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Chintikka, Ja
Hintikka, Jaakko
Hintikka, K. J. J.
Hintikka, K. Jaakko J.
Hintikka, K. Jaakko Juhani
Hintikka, Kaarlo
Hintikka, Kaarlo J.
Hintikka, Kaarlo J. J.
Hintikka, Kaarlo Jaakko Juhani
Hintikka, Kaarlo Jakko Juhani
ヒンティッカ, ヤーッコ
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Language material
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Butts, Robert E.
Davidson, Donald (1917-2003)
Gruender, C. David (1927-)
Hintikka, Jaakko (1929-)
Hintikka, Merrill B. (1939-)
Knuuttila, Simo (1946-)
Kulas, Jack
Lavand, Nadine
Saarinen, Esa (1953-)
Suppes, Patrick (1922-)
Symons, John
Vaina, Lucia (1946-)
Woleński, Jan (1940- ))
Wright, Georg Henrik von
永井, 成男 (1921-)
Analyses of Aristotle
Anaphora and definite descriptions : two applications of game-theoretical semantics
Approaches to natural language. Proceedings of the 1970 Stanford workshop on grammar and semantics.
Aristotle on modality and determinism
Aspects of inductive logic.
Aspects of metaphor
Basic problems in methodology and linguistics : Part three of the proceedings of the fifth International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy os Science, London, Ontario, Canada- 1975
British tradition in 20th century philosophy, The : proceedings of the 17th International Wittgenstein-Symposium, 14th to 21th August 1994, Kirchberg am Wechsel (Austria)
Cognitive constraints on communication : representations and processes
Deontic logic
Distributive normal forms in the calculus of predicates
Eseje logiczno-filozoficzne
Essays in honour of Jaakko Hintikka : on the occasion of his fiftieth birthday on January 12, 1979
Essays on mathematical and philosophical logic : proceedings of the Fourth Scandinavian Logic Symposium and of the First Soviet-Finnish Logic Conference, Jyväskylä, Finland, June 29-July 6, 1976
Essays on Wittgenstein in honour of G. H. von Wright
Filosofía de la lógica
Filosofian tila ja tulevaisuus. Toim.
Fondements d'une théorie du langage
Foundational problems in the special sciences
Frege synthesized : essays on the philosophical and foundational work of Gottlob Frege
From Dedekind to Gödel : essays on the development of the foundations of mathematics
game of language, The : studies in game-theoretical semantics and its applications
Game-theoretical semantics : essays on semantics by Hintikka, Carlson, Peacocke, Rantala, and Saarinen
Historical and philosophical dimensions of logic, methodology and philosophy of science : part four of the proceedings of the Fifth International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, London, Ontario, Canada-1975
Information and inference.
Inquiry as inquiry : a logic of scientific discovery
intentionnalité et les mondes possibles, L'
Intentions of intentionality and ather new models for modalities, The
intentions of intentionality and other new models for modalities, The
Investigating Wittgenstein
Investigations sur Wittgenstein
Jaakko Hintikka : questions de logique et de phénoménologie
Jaakko Hintikka selected papers.
Kieli ja mieli katsauksia kielifilosofiaan ja merkityksen teoriaan/Jaako Hintikka
Knowledge and belief : An introduction to the logic of the two notions
Knowledge and the known : historical perspectives in epistemology
Kurt Gödel
Language, truth, and logic in mathematics
Lingua universalis vs. calculus ratiocinator : an ultimate presupposition of twentieth-century philosophy
Logic, foundations of mathematics, and computability theory
Logic, language-games and information: Kantian themes in the philosophy of logic
Logic of being, The : historical studies
Logic of discovery and logic of discourse
logic of epistemology and the epistemology of logic, The : selected essays
Logica giochi linguistici e informazione : temi kantiani nella filosofia della logica
Lógica, juegos de lenguaje e información : temas kantianos de filosofía de la lógica
Logiikka, filosofia ja kieli : Ajattelijoita, ja ajatussuuntia nykyajan filosofiassa
Ludwig Wittgenstein : half-truths and one-and-a-half-truths
method of analysis, The : its geometrical origin and its general significance
methods of analysis, The : its geometrical origin and its general significance
Models for modalities. Selected essays
new approach to sentential logic., A
Notes on the quantification theory.
On Gödel
On the interpretation of "De interpretatione" XII-XIII
On the methodology of linguistics : a case study
On Wittgenstein
Open problems in epistemology
Paradigms for language theory and other essays, c1998:
philosophie des mathématiques chez Kant, La : la structure de l'argumentation transcendantale
Philosophy and logic : in search of the Polish tradition : essays in honor of Jan Woleński on the occasion of his 60th birthday
Philosophy and logic in search of the Polish tradition : essays in honour of Jan Woleński on the occasion of his 60th birthday
philosophy of mathematics., The
principes des mathématiques revisités, Les
principles of mathematics revisited, The
Probabilistic thinking, thermodynamics and the interaction of the history and philosophy of science Proceedings of the 1978 Pisa Conference on the history and philosophy of science
Problèmes ouverts en épistémologie
Proceedings of the 1978 Pisa Conference on the History and Philosophy of Science
Proceedings of the Fifth International Congress of Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science, London, Ontario, Canada, 1975
proceedings of the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy, The
Quantifiers in deontic logic, by K. Jaakko J. Hintikka
Quantifiers, questions and quantum physics : essays on the philosophy of Jaakko Hintikka
Questions de logique et de phénoménologie
Rudolf Carnap, logical empiricist : materials and perspectives
Saber y creer. Una introducción a la lógica de las dos nociones
Selected papers
Semantics of questions and the questions of semantics, The : case studies in the interrelations of logic, semantics, and syntax
Sign of Three: Dupin, Holmes, Peirce, The
Socratic epistemology : explorations of knowledge-seeking by questioning
Synth. libr. (Dordr.)
Synthese library : studies in epistemology, logic, methodology, and philosophy of science
Theory change, ancient axiomatics, and Galileo's methodology
Time and necessity
Time & necessity; studies in Aristotle's theory of modality
Two papers on symbolic logic : form and content in quantification theory and Reductions in the theory of types.
Untersuchungen zu Wittgenstein
Viaje filosófico más largo, El : de Aristóteles a Virginia Woolf
What if-- ? : toward excellence in reasoning
Wittgenstein and contemporary philosophy
Wittgenstein in Florida : proceedings of the Colloquium on the Philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein, Florida State University, 7-8 August 1989
Wittgenstein on being and time
Words and objections : essays on the work of W.V. Quine
認識と信念 : 認識と信念の論理序說