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H, J.
H, John Heydon
Heydon, John
Heydonus, Joannes
J. H, John Heydon
Theodidactus, Eugenius
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George Fabyan Collection (Library of Congress)
Talbot, Frederick
eugenius theodidactus, the prophetical trumpeter...
Glory of the Rosie-Cross
harmony of the world being, The
holy guide, The : leading the way to the wonder of the world, a compleat phisitian, teaching the knowledge of all things, past, present, and to come, viz., of pleasure, long life, health, youth, blessedness, wisdome and virtue, and to cure, change, and remedy all diseases in young and old : with Rosie crusian medicines which are verified by a practical examination of principles in the great world and fitted for the easie understanding, plain practise, use, and benefit of mean capacities
[http://www.archive.org/details/harmonyofworldbe00heyd the harmony of the world...]
[http://www.archive.org/details/holyguideleading00heyd the english physitians guide: or a holy guide]
[http://www.archive.org/details/newmethodofrosie00heyd a new method of rosie crucian physick...]
[http://www.archive.org/details/theomagiaortempl00heyd theomagia, or the temple of wisdom in three parts, spiritual, celestial, and elemental: containing the occult powers of the angels of astromancy in the telesmatical sculpture of the persians and ægyptians: the mysterious vertues of the characters of the stars...the knowledge of the rosie crucian physick, and the miraculous secrets of nature...]
[http://www.archive.org/details/wisemanscrownorg00heyd the wise-mans crown, or, the glory of the rosie-cross]*
idea of the law, charactered from Moses to King Charles, The : whereunto is added, The idea of government and tyranny
idea of tyranny or Englands mysterious reformation, 1660:, The
Rosie Crucian crown
rosie crucian infallible axiomata; or, generall rules to know all things past, present, and to come, the
wise-man's crown, or, The glory of the Rosie-Cross, The : shewing the wonderful power of nature, with the full discovery of the true coelum terrae, or first matter of metals, and their preparations into incredible medicines or elixirs that cure all diseases in young or old : with the regio lucis, and holy houshold of Rosie Crucian philosophers