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Forrest, George
Wood, J.
Wood, J. G.
Wood, J. G. (Rev)
Wood, John George
Wood, John George (Reverend)
1827-1889 ed
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McCosh, James (1811-1894)
McManus-Young Collection (Library of Congress)
Rennie, James (1787-1867)
Rissik, G.H.
Sowerby, George Brettingham Jr, 1812-1884
Verneuil, Enrique L. de
Waterton, Charles (1782-1865)
West, Tuffen (1823-1891)
White, Gilbert
Wood, T.W.
Wood, Theodore (1862-1923)
5th natural history reader
Afrikanen en verdere onbeschaafde volken, in verband met den invloed vooral door de boeren en andere kolonisten uitgeoefend op hun voorkomen, godsdienst, zeden, gewoonten, gebruiken enz., De
Athletics sports and manly exercises.
Bible animals : being a description of every living creature mentioned in the Scriptures from the ape to the coral : with designs
bijou book of out-door amusements, The : With illustrations.
Boy's modern playmate, The : a book of sports, games, and pastimes
boy's own book of natural history, The
Boy's own treasury of sports and pastimes, The
Common British insects selected from the typical beetles, moths, and butterflies of Great Britain
common moths of England, The
common objects of the country, The
Common objects of the microscope
common objects of the sea shore; including hints for an aquarium, The
common shells of the sea-shore, The
field naturalist's handbook, The
fresh and salt-water aquarium, The
Homes without hands, 1866:
Homes without hands : being a description of the habitations of animals, classed according to their principle of construction : with designs
illustrated natural history, The : with new designs
Insect architecture
Insects abroad. Being a popular account of foreign insects, their structure, habits, and transformations.
Insects at home : being a popular account of all those insects which are useful or destructive, and minutely describing their structure, habits, and transformations
Insects at home. Being a popular account of British insects, their structure, habits and transformations.
Man and beast, here and hereafter. Illustrated by more than three hundred original anecdotes
Man and his andiwork
Man and his handiwork
Modern playmate, The : a book of games, sports, and diversions for boys of all ages
natural history of man; being an account of the manners and customs of the uncivilized races of men, The
natural history of Selborne, The
Natural history readers : fifth reader
onbeschaafde volken, beschreven in hun voorkomen, zeden, gewoonten, gebruiken enz., met houtgravuren naar oorspronkelijke teekeningen, De
Our garden friends and foes.
Our living world; an artistic edition of the Rev. J. G. Wood's Natural history of animate creation.
Out of doors : a selection of original articles on practical natural history
Out of doors: a selection of original articles on practical nautral history.
Petland revisited
Popular natural history.
Precursores del arte y de la industria, Los : revelaciones de la naturaleza
Revelaciones de la naturaleza
romance of animal life, The : short chapters in natural history
Story of the Bible animals. A description of the habits and uses of every living creature mentioned in the Scriptures, with explanation of passages in the Old and New Testament in which reference is made to them.
Strange dwellings; being a description of the habitations of animals, abridged from 'Homes without hands,'
uncivilized races of men in all countries of the world being a comprehensive account of their manners and customs, and of their physical, social, mental, moral and religious characteristics by, The
uncivilized races, or, Natural history of man; being a complete account of the manners and customs, and the physical, social and religious condition and characteristics, of the uncivilized races of men, throughout the entire world., The
Wanderings in South America, the North-West of the United States, and the Antilles in the years 1812, 1816, 1820 and 1824 : with original instructions for the perfect preservation of birds, ... for cabinets of natural history
Wood's Bible animals. A description of the habits, structure, and uses of the every living creature mentioned in the Scriptures, from the ape to the coral...