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McMurray, John
Murray, J.
Murray, John
Murray, John ((1778–1843))
Murray, John (II.)
Murray, John Samuel
Murray, William
Murray, William (pseudonym)
fl. 1796-1843
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Allason, Thomas
Beddoes, Thomas (1760-1808)
Byron, George Gordon Byron Baron, 1788-1824
Davison, Thomas (1766-1831))
Dickson (1800))
Highley, Samuel (Beziehung beruflich; see also from)
Hunter, Henry (1741-1802))
John Murray (Firm) (see also from)
John Murray (Firma) (see also from)
Johnson, J. (fl. 1771-1793)
Murray and Highley (see also from)
Murray, John (1737-1793; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Murray, John (1808-1892; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Smiles, Samuel (1812-1904)
Stanfield, William Clarkson (1793-1867)
Taylor, Richard (1781-1858))
Walker, John (1759-1830))
Westmorland, John Fane Earl of, 1784-1859
adventures of Hajji Buba, of Ispahan, The
Antar, a Bedoueen romance. Translated from the Arabic by Terrick Hamilton, Esq.,... Part the first. Vol. I. [-IV.].
battle of Talavera, The
Belem Castle, Lisbon
China--Plate 34
chronicle of the conquest of Granada from the mss. of Fray Antonio Agapida, A
code of health and longevity, or, A concise view of the principles calculated for the preservation of health, and the attainment of long life. Being an attempt to prove the practicability of condensing, within a narrow compass, the most material information hitherto accumulated, regarding the most useful arts and sciences, or any particular branch thereof. By Sir John Sinclair, Bart. Vol. I [-IV]., The
Considerations on the medicinal use of factitious airs, and on the manner of obtaining them in large quantities. In Two Parts. Part I. by Thomas Beddoes... Part Ii. by James Watt...
copious greek grammar, A
Correspondence. Selections
Essay on pulmonary consumptions, including the histories of several remarkable instances of recovery, from the most alarming stages of the disorder, by an improved method of treatment
Essay on the influence of a low price of corn on the profits of stock; shewing the inexpediency of restrictions on importation, An : with remarks on Mr. Malthus' two last publications: "An Inquiry into the nature and progress of rent;" and "The Grounds of an opinion on the policy of restricting the importation of roreign corn." By David Ricardo, esq. Second edition.
Few specimens of the ars logica Copleiana
From Adam to Abraham
From Isaac to the birth of Moses
Gerusalemme liberata, La
Giaour, The : fragment of a Turkish tale
handbook for travellers in India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon, A
Historical conversation for young persons
historical view of the revolutions of Portugal, since the close of the peninsular war; exhibiting a full account of the events which have led to the present state of that country. By an eye-witness, An
history of Java, The : in two volumes.
history of the life and voyages of Christopher Columbus, A
Jerusalem delivered
Journal of a tour in Asia Minor with comparative remarks on the ancient and modern geography of that country. By William Martin Leake, ... Accompanied by a map.
Journal of a tour in Germany, Sweden, Russia, Poland, during the years 1813 and 1814. By J. T. James... Vol. I [-II]. Second edition.
journal written during an excursion in Asia Minor 1838, A
Journey through Asia Minor, Armenia, and Koordistan, in the years 1813 and 1814 ; with remarks on the marches of Alexander and retreat of the Ten Thousand. By John Macdonald Kinneir,....
Junius including letters by the same writer, under other signatures, (now first collected.) to which are added, his confidential correspondence with Mr. Wilkes, and his private letters addressed to Mr. H.S. Woodfall ; with a preliminary essay, notes, fac-similes, &c. ; in three volumes, Vol. I [-III]
law of population a treatise, in six books, in disproof of the superfecundity of human beings and developing the real principle of their increase, The
Lejbe i Sióra czyli Listy dwóch kochanków
Letter to ++++ ++++++ on the Rev. W. L. Bowles' strictures on the life and writings of Pope
letter to Erasmus Darwin... On a new method of treating pulmonary consumption, and some other diseases hitherto found incurable, A
letter to the Right Hon. Robert Peel, M.P. for the University of Oxford, on the pernicious effects of a variable standard of value, especially as it regards the condition of the lower orders and the poor laws., A
Letters from Dr. Withering, of Birmingham, Dr. Ewart, of Bath, Dr. Thornton, of London, and Dr. Biggs, late of the Isle of Santa-Cruz, together with some other papers, supplementary to two publications on asthma, consumption, fever, and other diseases
letters of John Murray to Lord Byron, The
Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft, addressed to J.G. Lockhart, Esq.
Levi and Sarah or The Jewish Lovers : a polish tale ; transl. from ger. ed., with a preface and notes by The Editor.
life of Belisarius, The
Manuscrit venu de St. Hélène d'un manière inconnue.
Memoir of the early campaigns of the Duke of Wellington in Portugal and Spain
Mémoires sur la guerre des français en Espagne
Memoirs of Capt. George Carleton, an English officer including anecdotes of the war in Spain under the Earl of Peterborough, and many interesting particulars relating to the manners of the Spaniards in the beginning of the last century
miscellaneous works of Edward Gibbon with memoirs of his life and writings composed by himself, The
Mission from Cape Coast Castle to Ashantee, with a statistical account of that kingdom, and geographical notices of other parts of the interior of Africa. By T. Edward Bowdich....
Modern practice of physic, which points out the characters, causes, symptoms, prognostic, morbid appearances, and improved method of treating the diseases of all climates. By Robert Thomas, M.D. in two volumes., The
Narrative of an expedition to explore the river Zaire, usually called the Congo, in South Africa, in 1816, under the direction of Captain J. K. Tuckey, R.N. To which is added, The journal of Professor Smith : containing the natural history of that part of the kingdom of Congo through which the Zaire flows. Published by permission of the Lords commissioners of the Admirality.
New Medical Dictionary; Or General Repository Of Physic, Containing An Explanation Of The Terms, And A Description Of The Various Particulars Relating To Anatomy, Physiology, Physic [...], A
Notes on Captain Medwin's conversations of Lord Byron
nun of Arrouca a tale, The
Observations on the nature and cure of calculus, sea scurvy, consumption, catarrh, and fever together with conjectures upon several other subjects of physiology and pathology
Oeuvres complètes.
On protection to agriculture
Picturesque views of the antiquities of Pola in Istria
poems of Caius Valerius Catullus translated. With a preface and notes, by the Hon. George Lamb... In two volumes. Vol. I [-II]., The
Practical and internal evidence against Catholicism with occasional strictures on Mr. Butler's book of the Roman Catholic Church, in six letters : addressed to the impartial among the Roman Catholics of Great Britain and Ireland
Practical observations on the cure of hectic and slow fevers and the pulmonary consumption -to which is added a method of treating several cases of internal hemorrhagies
publisher and his friends; memoir and correspondence of John Murray, with an account of the origin and progress of the house, 1768-1843, A
Reliquiae diluvianae, or Observations on the organic remains contained in caves, fissures, and diluvial gravel, and on other geological phenomena attesting the action of an universal deluge
Renascence the sculptured tombs of the fifteenth century in Rome : with chapters on the previous centuries from 1100
Report of the trial of Mr. John Murray, in the Court of King's Bench, at Westminster-Hall, the 19th December 1829, on an indictment for a libel on Messrs. Lecesne and Escoffery, of Jamaica
Ricciarda, tragedia di Ugo Foscolo.
Sacred Biography : Or The History Of The Patriarchs.
Six months residence and travels in Mexico containing remarks on the present state of New Spain ...
Solicitor-General's logic
system of Chemistry, A
Topography illustrative of the battle of Platæa. By John Spencer Stanhope,... With engravings.
Torre de Belém
Travels in South America, during the years, 1819-20-21 : containing an account of the present state of Brazil, Buenos Ayres, and Chile
travels of Ibn Batūta, The
treatise on the hydrocele, on sarcocele, or cancer, and other diseases of the testes, A
Views in Spain
voyage to Africa with some account of the manners and customs of the Dahomian people by John M'Leod, M. D.., A