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Gatschet, A. S.
Gatschet, Alb. S.
Gatschet, Albert
Gatschet, Albert S.
Gatschet, Albert Samuel
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Jacobs, Melville (1902-)
Oliver, Alice W. (1828-1889)
Putnam, Frederic Ward
Riggs, Stephen Return (1812-1883)
Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of American Ethnology
Swanton, John R. (1873-1958)
Swanton, John Reed (1873-1958)
United States Geographical and Geological Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region
Yarrow, H. C. (1840-1929)
Yarrow, Harry Crécy (1840-1929)
A dictionary of the Atakapa language accompanied by text material, ...
Adjectives of color in Indian languages.
All around the bay of Passamaquoddy
Analytical report upon Indian dialects ... 1876:
Analytical report upon Indian dialects spoken in southern California, Nevada, and on the lower Colorado River, &c., &c.
Beothuk Indians, The
Central-Amerikas sprachstämme und dialekte.
Dictionary of the Klamath language
extract from the Klamath Indians of Southwestern Oregon, An
Grammatic sketch of the Catawba language...
Illustration of the method of recording Indian languages.
Indina languages of the Pacific states and territories.
Kalapuya texts.
Karankawa Indians, the coast people of Texas., The
Klamath Indians of Southwestern Oregon: Letter of transmittal. Ethnographic sketch. Texts. Grammar, The
Migration legend of the Creek Indians. With a linguistic, historic and ethnographic introd. by Albert S. Gatschet., A
migration legend of the Creek Indians, with a linguistic, historic and ethnographic introduction, A
mythic tale of the Isleta Indians, New Mexico; the race of the antelope and the hawk around the horizon., A
Mythologic text in the Klamath language of southern Oregon.
numeral adjective in the Klamath language of southern Oregon, The
Ortsetymologische Forschungen als Beiträge zu einer Toponomastik der Schweiz;
Osageindianer., Die
Phonetics of the Kayowē language.
Promenade onomatologique sur les bords du lac Léman;
"Real," "true," or "genuine" in Indian languages
Remarks upon the Tónkawa language; read before the American Philosophical Society, Nov. 17, 1876.
Réplique à Mr. D.G. Brinton au sujet de son article "Linguistique américaine"
Reports upon archaeological and ethnological collections from vicinity of Santa Barbara, California, and from ruined pueblos of Arizona and New Mexico, and certain interior tribes.
Sex-denoting nouns in American languages.
Shetimasha Indians of St. Mary's parish, southern Louisiana., The
Sketch of Klamath language of southern Oregon.
Some mythic stories of the Yuchi Indians.
test of linguistic affinity., The
Textes en langue timucua avec traduction analytique
Timucua language., The
Towns and villages of the Creek confederacy in the XVIII, and XIX centuries.
Two Indian documents.
Zwoelf Sprachen aus dem Suedwesten Nordamerikas...
Zwölf Sprachen aus dem südwesten Nordamerikas (Pueblos- und Apache-mundarten; Tonto, Tonkawa, Digger, Utah.) Wortverzeichnisse herausgegeben, erläutert und mit einer Einleitung über Bau, Begriffsbildung und locale Gruppirung der amerikanischen Sprachen
Cover title: Ethnographic sketch of the Klamath Indians of Southwestern Oregon
At head of t.p.: U.S. Geographical and Geological Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region
Reprint. Originally published: Washington : U.S.G.P.O., 1890