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Clark, Desmond
Clark, J. D.
Clark, J. Desmond
Clark, John D.
Clark, John Desmond
Desmond Clark, J.
Desmond Clark, John
Klark, Dž. D.
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Bishop, Walter W.
Bishop, Walter William
Cole, C.H.
Cooke, Herbert Basil Sutton
Fage, J.D. (1921-2002)
Fage, John Donnelly (1921-2002)
Isaac, Glynn Llywelyn (1937-1985)
Kleindienst, Maxine R.
Mori, Fabrizio
Oliver, Roland (1923-)
Oliver, Roland Anthony (1923-)
Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum Mainz
Valadas, Virgílio dos Reis Cadete
Wells, L.H.
Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research
Wierzbicka-Pawłowska, Sylwia
3rd Pan-African congress on Prehistory, Livingstone, 1955. [Proceedings.] Edited by J. Desmond Clark, assisted by Sonia Cole
acheulean and the plio-pleistocene deposits of the Middle Awash Valley Ethiopia, The
Adrar Bous : archaeology of a central Saharan granitic ring complex in Niger
Adrar Bous : archaeology of a Central Saharan grantic ring complex in Niger
Approaches to the study of traditional dwellings and settlements
Atlas of African prehistory
Background to evolution in Africa proceedings of the Symposium "Systematic investigation of the African later Tertiary and Quaternary" held at Burg Wartenstein, Austria, July-August 1965
Background to evolution in Africa systematic investigation of the African later tertiary and quaternary proceedings
cambridge history of africa: from the earliest times to c. 500 bc, the
Colloquia of the XIII International Congress of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences, Forlì (Italia), 8-14 September 1996
Colloquium XXIX. The most ancient manifestations of rock-art in Africa and their «religiousness»
Colloquium XXX. The concept of the «neolithic» in Africa with particular reference to the Saharan region
Concept of the "Neolithic" in Africa, with particular reference to the Saharan Region
Cultural beginnings Mainz, 31. August - 5. September 1987 ; approaches to understanding early hominid life-ways in the African savanna
cultures of the middle palaeolithic/middle stone age, The
David Livingstone : a chronology
Distribution of prehistoric culture in Angola, by J. Desmond Clark,..., The
Doistoričeskaâ Afrika
Doistoričeskaja Afrika
earlier industries of Africa
earliest cultural evidences of hominids in southern and south central Africa, The
earliest industries and early hominids of Africa, The
Early human occupation of African savanna environments
Equatorial influences in the prehistoric culture of Souther áfrica
Ethno-archaeology in Ethiopia and its relevance for archaeological interpretation
Ethnographic archaeology : a possible use for the stone bowls of the East African neolithic tradition
Fire and its roles in early hominid lifeways
Fractured chert specimens from the Lower Pleistocene Bethlehem Beds, Israel
From c. 1050 to c. 1600
From c. 1600 to c. 1790
From c. 1790 to c. 1870
From c. 1870 to c. 1905
From c. 1905 to c. 1940
From c. 1940 to c. 1975
From c. 500 B.C. to A.D. 1050
From hunters to farmers, c1983:
From hunters to farmers : the causes and consequences of food production in Africa
From the earlier times to C. 500 BC
From the earliest times to c. 500 BC : ed. by J. Desmond Clark
Further excavations (1939) at the Mumbwa caves, Northern Rhodesia.
Further excavations (1965) at the middle Acheulian occupation site at Latamne, northern Syria : general results, definitions and interpretations
Further palaeo-anthropological studies in Northern Lunda by J. Desmond Clark,... with the appendix : Infrared spectrophotometric study of resins from Northeast Angola, by Jean H. Langenheim,...
Geological observations near Latamne
geology, archaeology, and fossil mammals of the Cornelia Beds, O.F.S., The
geology, archeology and fossil mammals of the Cornelia Beds O.F.S., The
Glynn Llywelyn Isaac, 1937-1985 : a personal appreciation and assessment
Human ecology during pleistocene and later times in Africa south of the Sahara
Human populations and cultural adaptations in the Sahara and Nile during prehistoric times
Kalambo falls prehistoric site : I: the geology, palaeoecology and detailed stratigraphy of the excavations
Man on the Kafue : the archaeology and history of the Itezhitezhi area of Zambia
Middle Stone Age occupation site at Porc Epic Cave, Dire Dawa (East-Central Ethiopia), A
Most ancient manifestations of rock-art in Africa and their "religiousness"
Palaeoenvironments and prehistory in the Middle Son Valley, Madhya Pradesh, north-central India
Pan-African Congress on Prehistory : [proceedings].
Plus anciennes industries en Afrique 13 septembre, Les
plus anciennes industries en Afrique, Les : colloque V : Nice, lundi 13 septembre [1976]
Pottery tempered with sponge from the white Nile, Sudan
Prahistoria Afryki
pré-história da África, A
Pre-historic populations and pressures favoring plant domestication
Prehistoric cultural continuity and economic change in the central Sudan in the early Holocene
Prehistoric cultures of northeast Angola and their significance in tropical Africa... by J. Desmond Clark,... Appendix on the analysis of pollen samples, by E. M. Van Zinderen Bakker,...
prehistoric cultures of the Horn of Africa; an analysis of the stone age cultural and climatic succession in the Somalilands and eastern parts of Abyssinia, The
prehistoric origins of African culture, The
Prehistoric rock art of the Federation of Rhodesia & Nyasaland
prehistory of Africa, c1996:, The
Prehistory of Africa. J. Desmond Clark.., The
prehistory of Southern Africa., The
Readings in African history
Recent studies in paleoanthropology.
Rock art of South Africa. A. R. Willcox... Foreword by J. Desmond Clark, The
spread of food production in subsaharan Africa, The
stone age cultures of Northern Rhodesia, with particular reference to the cultural and climatic succession in the Upper Zambezi Valley and its tributaries, The
Stone age sites in northern Rhodesia ... 1939.
Stone age sites in Northern Rhodesia and possibilities of future research
Stone vessels from Northern Rhodesia
Third Pan-African Congress on Prehistory, Livingstone, 1955
Tools and ourselves : an African legacy
Use-wear on later stone age microliths from Laga Oda, Haraghi, Ethiopia and possible functional interpretations
Victoria Falls, The : a handbook to the Victoria Falls, the Batoka Gorge and part of the Upper Zambesi River
X Congreso Unión internacional de ciencias prehistóricas y protohistóricas, México, octubre 19-24, 1981