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Forbes, James
Forbes, James D.
Forbes, James David
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C. G. Lüderitz'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung
Cunningham, Frank F. (1916-)
Daraux, Jean-Pierre
Leonhard, Gustav Scientifique
Leonhard, Gustav von (1816-1878))
Mahlmann, Wilhelm (1812-1848))
Mallock, William Hurrell
Necker de Saussure, Louis Albert (1786-1861)
Necker, Louis-Albert
Zuchold, Ernst Amandus
Abriss einer Geschichte der neueren Fortschritte und des gegenwärtigen Zustandes der Meteorologie
Account of an intermitting brine spring discherging carbonic acid gas near Kissingen in Bavaria
Account of his recent observations on glaciers
Account of some additional experiments on terrestrial magnetism, made in different parts of Europe in 1837
Account of some experiments in which an electric spark was elicited from a natural magnet
account of some experiments on the temperature of the earth, at different depths, and in different soils, near Edinburgh, An
Address to the British Association for the Advancement of Science, delivered on the occasion of the opening of the fourth general meeting at Edinburgh, 8th September 1834
Biographical account of Louis Albert Necker...
Discussion of one years observations of thermometers sun R to different depths in different localities in the neighbourhood of Edinburgh
Experimental inquiry into the Laws of the Conduction of Heat in Bars
Experiments on the electricity of tourmaline
Gaeologiske undersögelser over det metamorphiske territorium ved norges sydkyst
Illustrations of the viscous theory of glacier motion
Inquiries about terrestrial temperature to which is added an index to M. Dove's five memoirs on the temperature of the globe
James David Forbes, pioneer Scottish glaciologist
[Letters from Professor Forbes to M. Desor of Neufchatel and to Professor Guyot of Neufchatel] [d. d. Edinburgh 11th March 1842 and 28th April 1842]
Mélanges de géologie
Mémoire sur la géologie volcanique du Vivarais
Mémoire sur les oiseaux des environs de Genève
Norway and its glaciers visited in 1851; followed by journals of excursions in the high Alps of Dauphiné, Berne and Savoy
Norwegen und seine Gletscher
Note relative to the supposed origin of the deficient rays in the solar spectrum : being an account of an experiment made at Edinburgh during the annular eclipse of 15th may 1836
Notes on the topography and geology of the Cuchullin fills in skye and on the traces of ancient glaciers which they present
Occasional papers on the theory of glaciers now first collected and chronologically arranged, with a prefatory note on the recent progress and present aspect of the theory
On a Possible Explanation of the Adaptation of the Eye to Distinct Vision at Different Distances
On a remarkable structure observed by the author in the ice of glaciers
On the alleged evidence for a physical connexion between stars forming binary or multiple groups, deduced from the Doctrine of Chances.
On the colour of steam under certain circumstances, and on the colours of the atmosphere
On the Conductivity of Wrought Iron, deduced from the Experiments of 1851
On the diminution of temperature with height in the atmosphere at different seasons of the year
On the refraction and polarization of heat
On the temperatures and geological relations of certain hot springs, particularly those of the Pyrenees ; and on the verification of thermometers
On the theory and construction of a seismometer, or instrument for measuring earthquake shoks, and other concussions
[Opuscules de sismologie]
Professor Forbes's experiments on terrestrial magnetic intensity
Reisen in den Savoyer Alpen und in anderen Theilen der Penninen-Kette, nebst Beobachtungen über die Gletscher
Reply to Professor Tyndall's remarks, in his work "On the glaciers of the Alps," relating to Rendu's "Théorie des glaciers."
Researches on heat. -
Sur la théorie de la structure veinée de la glace ...
Tenth letter on glaciers addressed to Professor Jameson
tour of Mont Blanc and of Monte Rosa, The : being a personal narrative, abridged from the author's "Travels in the Alps of Savoy", &c.
Travels through the Alps of Savoy and other parts of the Pennine chain, with observations on the phenomena of glaciers
vie vaut-elle la peine de vivre?, La : etudes sur la morale positiviste
voyage aux Pyrénées de James David Forbes en 1835, Le
Voyages dans les Alpes de la Savoie et les autres parties de la chaîne Pennine, avec des observations sur les phénomènes que présentent les glaciers