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Cam, H. M.
Cam, Helen
Cam, Helen M.
Cam, Helen Maud
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Barraclough, Geoffrey
Coate, Mary (1886- ))
Domanovszky, Alexander
Levett, Ada Elizabeth (1881-1932))
Maitland, F.W. (1850-1906)
Maitland, Frederic William (1850-1906)
Maitland, Frederic William (1850-1906))
Selden Society ( London)
Selden society Londres
Sims, Catherine Strateman
Sutherland, Lucy Stuart
Turberville, Arthur Stanley (1888-1945)
Album Helen Maud Cam.
Bibliography of English constitutional history
Commission for the history of representative and parliamentary institutions, 1936-1966, The
Crown, community and parliament in the later middle ages, studies in English constitutional history, by Gaillard T. Lapsley. Edited by Helen M. Cam and Geoffrey Barraclough
England before Elizabeth.
Études présentées à la Commission internationale pour l'histoire des assemblées d'États. XVIII. 'Studies presented to the International commission for the history of representative and parliamentary institutions'... [Préface par Helen M. Cam.], Xe Congrès international des sciences historiques. Rome, 1955.
Expedicio billarum antiquitus, an unpublished chapter of the Second book of "the Manner of holding parliaments in England", by Henry Elsynge,... Edited by Catherine Strateman Sims,... [Preface by Helen M. Cam.]
Eyre of London. 14 Edward II A. D. 1321... Edited by the late Helen M. Cam,... _, The
From witness of the shire to full Parliament
Historical essays
Historical novels, by Helen Cam,...
hundred and the hundred rolls, 1936., The
hundred and the hundred rolls; an outline of local government in medieval england, the
installation of Helen Maud Cam as Samual Zemurray, Jr. and Doris Zemurray Stone-Radcliffe Professor of history in Harvard University., The
Journées internationales : Paris, 1957
Law as it looks to a historian
Law-finders and law-makers in medieval England : collected studies in legal and constitutional history
legislators of medieval England., The
Liberties and communities in medieval England, collected studies in local administration and topography, by Helen C. Cam,...
Local government in Francia and England : a comparison of the local administration and jurisdiction of the Carlrolingian empire with that of the west Saxon kingdom
Local Government in Francia and England, a comparison of the local administration and jurisdiction of the Carolingian Empire with that of the West Saxon kingdom, by Helen M. Cam,...
Magna Carta, event or document ? ... by Helen M. Cam,...
Mediaeval representation in theory and practice : essays by American members of the International Commission for the history of representative and parliamentary institutions
Proceedings against the crown (1216-1377)
Selected historical essay of F. W. Maitland. Chosen... by Helen M. Cam
Selected historical essays of F. W. Maitland
Selected historical essays of Frederic William Maitland
Stubbs seventy years after.
Studies in manorial history, by Ada Elizabeth Levett, edited by H. M. Cam,... M. Coate,... L. S. Sutherland,...
Studies in the hundred rolls: some aspects of thirteenth-century administration. Proceedings against the crown (1216-1377)
What of the Middle Ages is alive in England today?
Wirtschaft und Kultur; Festschrift zum 70. Geburtstag von Alfons Dopsch
Year books of Edward II...1968-1969