molybdenite and several other substances
Preparation and reflective properties of some alloys of aluminum with magnesium and with zinc
Present status of the constants and verification of the laws of thermal radiation of a uniformly heated inclosure
Present status of the determination of the constant of total radiation from a black body
present status of the standards of thermal radiation maintained by the Bureau of standards ..., The
Publications by W.W. Coblentz, 1903-1935.
Publications by W. W. Coblentz, 1903-1945.
Radiation and temperature of Mars
Radiation constants of metals
Radiometric investigation of water of crystallization, light filters, and standard absorption bands
Radiometric investigations of infra-red absorption and reflection spectra;
Radiometric measurements of ultraviolet solar intensities in the stratosphere ...
Reflecting power of beryllium, chromium, and several other metals
Reflecting power of monel metal, stellite and zinc
Reflecting power of tungsten and stellite
reflecting power of various metals, The
Relative sensibility of the average eye to light of different colors and some practical applications to radiation problems
Selective radiation from the Nernst glower
Selective radiation from various solids, II.
Selective radiation from various substances, III.
Selective radiation from various substances, IV;
Sensitivity and magnetic shielding tests of a Thomson galvanometer for use in radiometry
Some measurements of the transmission of ultra-violet radiation through various fabrics ...
Some new thermoelectrical and actinoelectrical properties of molybdenite
Some optical properties of iodine
spectral erythemic reaction of the untanned human skin to ultra-violet radiation ..., The
spectral erythemic reaction of the untanned human skin to ultra-voilet radiation., The
Spectrophotoelectric sensitivity of thalofide
Spectrophotoelectrical sensitivity of proustite
Spectroradiometric investigation of the transmission of various substances, II
standard source of ultraviolet radiation for calibrating photoelectric dosage intensity meters, A
standard source of ultraviolet radiation for calibrating photolectric dosage intensity meters..., A
Studies of instruments for measuring radiant energy in absolute value: an absolute thermopile
Supplementary investigations of infra-red spectra
Temperature estimates of the planet Mars, 1924 and 1926 ...
Tests of a balanced thermocouple and filter radiometer as a standard ultra-violet dosage intensity meter ...
Tests of a balanced thermocouple and filter radiometer as a standard ultraviolet dosage intensity meter.
Transmissive properties of eye-protective glasses and other substances
Ultra-violet reflecting power of aluminum and several other metals ...
Ultra-violet reflecting power of some metals and sulphides
Ultraviolet transmission changes in glass as a function of the wave length of the radiation stimulus.
vacuum radiomicrometer, A
Various modifications of bismuth-silver thermopiles having a continuous absorbing surface
William W. Coblentz papers