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Atkinson, James
Atkinson, James (English draftsman, painter, and watercolorist, 1780-1852)
Atkinson, James ((Persian scholar))
Atkinson, Jas
James Atkinson
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|Atkinson, Ja.s Affiliation (see also from)
atkinson george franklin
Atkinson, James Augustus (1832?-1911)
Ferdowsī, Abū al-Qāsem Ḥasan ibn ʿAlī (0940-1020)
Firdawsī, Abū al-Qāsim Manṣūr b. Ḥasan (ca. 935-1020.)
Firdawsī, Manṣūr b. Ḥasan (ca. 935-1020.)
Haghe, Charles (d. 1888))
Kuls̲ūm, Nahʹnah
Niẓāmī Ganǧawī, Abū Muḥammad Ilyās b. Yūsuf (1141-1209)
Niẓāmī Ganǧawī, Ilyās b. Yūsuf (1141-1209)
Omar Khayyam
'antiquities of dacca, with engravings by j landseer from drawings by sir c d'oyly
Atkinson's sketches in Afghanistan
aubid, an eastern tale, 'the
Balla Hissar and city of Caubul [sic] from the upper part of the citadel, The
city of palaces, a fragment and other poems, 'the
'customs and manners of the women of persia, and their domestic superstitions, translated from the original persian manuscript (kitábi kulsúm nanch)
'description of the new process of perforating and destroying the stone in the bladder
Epic tales of ancient Afghanistan from Shah Nameh
expedition into afghanistan: notes and sketches descriptive of the country, contained in a personal narrative during the campaign of 1839 & 1840, etc., 'the
Firdawsī. The Shah Námeh of the Persian poet Firdausī, 1898:
'first canto of ricciardetto
Flowers from Persian poets.
'hatim ta’ee, an old romance in the persian language
Hatim Taee, a romance in the Persian language...
Hatim taï
Kitabi Kulsum Naneh
Kuls̲ūm Nahʹnah.
Lailí and Majnúm
Laili and Majnun, a poem. From the original Persian of Nazami, by James Atkinson,...
Laylī va Majnūn.
loves of laili and majnun, a poem, from the original persian of nazami, 'the
main street in the bazaar at Caubul [sic] in the fruit season, The
'makhzan ul asrar, the treasury of secrets, a poem
Persian literature ...
'prospectus of the calcutta liberal – postscript
'ricciarda, a tragedy in five acts from the italian of ugo foscolo
'rodolpho, a poetical romance
secchia rapita, or, the rape of the bucket an heroic-comical poem in twelve cantos. translated from the italian of alessandro tassoni, with notes, 'la
secchia rapita; or, The rape of the bucket: an heroicomical poem, in twelve cantos., La
Sha'h Na'meh
sha nameh of the persian poet firdausi, translated and abridged in prose and verse with notes and illustrations, 'the
Sháh Námeh of the Persian poet Firdausí, translated and abrigded in prose and verse, with notes... by James Atkinson,..., The
Shah namu
Shāhnāmah. English. [from old catalog]
Shāhnāmah-yi Firdawsī (bar pāyah-yi chāp-i Maskū, 1963) : muqābilah bā nuskhahʹhā-yi Filurāns va chāp-i Khāliqī Muṭlaq : sharḥ-i yakāyak-i abyāt va ʻibārāt, taʻābīr-i kināʼī-istiʻārī va nukāt-i asāṭīrī, guzārish va rīshahʹshināsī-i vāzhagān, hamrāh bā bargardān-i ʻArabī va Inglīsī
Shāhnāmah-ʼi Firdawsī
Shahnameh of Ferdowsi : detailed line by line interpretation, definition of difficult words, phrases and expressions and etymology of Persian words, includes the Arabic translation (Bundari) and the English translation (Atkinson)
Sketches in Afghaunistan
Sohrab, a poem
Soohrab, a poem, freely translated from the original Persian of Firdousee, being a portion of the Shahnamu of that celebrated poet, by James Atkinson,...
'soohrab, a poem, from the original persian of firdousee, being a portion of the shahnama of that celebrated poet
Surrender of Dost Mahommed Khan to Sir William Hay Macnaghten Bart, at the entrance into Caubul [sic] from Killa-Kazee
'tom raw, the griffin: a burlesque poem in twelve cantos
wild pass of Siri Kajoor, The
شاهنامه ى فردوسى (بر پايه ى چاپ مسكو، ٣٦٩١) : مقابله با نسخه هاى فلورانس و چاپ خالقى مطلق : شرح يكايک ابيات و عبارات، تعابير کنايى- استعارى و نکات اساطيرى، گزارش و ريشه شناسى واژگان، همراه با برگردان عربى و انگليسى
‏شاهنامۀ فردوسى /‏