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Bojl, Frensis Entoni
Boyle, Francis
Boyle, Francis A.
Boyle, Francis Anthony,
Boyle, Francis Antony
بويل, فرنسيس
ボイル, フランシス A.
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Language material
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Collier, Diana G.
Harvard University
International Court of Justice
Ito, Susumu
Mansouri, Arno (1968-...)
Sadorge, Maéva
Urata, Kenji (1935-)
Weeramantry, C. G. (1926-)
الأشعل, عبد الله
伊藤, 勧
浦田, 賢治 (1935-)
Algiers Declaration on Palestine, The
American foreign policy toward international law and organizations : 1898 - 1917
Analysis of September 8, 1995 Geneva Agreement : memorandum to the Parliament of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina : agreement on basic principles in Geneva of 8 September 1995
Biowarfare and terrorism
Bosanski narod optužuje za genocid, 2000:
Bosanski narod optužuje za genocid : postupak pred Međunarodnim sudom pravde u predmetu Bosna i Hercegovina protiv Srbije radi sprječavanja i kažnjavanja zločina genocida
Bosnian people charge genocide, The : proceedings at the International Court of Justice concerning Bosnia v. Serbia on the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide
Breaking all the rules : Palestine, Iraq, Iran and the case for impeachment
Citizen initiatives under international law : the criminality of nuclear weapons : (before The American Society of International Law Convention Washington, D.C. April 23, 1988)
Create the state of Palestine!
Creating the state of Palestine
Creation of the State of Palestine, The
criminality of nuclear deterrence, The : 17 October 1996
decolonization of Northern Ireland, The
Defending civil resistance under international law
Destroying Libya and world order : the three-decade U.S. campaign to terminate the Qaddafi revolution
Destroying world order : U. S. imperialism in the Middle East before and after September 11
Entebbe hostage crisis, The
Entebbe hostages crisis, The
Foundations of world order, 1999:
Foundations of world order : the legalist approach to international relations (1898-1922)
future of international law and American foreign policy, The
Genpatsu to kaku yokushi no hanzaisei : Kokusaiho kenpo keijiho o yomitoku.
Guerre biologique et terrorisme
In re: More than 50,000 nuclear weapons : analyses of the illegality of nuclear weapons under international law
International crisis and neutrality : United States foreign policy toward the Iran-Iraq war
International law as a basis for conducting American foreign policy : 1979-1982
International law in the time of crisis : from the Entebbe raid to the hostages convention
Iranian hostages crisis, The
irrelevance of international law, The : the schism between international law and international politics
Israel's Crimes against Palestinians: War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity, Genocide
Northern Ireland and international law, 1992:
Outstanding crisis between the United States and Libya over international terrorism, The
Palestine, Palestinians and international law
Palestine : sue Israel for genocide before the International Court of Justice!
Palestinian right of return under international law, The
Preserving the Rule of Law in the War against International Terrorism
Protesting power : war, resistance, and law
Realism, positivism, functionalism and international law
right of citizen resistance to state crimes, The
Tackling America's toughest questions : alternative media interviews
Tamil genocide by Sri Lanka, The : the global failure to protect Tamil rights under international law
United Ireland, human rights and international law
World politics and international law
فلسطين : الفلسطينيون والقانون الدولي
原発と核抑止の犯罪性 : 国際法・憲法・刑事法を読み解く
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Harvard University, 1983