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Andersen, F. I.
Andersen, Francis
Andersen, Francis I.
Andersen, Francis Ian
أندرسن، فرانسيس،
فرانسيس أندرسن،
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Abingdon Press
ebrary, Inc
Forbes, A. Dean
Freedman, D.N. (1922-2008)
Freedman, David Noel (1922-2008)
Hess, Richard S.
Hess, Richard Samuel
Newing, Edward G.
صابر، جوزيف
عبد المسيح، إدوارد وديع
Amos : a new translation with introduction and commentary
Anchor Bible Dictionary, The
Biblical Hebrew and Discourse Linguistics
Biblical Hebrew grammar visualized
Biconsonantal Byforms in Biblical Hebrew
Computer Tools for Ancient Texts: Proceedings of the 1980 Ann Arbor Symposium on Biblical Studies and the Computer
Concordance to Psalm, Job, Proverbs
Construct -K- in Biblical Hebrew
Dead Sea Scrolls and the Formation of the Canon, The
Dedicatory Philistine Inscription from Eqron, The
Diet of John the Baptist, The
Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Old Testament
Dimensions of Structure in the Hebrew Verb System
Early Sumerian City-State in Recent Soviet Historiography, The
Ebla: The More We Find Out, the Less We Know
église des deux Alliances: Mémorial Annie Jaubert (1912-1980), L'
Eight minor prophets : a linguistic concordance
Encyclopedia of Christianity, The
God Who is Rich in Mercy
Habakkuk : a new translation with introduction and commentary
Hamlet on a Hill: Semitic and Greek Studies Presented to Professor T. Muraoka on the Occasion of his Sixty-Fifth Birthday
Hebrew Bible: Andersen-Forbes Phrase Marker Analysis, The
Hebrew Grammar Visualized: I. Syntax
Hebrew verbless clause in the Pentateuch, The
Hebrew verbless clauses in the Pentateuch, 1970., The
Holman Study Bible
Hosea : a new translation with introduction and commentary
Israelite Kinship Terminology and Social Structure
Jeremiah: A Linguistic Concordance: I Grammatical Vocabulary and Proper Nouns
Jeremiah: A Linguistic Concordance: II Nouns and Verbs
Job : an introduction and commentary
key-word-in-context concordance to Psalms, Job, and Proverbs ..., A
Key-word-in-context Concordance to the Pentateuch, A
linguistic concordance of Jeremiah, A : common nouns
linguistic concordance of Jeremiah, A : Hebrew vocabulary and idiom
linguistic concordance of Ruth and Jonah, A : Hebrew vocabulary and idiom
Linguistic Concordance of Ruth and Jonah: Hebrew Vocabulary and Idiom, A
Micah : a new translation with introduction and commentary
Micah : a new translation with introduction, commentary, and interpretation
Milk and Honey: Essays on Ancient Israel and the Bible in Appreciation of the Judaic Studies Program at the University of California, San Diego
[[Moabite language
Modern Conception of the Universe in Relation to the Conception of God, The
Names in the study of biblical history: David, YHWH names, and the role of personal names
New Solutions to Old Problems [Moussaieff Ostracon (No. 79)]
Old Testament [[Pseudepigrapha]]
On Reading Genesis 1-3
Orthography and Text Transmission
Orthography in Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions
Orthography in Repetitive Parallelism
Pella of the Decapolis
Perspectives on language and text, 1986:
Perspectives on language and text : essays and poems in honor of Francis I. Andersen's sixtieth birthday, July 28, 1985
Pomegranates and Golden Bells: Studies in Biblical, Jewish, and Near Eastern Ritual, Law, and Literature in Honor of Jacob Milgrom
Proceedings of the Fifth International Colloquium: Bible and the Computer - Translation
Proceedings of the First International Colloquium: Bible and the Computer - The Text
Proceedings of the Second International Colloquium: Bible and the Computer - Methods and Tools
Proceedings of the Sixth International Colloquium: From Alpha to Byte
Proceedings of the Third International Colloquium: Bible and the Computer - Methods and Tools
Pseudepigrapha Studies in Bulgaria
Report of Conference on the Use of Isotopes in Scientific Research, University of Melbourne
Report of the Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science
Scholarly Editing: An Introductory Guide to Research
sentence in biblical Hebrew, The
Slavery in the Ancient Near East
Socio-juridical Background of the Naboth Incident, The
Spelling in the Hebrew Bible : Dahood memorial lecture
Spelling in the Hebrew Bible: Mitchell Dahood Memorial Lectures
Studies in Hebrew and Aramaic Orthography
Style and authorship
synoptic concordance to Hosea, Amos, Micah, A
Synthesis of Deuterated Acetic Acid, The
Systematic Glossary to the Andersen-Forbes Analysis of the Hebrew Bible, A
Text and Context: Old Testament and Semitic Studies for F. C. Fensham
To Touch the Text: Biblical and Related Studies in Honor of Joseph A. Fitzmyer S.J
Towards a Christian Philosophy of Science
vocabulary of the Old Testament, The
Wives and Daughters Last? Family Order in Mesopotamia and Israel
Word of the Lord Shall Go Forth: Essays in Honor of David Noel Freedman in Celebration of His Sixtieth Birthday, The
سفر ايوب
عهد القديم