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Noll, M. A.
Noll, Mark
Noll, Mark A.
Noll, Mark Allan
Noll, Mark Allen
ノール, マーク・A
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Blumhofer, Edith Waldvogel
ebrary, Inc
Hart, D. G.
Hart, Darryl G.
Hatch, Nathan O. (1946-...)
Hodge, Charles (1797-1878)
Hodge, Charles A. (1797-1878)
Livingstone, David N. (1953-)
Marsden, George M. (1939-)
Mouw, Richard J. (1940- ))
Nystrom, Carolyn
Oxford University Press
Rawlyk, George A.
赤木, 昭夫 (1932-)
Adding Cross to crown : the political significance of Christ's Passion
Amazing grace : Evangelicalism in Australia, Britain, Canada, and the United States
America's God from Jonathan Edwards to Abraham Lincoln
American evangelical Christianity : an introduction
Between faith and criticism : evangelicals, scholarship, and the Bible in America
Between faith and criticism : evengelicals, scholarship, and the Bible in America
Bible in America, The : essays in cultural history
Books and Culture
Books & Culture : a christian review
Charles Hodge : the way of life
Christentum in Nordamerika, Das
Christian faith and practice in the modern world theology from an Evangelical point of view
Christianity in America : a handbook
Christians in the American Revolution
Civil War as a theological crisis, The
Clouds of witnesses : Christian voices from Africa and Asia
Confessions and catechisms of the Reformation
Dictionary of the presbyterian and reformed tradition in America
documentary history of religion in America, A
Eerdmans' handbook to Christianity in America
evangelical landscape, The : essays on the American evangelical tradition
Evangelicalism comparative studies of popular protestantism in North America, the British Isles and beyond, 1700-1990 [papers presented at a conference, Wheaton College, Ill., April 8-11, 1992]
Evangelicalism & the Stone-Campbell movement
Evangelicals and science in historical perspective
Evolution, scripture, and science : selected writings
future of Christian learning, The : an Evangelical and Catholic dialogue
Gauvreau, Michael, The Catholic Origins of Quebec's Quiet Revolution, 1931-1970
God and Mammon protestants, money, and the market, 1790-1860
God and race in America a short history
God and race in American politics a short history
Gospel in America, The : themes in the story of America's evangelicals/ John D. Woodbridge, Mark A. Noll, Nathan O. Hatch.
Gospel in America themes in the story of America's evangelicals, The
Harry S. Stout. Upon the Altar of the Nation : A Moral History of the American Civil War
history of Christianity in the United States and Canada, c1992:, A
history of evangelicalism, A : people, movements and ideas in the english-speaking world
Hudnut-Beumler, James, In Pursuit of the Almighty's Dollar : A History of Money and American Protestantism
Is the Reformation over? : an evangelical assessment of contemporary Roman Catholicism
Jesus Christ and the life of the mind
Joseph R. Fornieri. Abraham Lincoln's Political Faith
Kami to jinshu : Amerika seiji o ugokasu mono
Mark S. Schantz. Awaiting the Heavenly Country : The Civil War and America's Culture of Death
More money, more ministry : money and evangelicals in recent North American history
Morrison, Jeffrey H., John Witherspoon and the Founding of the American Republic
new shape of world Christianity, The : how American experience reflects global faith
old religion in a new world, The : the history of North American Christianity
One nation under God? : Christian faith and political action in America
Princeton and the Republic, 1768-1822 : the search for a Christian Enlightenment in the era of Samuel Stanhope Smith
Princeton defense of plenary verbal inspiration, The
Princeton theology, 1812-1921, The : scripture, science, and theological method from Archibald Alexander to Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield
Protestantism : a very short introduction
Protestants in America
Race, religion, and reform : political upheaval from Nat Turner to George W. Bush
Religion and American politics from the colonial period to the 1980s
Religion and American politics from the colonial period to the 21st century
Religion and American politics : from the colonial period to the present
rise of evangelicalism, The : the age of Edwards, Whitefield, and the Wesleys
scandal of the evangelical mind, The
scandal of the evangelical mind|the scandal of the evangelical mind
search for Christian America, The
Seasons of grace
Sing them over again to me hymns and hymnbooks in America
Singing the Lord's song in a strange land : hymnody in the history of North American Protestantism
Turning points : decisive moments in the history of Christianity
Voices from the heart four centuries of American piety
W. Jason Wallace. Catholics, Slaveholders, and the Dilemma of American Evangelicalism, 1835-1860
What happened to Christian Canada?
What is Darwinism? : and other writings on science and religion
Where shall my wond'ring soul begin? : the landscape of evangelical piety and thought
Where shall my wondering soul begin?
Wonderful words of life : hymns in American Protestant history and theology
work we have to do a history of Protestants in America, The
work we have to do, The : a history of Protestant in America
神と人種 : アメリカ政治を動かすもの
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