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Hartley, Walter
Hartley, Walter S.
Hartley, Walter Sinclair
Sinclair Hartley, Walter
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Creation role: 
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Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester
Frazeur, T. C.
Frazeur, Ted C.
Ingalls, Jeremiah
Koussevitzky Music Foundation
Library of Congress. Serge Koussevitzky Music Foundation
Wyeth, John (1770-1858)
Bagatelles for orchestra
Chamber symphony : for woodwind and brass quartets, harp, and string orchestra : June-August, 1954
Chamber symphony [from old catalog]
Concert overture, 1954.
Concertante for timpani, winds, and percussion
Concertino for tuba and wind ensemble (1968-9)
Concertino, tuba & band; arr. English [from old catalog]
Concerto for 23 winds, 1957.
Concerto for piano and orchestra
Concerto grosso for wind quintet and piano : (2002)
Concerto, winds. [from old catalog]
Divertissement, brasses. English [from old catalog]
Divertissement, for brass quintet (1965)
Double concerto;
Duet for saxophones : (preferably 2 basses or 2 baritones)
Elegy 2001 : for E♭ alto saxophone (or English horn or F mezzo-soprano saxophone) and piano
Elegy; for strings
Elegy two thousand one
Elizabethan dances:
Fantasia for tuba and chamber orchestra
Five canticles, 1, O come, let us sing
Heavenly union : hymn tunes from "Wyeth's repository" (1820) : for flute, B♭ soprano saxophone (or B♭ clarinet), and keyboard (or harp)
Hymn and fuging tune : for woordwind quintet
Invention for two (1999)
Meditation : for horn and piano (1979)
Miniatures : for four valve instruments : for tuba quartet (euphoniums & tubas)
My shepherd's sacred throne : for E♭ alto saxophone and organ
Octet for saxophones
Old American hymn-duet
Outdoor music : for saxophone quartet (SATB)
Partita, for chamber orchestra
Partita, orchestra. [from old catalog]
Pastiches. [from old catalog]
Psalm for strings.
Quartet concerto for four saxophones and piano (1992)
Quartet for brass : (1979)
Quartet for brass, c1981:
Quartet for Reeds (1977)
Quartet, strings, no. 2. [from old catalog]
Quartets, cornet, horn, euphonium, tuba. [from old catalog]
saxophone album. -, The
Saxophrenia. -
Solemn music, for brass quartet or choir (1968)
Sonata breve for bass trombone solo (1969)
Sonata da camera; 1950.
Sonata da camera, wood-winds & trombone. [from old catalog]
Sonata elegiaca : 1987 : for alto saxophone and piano
Sonata euphonica : for euphonium and piano (1979)
Sonata for tenorsaxophone and piano
Sonata no. 2, for piano (1968)
Sonata no. 3 for tuba and piano (2004)
Sonata, piano, no. 2. [from old catalog]
Sonatina; for trumpet and piano.
Sonatina giocosa : (1987) for bass saxophone and piano : included are alternate parts for string bass and tuba
Sonatina, trumpet & orchestra; arr. [from old catalog]
Sonorities, no. 5. [from old catalog]
Sonorities : V, for trumpet and organ (1977)
String quartet no. 2 (1962).
Suite, for 5 winds.
Suite for diverse trumpets : (1983)
Suite no. 2 for saxophone quartet (SATB)
Suite, wood-winds & trombone. [from old catalog]
Symphony no. 3, c1985:
Tricinia : four pieces : for three trombones.
Trio concertino : for alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones and band
Trio for saxophones (1984) (alto, tenor, baritone)
Trio-miniatures : for E♭ alto saxophone, E♭ baritione saxophone, and piano
Triptych; for orchestra
Two dances for clarinet, trumpet, and piano
Two pastiches, for brass trio.
Valse vertigo. -
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, 1953