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Laïou, Aggelikê
Laiou, Aggelikī
Laḯou, ̓Aggelikī̀ E.
Laiou, Angelika E.
Laiou, Angelikē E.
Laïou, Angeliki
Laḯou, Angelikí E.
Laiou-Thomadakdis, Angeliki E.
Laïou-Thômadakê, Aggelikê E.
Laiou-Thōmadakē, Angelikē E.
Laiou-Thomadake, Angeliki E.
Laiou-Thōmadakī, Aggelikī E.
Laḯou-Thōmadákī, ̓Aggelikī̀ E. (married name)
Laḯou-Thomadáki, Angelikí E. (married name)
Laiou-Thomadakis, A. E.
Laiou-Thomadakis, Angeliki
Laiou-Thomadakis, Angeliki E.
Laiou-Thomadakis, Angeliki E. (married name)
Laïu, Angelikē
Laïu-Thōmadakē, Angelikē
Laïu-Thōmadakē, Angelikē E.
Thōmadakē, Angelikē E.
Thōmadakī, Aggelikī E. Laiou-
Thōmadákī, ̓Aggelikī̀ E. Laḯou- (married name)
Thomadáki, Angelikí E. Laḯou- (married name)
Thomadakis, Angeliki E. Laiou-
Thomadakis, Angeliki E. Laiou- (married name)
Thomadakis, Angeliki L.-
Θωμαδάκη, Ἀγγελικὴ Ε. Λαΐου- (married name)
Λαïου, Αγγελική Ε
Λαΐου, Ἀγγελικὴ Ε
Λαΐου-Θωμαδάκη, Ἀγγελικὴ Ε (married name)
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Balard, Michel
Brandeis University
Dorin, Rowan
Dumbarton Oaks
Maguire, Henry (1943-)
Morrisson, Cécile
Mottahedeh, Roy P
Mpouras, Charalampos Th
Otten-Froux, Catherine
Patlagean, Evelyne
Simon, Dieter (1935-)
Vasilakē, Maria
agrotikē koinōnia stēn husterē Buzantinē epochē
Bizancjum i jego sąsiedzi 1204-1453
Byzance et ses voisins 1204-1453
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Byzantine women and their world
Byzantium : a world civilization
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Ē agrotikē koinōnia stēn usterē Buzantinē epochē
economic history of Byzantium, The : from the seventh through the fifteenth century
Economic thought and economic life in Byzantium
Empire grec et ses voisins, L'
Fourth Crusade and its consequences.
Gender, society and economic life in Byzantium
hand of Angelos, The : an icon painter in Venetian Crete
Hē agrotikē koinōnia stēn hysterē byzantinē epochē. -
Hē agrotikē koinōnia stēn hysterē Vyzantinē epochē, 1987:
Italiens à Byzance éd. et présentation de documents, Les
Italiens à Byzance, Les : édition et présentation de documents
IVe croisade et ses conséquences.
Law and society in Byzantium, 9th-12th centuries, 1994:
Law and society in Byzantium : ninth-twelfth centuries
Mariage, amour et parenté à Bysance aux XIe-XIIIe siècles
Mariage, amour et parenté à Byzance au XIe-XIIIe siècles
Mariage, amour et parenté à Byzance aux XIe-XIIIe siècles
Mirror of East and West ; a historiographical study of the relations between Byzantium and Western Europe from Liutprand of Cremona to the fourth crusade
monde byzantin, Le
Oi̓konomikī̀ historía toû Vyzantíou a̓pò tòn 7o héōs tòn 15o ai̓ṓna
Oikonomikī istoria tou Vyzantiou : apo ton 7o eōs ton 15o aiōna.
Peasant society in the Late Byzantine Empire : a social and demographic study
réseaux familiaux, Les : antiquité tardive et Moyen Âge ; in memoriam A. Laiou et E. Patlagean
Studies on the internal diaspora of the Byzantine Empire
Studies on the internal disapora of the Byzantine Empire
Świat Bizancjum : praca zbiorowa.
Urbs capta the fourth crusade and its consequences
Women, family and society in Byzantium
Οἰκονομικὴ ἱστορία τοῦ Βυζαντίου ἀπὸ τὸν 7ο ἕως τὸν 15ο αἰώνα
Senior honors Thesis--Brandeis University, 1961