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Krantz, S.
Krantz, S. G.
Krantz, Steven
Krantz, Steven G.
Krantz, Steven George
クランツ, S. G
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American Mathematical Society
Blank, Brian E. (1953-)
ebrary, Inc
Greene, Robert Everist (1943- ))
Kim, Kang-Tae (1957- ))
Lee, Lina (1976- ))
Mathematical Association of America
McCallum, William Gordon
Parks, Harold R. (1949- ))
Peloso, Marco M.
Simmons, George Finlay
関沢, 正躬 (1944-)
150 years of mathematics at Washington University in St. Louis : sesquicentennial of mathematics at Washington University, October 3-5, 2003, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri
Advanced Real Analysis Along with a companion volume Basic Real Analysis
Calculus demystified
Calculus : single & multivariable
Calculus, single variable
Caratheodory and Kobayashi Metrics and Applications in Complex Analysis, The
Changing nature of mathematical proof
Companion to Analysis, A : A Second First and First Second Course in Analysis. By T. W. Korner
Complex Analysis as Catalyst
Complex analysis, c1987:
Complex analysis Seminar, Univ. Park PA, March 10 - 14, 1986
Complex analysis : seminar, University Park PA, March 10-14, 1986
Complex analysis : the geometric viewpoint
Complex geometric analysis in Pohang : POSTECH-BSRI SNU-GARC International Conference on several complex variables june 23-27, 1997 at POSTECH
Complex variables : a physical approach with applications and MATLAB
Contemporary issues in mathematics education
Daigaku jugyō no kokoroe : Sūgaku no oshiekata o tooshite
Dictionary of algebra, arithmetic, and trigonometry
Differential equations demystified
Differential equations : theory, technique and practice
Discrete mathematics demystified
Ecuaciones diferenciales : teoría, técnica y práctica
Elements of advanced mathematics, The
episodic history of mathematics, An : mathematical culture through problem solving
Essentials of topology with applications
Explorations in complex and Riemannian geometry : a volume dedicated to Robert E. Greene
Explorations in harmonic analysis : with applications to complex function theory and the Heisenberg group
freshman calculus
function theory of one complex variable
Function theory of several complex variables
Geometric analysis and function spaces : [expository lectures from the CBMS regional conference held at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, May 26-31, 1992]
Geometric analysis and functions spaces
Geometric analysis of the Bergman kernel and metric
Geometric Function Theory Explorations in Complex Analysis
Geometric integration theory
geometry of complex domains, the
Geometry of domains in space, The
guide to complex variables, A
guide to functional analysis, A
guide to real variables, A
guide to topology Steven G. Krantz,..., A
Handbook of complex variables
Handbook of logic and proof techniques for computer science
handbook of real variables, A : with applications to differential equations and Fourier analysis
handbook of real variables, c2003:, A
handbook of typography for the mathematical sciences, a
Hodge theory in the Sobolev topology for the de Rham complex
How to teach mathematics : a personal perspective
implicit function theorem: history, theory, and applications, the
Implicit function theorem, The : history, theory and applications
integral, The : a crux for analysis
J. geom. anal.
Journal of Geometric Analysis., The
Lectures on hardy spaces in complex domains.
Mathematical apocrypha redux : more stories and anecdotes of mathematicians and the mathematical
Mathematical proof
Mathematical publishing : a guidebook
mathematician comes of age, a
Mathematician's survival guide, A : graduate school and early career development
Matter of Gravity, A
Mondai kaiketsu eno sūgaku
One hundred fifty years of mathematics at Washington University in St. Louis
panaroma of hamonic analysis
panorama of harmonic analysis, a
Partial differential equations and complex analysis
Primer of mathematical writing, A : being a disquisition on having your ideas recorded, typeset, published, read, and appreciated
primer of real analytic functions, a
proof is in the pudding: the changing nature of mathematical proof, the
proof is in the pudding, The : the changing nature of mathematical proof
Real analysis and fondations
Real analysis and foundations
Real variables
Solutions manual for techniques of problem solving
Student study and solutions companion calculus, multivariable
Student study and solutions companion calculus, single variable
Studies in advanced mathematics
Sūgakusha no kakimono kokoroe : Eigo hyōgen kara shuppan made
Survival of a mathematician, The : from tenure-track to emeritus
Techniques of problem solving, cop. 1997:
Teoria funkcji wielu zmiennych zespolonych
tex primer for scientists, a
You Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows
大学授業の心得 : 数学の教え方をとおして
数学者の書きもの心得 : 英語表現から出版まで
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