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Henty, G.
Henty, G. A.
Henty, George A.
Henty, George Alfred
Hintī, Ǧūrǧ Alfrīd
جورج ألفريد هنتي،
هتي، ج.،
هنتي، جورج ألفريد،
a. 1832-1902
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Blackie & Son
Browne, Gordon (1858-1932)
Gaspar, José da Natividade (1904-?)
Hardenberg, Willem (1879-1939)
Manlius School
Nordenadler, Ebba (1864-1931)
Opitz, Gustav
Paget, Walter (1863-1935)
Peacock, Ralph
Rainey, W. (1852-1936)
Rainey, William (1852-1936)
Roberts, Florence G.
Roberts, Florence Griffin
Rousseau, Léontine
Sheldon, Charles M.
Tuuk, Titia Klasina Elisabeth (1854-1939)
Tuuk, Titia van der (1854-1939)
West, Michael Philip
Wijker, W. (fl.1895.)
Wijker, Willem (fl.1895.)
صالح، عزت فهيم
At Aboukir and Acre : a story of Napoleon's invasion of Egypt
At Agincourt : a tale of the white hoods of Paris
Avonturen van kapitein Graeme
Beginnings of an empire
Bland rödskinn och cowboys. : Berättelse från den amerikanska västern. Öfvers. från eng. af Elin [=Ellen] Bergström.
Bonnie Prince Charlie : a tale of Fontenoy and Culloden
Born leader
Both sides the border; a tale of Hotspur and Glendower
By conduct and courage; a story of Nelson's days
By England's aid, or, The freeing of the Netherlands (1585-1604)
By pike and dyke : a tale of the rise of the Dutch Republic
By sheer pluck : a tale of the Ashanti War
Captain Bayley's heir : a tale of the gold fields of California
cat of Bubastes, The : a tale of ancient Egypt
cornet der ruiterij, De
Cowboys en goudzoekers
curse of Carne's Hold, The : a tale of adventure
dash for Khartoum; a tale of the Nile expedition, The
Days of King Alfred
Door de Russische sneeuwvelden
Dragon and the raven, or, The days of King Alfred, The
En hurtig pojke.
final reckoning, A : a tale of bush life in Australia
For name and fame:
For the temple : a tale of the fall of Jerusalem
Freeing of the Netherlands (1585-1604)
G. A. Henty's De jonge vaandrig
Held fast for England : a tale of the siege of Gibraltar (1779-83)
Illustrierte Klassiker
In ballingschap : lotgevallen van een jongen Engelschman in dienst van Karel XII van Zweden
In dienst van den Prins : een verhaal uit den 80-jarigen oorlog
In freedom's cause : a story of Wallace and Bruce
In the heart of the Rockies; a story of adventure in Colorado
In the reign of terror : a story of the French Revolution
In the reign of terror; the adventures of a Westminster boy.
Jack Archer; a tale of the Crimea
Jacobite exile, A : being the adventures of a young Englishman in the service of Charles XII of Sweden
jeugdige held, Een : een verhaal uit de Eerste Eeuw onzer jaartelling
jeunes Francs-Tireurs. -, Les
jonge vaandrig, De : [een verhaal uit de dagen van Waterloo]
knight of the White Cross, A : a tale of the siege of Rhodes
leão de São Marcos, O
Lejonet från norden : berättelse för ungdom
lion of St. Mark, The : a story of Venice in the fourteenth century
Lion of the North, The : a tale of the times of Gustavus Adolphus and the wars of religion
lotgevallen van twee jongens in Transvaal, De
march on London, A : being a story of Wat Tyler's insurrection
march to Coomassie. -, The
Met Hannibal over de Alpen
Nat Glover : de negeropstand op Hayti
Nooit overgeven
On the Irrawaddy; a story of the first Burmese war
Onder de vanen van Gustaaf Adolf : een verhaal uit den dertigjarigen oorlog
Onder het schrikbewind
One of the 28th, a tale of Waterloo.
Out with Garibaldi; a story of the liberation of Italy
pages van Francis Vere, De : een verhaal uit den 80-jarigen oorlog
Redskin and cow-boy
Redskin and cowboy
Roland Partridges bragd : Berättelse
Saint Bartholomew's eve
St. Bartholomew's eve : a tale of the Huguenot wars
St. George for England : a tale of Cressy and Poitiers
tale of the western plains, A
Tales of daring and danger
Through Russian snows : a story of Napoleon's retreat from Moscow
Through the Sikh war; a tale of the conquest of the Punjaub
Through three campaigns : a story of Chitral, Tirah, and Ashanti
tiger of Mysore, a story of the war with Tippoo Saib, The
To Herat and Cabul : a story of the first Afghan War
True to the old flag : a tale of the American war of independence
Under Drake's flag. A tale of the Spanish main.
Under Wellington's Command; a tale of the Peninsular War
unga kolonisterna, De
Våldet regerar
When London burned; a story of restoration times and the great fire
Winning his spurs
Winning of a continent
With Buller in Natal, or, A born leader
With Clive in India; or, The beginnings of an empire.
With Frederick the Great; a story of the seven years' war
With Kitchener in the Soudan; a story of Atbara and Omdurman, by G. A. Henty; with ten illustrations by William Rainey, R.I., and three maps.
with lee in virginia, a story of the american civil war
With Roberts to Pretoria; a tale of the South African war
With the allies to Pekin, a tale of the relief of the legations, by G. A. Henty...illustrated by Wal Paget.
With Wolfe in Canada or the Winning of a continent, by G. A. Henty,... Illustrated by Gordon Browne
Won by the sword : a tale of the Thirty Years' War
Wulf the Saxon : a story of the Norman conquest
Young Carthaginian, a story of the times of Hannibal
young colonists, The : a story of the Zulu and Boer wars
young franc-tireurs and their adventures in the Franco-Prussian War, The
سر القط الفرعونى
Contributed to or performed: 
In the Reign of Terror