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Ramsay, W. M.
Ramsay, William
Ramsay, William M.
Ramsay, William Mitchell
Ramsay, William Mitchell (Mr)
Ramsay, William Mitchell (Sir)
Ramsay, William (Sir)
Ramsey, William Mitchell
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Anderson, J. G. C. (1870-1952)
Anderson, John George Clark
Anderson, John George Clark (1870-1952)
Bell, Gertrude Lowthian (1868-1926)
Buckler, William Hepburn (1867-1952)
Byrne, Maurice A.
Calder, William Moir
Labarre, Guy
Ousterhout, Robert G.
Premerstein, Anton Maria Amand (1869-1935)
Premerstein, Anton Ritter von, 1869-1935
Premerstein, Anton von
Premerstein, Anton von (1869-1935)
Ramsey, A. Margaret
Soddy, Frederick
Wilson, Mark W.
Anadolu'nun tarihî coğrafyası
Anatolian studies presented to Sir William Mitchell Ramsay, edited by W. H. Buckler and W. M. Calder
Ancient and modern views regarding the Chemical elements
Antiquities of southern Phrygia and the border lands
Arguments on Favor of the Use of the Bible in the Public Schools
Asianic elements in Greek civilisation
Asianic elements in Greek civilization; the Gifford lectures in the University of Edinburgh, 1915-16.
Bearing of recent discovery on the trustworthiness of the New Testament, by Sir W. M. Ramsay, The
Beobachtungen über die Unbeständigkeit des Radiumbromids
Chimica e chimici : saggi storici e critici. Traduzione autorizzata sulla 2a edizione inglese d[i]... Clara Giua Lollini, con aggiunto un capitolo originale della traduttrice su Stanislao Cannizzaro...
Chimie moderne...., La
Christ of the earliest Christians, The
Church in the Roman empire, before A. D. 170, by W. M. Ramsay,... with maps and illustrations, The
church of the roman empire before ad 170, the
Cities and bishoprics of Phrygia, being an essay of the local history of Phrygia from the earliest times to the Turkish conquest, by W. M. Ramsay,..., The
Cities of Saint Paul
cities of St. Paul, The : their influence on his life and thought : the cities of Eastern Asia minor
Cities of St. Paul. Their influence on his life and thought. The cities of eastern Asia Minor, by W. M. Ramsay,..., The
Education of Christ Hill-side Reveries, The
education of Christ, The : hillside reveries
Experiments in radio-activity and the production of helium from radium
Faith's foundations : the addresses delivered at the great demonstration in support of the full inspiration of the Bible at the Royal Albert Hall, on December 4, 1923
first christian century: notes on dr. moffatt's introduction to the literature of the new testament, the
first Christian Century, The : notes on Dr. Moffatt's Introduction to the Literarture of the New Testament
Four modern prophets : Walter Rauschenbusch, Martin Luther King, Jr., Gustavo Gutiberrez, Rosemary Radford Ruether
Historical commentary on First Corinthians
Historical commentary on St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians, by W. M. Ramsay,..., A
Historical commentary on the Epistles to Timothy, 1996:
Historical commentary on the Pastoral Epistles
Historical geography of Asia Minor, by professor W. M. Ramsay,..., The
imperial peace an ideal in European history [lecture] delivered in the Sheldonian theatre, May 8, 1913, The
Impressions of Turkey during twelve years' wanderings ... 1897.
Impressions of Turkey during twelwe years' wanderings, by W. M. Ramsay,...
Inscriptions inédites de marbres phrygiens, par W. M. Ramsay
intermixture of races in Asia Minor; some of its causes and effects, The
intermixture of races in Asia Minor, The : some of its causes an effects
Letters to the seven Churches of Asia and their place in the plan of the Apocalypse, by W. M. Ramsay,..., The
lucan and pauline studies
Luke the physician and other studies in the history of religion
Manual of Roman antiquities, by William Ramsay,... 2d edition, A
Measurements of infinitesimal quantities of substances
Modern chemistry.
molecular surface-energy of some mixtures of liquids, The
"Monumentum antiochenum", die neugefundene Aufzeichnung der "Res gestae Divi Augusti" im pisidischen Antiochia, herausgegeben und erläutert von William Mitchell Ramsay und Anton von Premerstein...
Monvmentvm antiochenvm, die neugefundene Aufzeichnung der Res gestae divi Avgvsti im pisidischen Antiochia
Nouvelles inscriptions d'Antioche de Pisidie d'après les note-books de W. M. Ramsay
Pauline and other studies in early Christian history
Pauline and other studies in early cristian history
Paulus in der Apostelgeschichte
pictures of the apostolic church: studies in the book of acts
Pro Cluentio
Report of the committee [of the Asia Minor Exploration Fund] for 1883, 1884:
Res gestae divi Augusti
Revolution in Constantinople and Turkey, a diary, by Sir W. M. Ramsay. With episodes and photographs by Lady Ramsay, The
revolution in Constantinople and Turkey, The : a diary
Saint Paul the traveller and the Roman citizen
Social basis of Roman power in Asia Minor, by Sir William M. Ramsay,... Prepared [with a preface]... by J. G. C. Anderson,..., The
St. Paul : the traveler and Roman citizen
St. Paul the traveller and the Roman citizen. By W. M. Ramsey,... 3d edition
Studies in the history and art in the eastern provinces of the the Roman empire : Ed. by W M. Ramsay.
Studies in the history and art of the castern provinces of the Roman empire, written for the quatercentenary of the University of Aberdeen by seven of its graduates;
Studies in the history and art of the Eastern provinces of the Roman Empire : written for the quartercentenary of the University of Aberdeen by seven of its graduates
teaching of Paul in terms of the present day; the Deems lectures in New York university, The
teaching of Paul in terms of the present day, The : the Deems lectures in New York University by Sir W.M. Ramsay.
Thousand and one churches (Bin Bir Kilisse and Deghile, Lycaonia), by Sir W. M. Ramsay and Miss Gertrud L. Bell, The
Was Christ born at Bethlehem? : a study on the credibility of St. Luke