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Čandrasekar, S.
Čandrasekchar, S.
Chandrasekar, S.
Chandrasekar, Subrahmanyan
Chandrasekhar, S.
Chandrasekhar, Subrahmanyan
Chandrasekhar, Subramanya
Chandrashekhara, Subrahmanyan
Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
Subramanya Chandrasekhar
Чандрасекар, С
チャンドラセカール, S
チャンドラセカール, スブラマニアン
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Eddington, Arthur Stanley (1882-1944)
Elbert, Donna D.
Hopkins, Jeanne
Kac, Mark
Kuiper, Gerard Peter (1905-..)
Saikia, D. J.
Smoluchowski, Roman
Spiegel, Edward A.
Trimble, Virginia
Wali, K. C.
Wali, Kameshwar C.
Цесевич, В. П. (1907-1983)
Цесевич, Владимир Платонович (1907-1983)
長田, 純一 (1929-)
Astronomical papers dedicated to Elis Strömgren
Astronomy in science and in human culture
Chandra, 1990:
chapter in the astrophysicist's view of the universe, A
Classical general relativity
Eddington, the most distinguished astrophysicist of his time
Ellipsoidal figures of equilibrium
Èllipsoidal'nye figury ravnovesiâ
Ellipsoidal'nye figury ravnovesija
Estetyka i motywacja w nauce
Festschrift für Elis Strömgren
Fluid flows to black holes : a tribute to S. Chandrasekhar on his birth centenary
From white dwarfs to black holes : the legacy of S. Chandrasekhar
Glossary of astronomy and astrophysics
Hoshi no kōzō
Hydrodynamic and hydromagnetic stability
Illumination and polarization of the sunlit sky on Rayleigh scattering. S. Chandrasekhar and Donna D. Elbert,..., The
internal constitution of the stars, The
introduction to the study of stellar structure, 1939., An
Introduction to the study of stellar structure, by S. Chandrasekhar,..., An
Lectures delivered at the Summer Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1963
Marian Smoluchowski : his life and scientific work
Matematičeskaâ teoriâ černyh dyr : v 2-ch častâh.
Matematičeskaja teorija černych dyr
mathematical theory of black holes and of colliding plane waves, The
Naines blanches : Colloque international d'astrophysique tenu au Collège de France du 17 au 23 Juillet 1939
Naines blanches [conférences tenues] au Colloque international d'astrophysique, Collège de France, 17-23 juillet 1939
New horizons of human knowledge : a series of public talks given at Unesco
New methods in stellar dynamics
Newton's Principia for the common reader
non-radial oscillations of stars in general relativity and other writings, The
On the stability of axisymmetric systems to axisymmetric perturbations in general relativity
On turbulence caused by thermal instability
Perenos lučistoj ènergii
Plasma physics : a course given at the University of Chicago by S. Chandrasekhar
Plasma physics : a course given by S. Chandrasekhar at the University of Chicago
Plasma physics, hydrodynamic and hydromagnetic stability, and applications of the tensor-virial theorem
Prawda i piękno : estetyka i motywacja w nauce
Principles of stellar dinamics.
Principles of stellar dynamics, by S. Chandrasekhar,... Enlarged edition
Proceedings of the Second Asia-Pacific Physics Conference, Bangalore, 1986
quest for perspectives, A : selected works of S. Chandrasekhar : with commentary.
Radiative transfer and negative ion of hydrogen
Radiative transfer, by S. Chandrasekhar,...
Relativistic astrophysics
Remarks on Enrico Fermi
Remembering Chandra
scientific autobiography, A : S. Chandrasekhar : with selected correspondence
Shakespeare, Newton, and Beethoven : or, Patterns of creativity
Shinri to bi : Kagaku ni okeru biishiki to dōki
Stellar structure and stellar atmospheres
Stochastic, statistical, and hydromagnetic problems in physics and astronomy
Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar's 1954 lectures
Theoretical principles in astrophysics and relativity : [proceedings of a symposium on theoretical principles in astrophysics and relativity, held at the University of Chicago, May 27-29, 1975, in honor of S. Chandrasekhar]
theory of axisymmetric turbulence, The
theory of turbulence, The : Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar's 1954 lectures
Tolkovyj slovar' anglijskih terminov po astronomii i astrofizike
transfer of radiation in stellar atmospheres, The
Tribute to S. Chandrasekhar on his birth centenary
tribute to Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, 1996:, A
Truth and beauty : aesthetics and motivations in science
Vvedenie v učenie o stroenii zvezd
White dwarfs : Colloque international d'astrophysique tenu au Collège de France du 17 au 23 Juillet 1939
Введение в учение о строении звезд
Математическая теория черных дыр : В 2-х ч.
Принципы звездной динамики
Стохастические проблемы в физике и астрономии
真理と美 : 科学における美意識と動機