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Belloni du Chaillu, Paul
Chaillu, Paul B. du
Chaillu, Paul Belloni
Chaillu, Paul Belloni Du
Chaillu, Paul Du
Chaylion, Paul
Di︠u︡-Shallʹi︠u︡, P.
Di︠u︡-Shallʹi︠u︡, Paul
Du Chaillu, P. B.
Du Chaillu, Paul
Du Chaillu, Paul. B.
Du Chaillu, Paul Bellon
Du Chaillu, Paul Belloni
DuChaillu, Paul Belloni
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Cartographic material
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Helms, A.
Koch, Alfred (18..-18..? commandant)
Marche, Alfred (1844-1898)
Mizon, Louis (1853-1899)
Nielsen, Yngvar (1843-1916))
Owen, Richard (1804-1892)
Rogers, Bruce (1870-1957)
Stanley, Henry Morton (1841-1904)
Swahn, C. A.
Vivien de Saint-Martin, Louis (1802-1897)
Adventures in the great forest of equatorial Africa and the country of the dwarfs [microform]
Afrique occidentale Gabon et Congo français
Afrique sauvage, L'
American Geographical Society. Bulletin, v. 35, 1903:
Bland vildar och vilddjur : historier från gorillalandet.
country of the dwarfs, 1872:, The
Dagar og netter i Nord : ein franskmanns vandreliv i Norge i 1870-åra
Esquisse générale de l'afrique équatoriale occidentale pour servir à la description des pays explorés par P.-B. Du Chaillu pendant les années 1856-57-58 et 59
Exploration and adventures in equatorial Africa
Explorations and adventures in equatorial Africa, with accounts of th*. -
Explorations and adventures in equatorial Africa; with accounts of the manners and customs of the people, and of the chase of the gorilla, the crocodile, leopard, elephant, hippopotamus, and other wild animals.
Forskningsresor och äfventyr i mellersta Afrika : med tonbilder och illustr. samt karta öfver vestra eqvatorial-Afrika
Forskningsresor och äventyr i mellersta Afrika
hiver en Laponie., Un
Im Lande der Mitternachts-Sonne : Sommer- u. Winterreisen durch Norwegen u. Schweden, Lappland u. Nord-Finnland
Im Lande der Mitternachts-Sonne : Sommer- und Winterreisen durch Norwegen und Schweden, Lappland und Nord-Finnland
In African forest and jungle
Ivar the Viking : a romantic history based upon authentic facts of the third and fourth centuries.
Journey to Ashango-land: and further penetration into equatorial Africa., A
King Mombo
land of the long night, The
land of the midnight sun, The : summer and winter journeys through Sweden, Norway, Lapland, and Northern Finland : with descriptions of the inner life of the people, their manners and customs, the primitive antiquities, etc.
Lost in the jungle; narrated for young people.
Lost in the jungle. : Nattated for young people.
Midnattssolens land : sommar- och vinter-resor i Sverige, Lappland, Norge och Norra Finland.
My Apingi kingdom: with life in the great Sahara, and sketches of the chase of the ostrich, hyena, &c.
My Apingi Kingdom: with life in the great Sahara, and sketches of the chase of the ostrich, hyene, &c.
pays du soleil de minuit, Le : voyages d'été en Suède, en Norvège, en Laponie et dans la Finlande septentrionale
Recent remarkable discoveries in Central Africa
Stories of the gorilla country. : Narrated for young people.
Viking age, the early history, manners and customs of the ances*. -, The
Viking age, The : the early history, manners, and customs of the ancestors of the English-speaking nations : illustrated from the antiquities discovered in mounds, cairns, and bogs, as well as from the ancient Sagas and Eddas.
Voyages et aventures dans l'Afrique Équatoriale : mœurs et coutumes des habitants; chasses au gorille, au crocodile, au léopard [...]
Wild life under the equator. : Narrated for young people.
world of the great forest; how animals, birds, reptiles, insects talk, think, work, and live, The