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Holland (capitaine)
Holland, Samuel
Holland, Samuel Johannes
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Cartographic material
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Broenner, Harry Lodowick
Contger, Henry
Dury, Andrew
Faden, William (II, Londen)
Jefferys, Thomas (1719?-1771)
Mowat, Henry (1734-1798)
Pownall, Thomas (1722-1805)
Robert Sayer and John Bennett (Firm)
Sayer, Robert (1725-1794)
Wheeler, Thomas
Wright, Thomas
A new map of the Province of Lower Canada, describing all seigneuries ... [cartographic material]
American atlas or, a geographical description of the whole continent of America, The : wherein are delineated at large, its several regions, countries, states, and islands, and chiefly the British colonies : composed from numerous surveys, several of which were made by order of government by Major Holland, Lewis Evans, William Scull, Henry Mouzon, Lieut. Ross, J. Cook, Michael Lane, Joseph Gilbert, Gardner, Hillock, &c. &c.
American atlas; or, A geographical description of the whole continent of America: wherein are delineated at large, its several regions, countries, states, and islands; and chiefly the British colonies, composed from numerous surveys, The
general map of the northern British colonies in America. Which comprehends the province of Quebec, the government of Newfoundland, Nova-Scotia, New-England and New-York. From the maps published by the Admiralty and Board of Trade, regulated by the astronomic and trigonometric observations of Major Holland and corrected from Governor Pownall's late map 1776., A
Geographical description of the whole continent of America
Holland's description of Cape Breton island and other documents.
Isle St. Jean du Golfe St. Laurent par comtés et paroisses; les lots des terres limités., L'
Journal of William Amherst in America, 1758-1760.
Location of silversmiths' shops 1660-1750.
map of the island of St. John in the Gulf of St. Laurence divided into counties & parishes and the lots as granted by government. To which are added the soundings round the coast & harbours, A
Miramische Bay.
new chart of the Leeward or Caribbee islands, A
new correct Map of the Seat of war in Lower Canada, A : protracted from Holland's Large map compiled from actual survey made by order of the provincial government
Plan de l'île de St. Jean au nord de l'Acadie et dans le sud du golfe de St. Laurent.
plan of the bay and harbor of Boston, surveyed agreeably to the orders and instructions of the Right Honorable the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, to Samuel Holland, Esqr., His Majesty's Surveyor General of Lands for the Northern District of North America, A
plan of the city of New-York, A
plan of the Forts Montgomery & Clinton as taken by His Majesty's forces under the command of Genl. Sr. Henry Clinton the 6th. of Octr. 1777., A
plan of the harbour and peninsula of Cape Ann in North America, A
plan of the island of Cape Breton, A
plan of the island of St. John with the divisions of the counties, parishes, & the lots as granted by government, likewise the soundings round the coast and harbours., A
provinces of New York, and New Jersey; with part of Pensilvania, and the governments of Trois Rivières, and Montreal:, [The
provinces of New York, and New Jersey; with part of Pensilvania and the province of Quebec. Drawn by Major Holland, Surveyor General of the Northern District in America., The
Provinces of New York and New Jersey with part of Pensylvania and the Governments of Trois Rivieres and Montreal, The
Provinces of New-York and New-Jersey with part of Pensylvania and the province of Quebec, The
seat of action, between the British and American forces; or, An authentic plan of the western part of Long Island, with the engagement of the 27th August 1776 between the King's forces and the Americans: containing also Staten Island, and the environs of Amboy and New York, with the course of Hudsons River, from Courtland, the great magazine of the American Army, to Sandy Hook, The
Seat of War in the Northern Colonies containing the Province of Quebec, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New-England, New-York, New-Jersey, Pennsylvania, & ca., The
sketch of St. John's Harbour and part of the river;, A
Surveyors of Empire : Samuel Holland, J.W.F. des Barres, and the making of the Atlantic Neptune ; with cartography by Hope Stege, 2011
topographical Map of the province of New-Hampshire surveyed... for trade and plantations unto Samuel Holland,... by... Mr Thomas Wright, Mr George Sproule, Mr James Grant, Mr Thomas Wheeler and Mr Charles Blaskowitz, A
topographical map of the State of New Hamspire, A