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Ray, Debraj
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Adsera, Alicia
Anderson, Siwan
Baland, Jean-Marie
Banerjee, Abhijit
Bendor, J.
Bendor, Jonathan
Bernheim, B Douglas
Bernheim, B. Douglas
Bloch, Francis
Bose, A.
Bose, Amitava
Boston University Affiliation (see also from)
Chatterjee, Kalyan
Dagnelie, Olivier
Dasgupta, Partha
Debraj, Ray
Dilip Mookherjee
Dilip, Mookherjee
Douglas Bernheim, B.
Duclos, Jean-Yves
Dutta, Bhaskar
Eliaz, Kfir
Esteban, J.
Esteban, J.M.
Esteban, Joan
Esteban, Joan Mª
Esteban, Joan-Maria
Floro, Maria Sagrario
Garance Genicot, CSIC
Garance Genicot, Georgetown University and Debraj Ray New York University and Instituto de An´alisis Econ´omico
Genicot, Garance
Ghosal, Sayantan
Ghosh, Parikshit
Gradin, C.
Gradín, Carlos
Indian Statistical Institute Affiliation (see also from)
Joan, Esteban
Jonathan, Bendor
Karandikar, Rajeeva
Konishi, Hideo
Majumdar, Mukul
Mayoral, Laura
Mitra, T.
Mitra, Tapan
Mookherjee, D.
Mookherjee, Dilip
Mukherjee, Anindata
Mukherjee, Anindita
Munshi, Kaivan
Napel, Stefan
New York University (NYU) / Department of Economics
New York University Department of Economics Affiliation (see also from)
Prina, Silvia
Radner, Roy
Ray, Debraj
Ray, Garance Genicot and Debraj
Razin, Ronny
Redondo, Fernando Vega
Robson, Arthur
Roy, Rahul
Sarkar, Abhirup (1955-)
Sengupta, Kunal
Streufert, Peter A
Tapan, Mitra
Ueda, Kaoru
Véricourt, Francis de
Vohra, R.
Vohra, Rajiv
Yeltekin, Sevin
Adapting to undernourishment, 1986:
Age Distribution of Missing Women in India, The
aprendizaje en el trabajo y la estructura industrial del mercado: Un panorama., El
Aspirations, Adaptive Learning and Cooperation in Reapeted Games.
Aspirations, adaptive learning and cooperation in repeated games
Aspirations, Segregation, and Occupational Choice
Bargaining power and enforcement in credit markets
Choice Shifts in Groups: A Decision-Theoretic Basis
Coalition formation as a dynamic process
Coalition Formation with Binding Agreements
Coalitional Power and Public Goods
Collective Action and Group Size Paradox.
Collective dynamic consistency in repeated games
Collusive Market Structure under Learning-by-Doing and Increasing Returns.
Comparing Polarization Measures
Comparison of Polarization Measures, A
Concept of Egalitarianism under Participation Constraints., A
Conflict and Distribution
consistent bargaining set, A
Constrained egalitarian allocations
Contemporary macroeconomics
Contracts and externalities: How things fall apart
Contractual Structure and Wealth Accumulation
Cooperation in Community Interaction without Information Flows.
Credible Coalitions and the Core.
decision-theoretic basis for choice shifts in groups, A
Development economics, c1998:
Direct and Indirect Linkages Between Formal and Informal Financial Institutions: An Analytical Approach
Dynamic Equilibria with Unemployment Due to Undernourishment.
Dynamic Incentive-Based Argument for Conditional Transfers, A
Economic Growth with Intergenerational Altruism.
economic theory and policy: essays in honour of dipak banerji
economics of orchards: An exercise in point-input, flow-output capital theory, The
Efficient and optimal programs when investment is irreversible : A duality theory
Efficient Monetary Equilibrium : An Overlapping Generations Model with Nonstationary Monetary Policies.
Egalitarianism and Incentives
Equilibrium Binding Agreements.
Ethnicity and Conflict: An Empirical Study
Evolving aspirations and cooperation
Extension of a Measure of Polarization, with an application to the income distribution of five OECD countries, An
Farsighted network formation
Feasible alternatives under deteriorating terms of trade
Functioning of Cooperatives Under Renegotioation. ., The
Game-Theoretic Perspective on Coalition Formation, A
game-theoretical applications to economics and operations research
Group decision-making in the shadow of disagreement
Group Formation in Risk--Sharing Arrangements
History and Coordination Failure.
Inequality and Inefficiency in Joint Projects
Inequality and Markets: Some Implications of Occupational Diversity
Inequality and Public Resource Allocation
Inequality as a Determinant of Malnutrition and Unemployment: Policy.
Inequality as a Determinant of Malnutrition and Unemployment: Theory.
Inequality, control Rights and Rent Seeking - A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Sugar Cooperatives in Maharashtra
Inequality, Lobbying, and Resource Allocation
Inequality, Public Allocation and Development: A Characterization of Equilibria.
Inequality, Public Allocation and Development: Conflictual and Allocative Losses.
Informal Insurance, Enforcement Constraints, and Group Formation
Informal insurance in social networks
Information and Enforcement in Informal Credit Markets
Internally Renegotiation-Proof Equilibrium Sets: Limit Behavior with Low Discounting
Intertemporal borrowing to sustain exogenous consumption standards under uncertainty
Introduction to development theory
Is Equality Stable?
Labor Markets, Adaptive Mechanisms and Nutritional Status
Labor tying
Linking Conflict to Inequality and Polarization
Markov perfect equilibria in altruistic growth economies with production uncertainty
Missing Women: Age and Disease
Model of Ethnic Conflict, A
Monetary Equilibrium in an Overlapping Generations Model with Productive Capital.
Monetary Equilibrium in an Overlapping Generations Models with Productive Capital.
Noncooperative Theory of Coalitional Bargaining., A
Nonpaternalistic intergenerational altruism
Occupational Diversity and Endogenous Inequality
On the competitive pressure created by the diffusion of innovations
On the dynamics of inequality
On the Existence of Markov-Consistent Plans under Production Uncertainty.
On the Measurement of Polarization.
On the Phelps–Koopmans theorem
On the Salience of Ethnic Conflict
Persistent Inequality
Phelps-Koopmans theorem and potential optimality, The
Polarization: Concepts, Measurement, Estimation
Polarization, Fractionalization and Conflict
Poverty and Disequalization
Poverty and Self-Control
Productivity response to a contract change
Reciprocity in Groups and the Limits to Social Capital
Reinforcement Learning in Repeated Interaction Games
Remark on Color-Blind Affirmative Action, A
Robert W. Rosenthal
Social decision rules are not immune to conflict
Social Interactions and Segregation in Skill Accumulation
Status, Intertemporal Choice, and Risk‐Taking
Survival, Growth and Technical Progress in a Small Resource-Importing Economy.
Theory of Endogenous Coalition Structure., A
Theory of Endogenous Coalition Structures, A
Theory of Occupational Choice with Endogenous Fertility, A
Time Structure of Self-Enforcing Agreements, The
Uneven Growth: A Framework for Research in Development Economics
Vertical Links between Formal and Informal Financial Institutions.
Wages and involuntary unemployment in the slack season of a village economy
Wealth constraints, lobbying and the efficiency of public allocation
Why does asset inequality affect unemployment? A study of the demand composition problem