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Blundell, R.
Blundell, R. W.
Blundell, Richard
Blundell, Richard W.
Blundell, Richard William
Бландел, Ричард
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Adam, Stuart
Aghion, P.
Aghion, Philippe
Anderson, G J
Anderson, Gordon
Attanasio, Orazio
Baker, Paul
Banks, J
Banks, J.
Banks, James
Bargain, O.
Bargain, Olivier
Battistin, Erich
Beblo, M.
Beblo, Miriam
Beckert, Walter
Bell, Brian
Beninger, D.
Beninger, Denis
Berloffa, Gabriella
Besley, Timothy
Bloom, Nicholas
Bloom, Nick
Blundell, R
Blundell, R W
Blundell, R. W.
Blundell, Richard et al
Blundell, Richard W
Blundell, Richard William
Bond, S.
Bond, Stephen
Bond, Steve
Bond, Steven
Bozio, Antoine
Brewer, M.
Brewer, Mike
Browning, M
Browning, M.
Brugiavini, Agar
Card, David
Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)
Chen, X.
Chen, Xiaohong
Cherchye, L.J.H.
Chiappori, André
Chiappori, PA
Chiappori, Pierre-André
Costa Dias, Monica
Costa-Dias, M.
Crawford, I
Crawford, Ian
Crawford, Ian A.
Dearden, L
Dearden, Lorraine
Devereux, Michael
Dias, Mónica Costa
Disney, R
Duncan, Alan
Eksten, Itay Saporta
Emmerson, C
Emmerson, Carl
Etheridge, Ben
Francesconi, M.
Francesconi, Marco
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Griffith, R.
Griffith, Rachel
Haan, Peter
Ham, John
Horowitz, Joel
Horowitz, Joel L.
Howitt, Peter
Hoynes, Hilary
Hoynes, Hilary W.
Ichimura, Hidehiko
Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)
Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) / ESRC Centre for the Microeconomic Analysis of Public Policy (CPP)
Institute for Fiscal Studies Affiliation (see also from)
Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Johnson, Paul
Klaauw, Wilbert van der
Kristensen, D.
Kristensen, Dennis
Laisney, François
Laroque, Guy
Lechner, Michael
Lewbel, A
Lewbel, Arthur
Low, H
Low, Hamish
M. Stoker, Thomas
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MaCurdy, Thomas
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Matzkin, Rosa
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Meghir, C
Meghir, Costas
Mehgir, C.
Micklewright, John
Mirrlees, James
Myck, Michal
Neary, Peter
Neves, Pedro
Newey, Whitney K.
Oldfield, Zoë
Parey, Matthias
Pashardes, Panos
Pendakur, Krishna
Persson, Torsten
Persson, Torsten (1954-...)
Pistaferri, L
Pistaferri, L.
Pistaferri, Luigi
Powell, James
Powell, James L.
Prantl, Susanne
Preston, I
Preston, I.
Preston, Ian
R, Blundell
Rachel, Griffith
Ray, Ranjan
Reed, H.
Reed, Howard
Reenen, John
Reenen, John Van
Richard, Blundell
Robin, J M
Robin, Jean Marc
Robin, Jean-Marc
Ruth, Matthias
Saporta-Eksten, Itay
Shaw, Jonathan
Shephard, A.
Shephard, Andrew
Sianesi, B
Sianesi, Barbara
Sibieta, Luke
Smith, J.P.
Smith, James
Smith, James P.
Smith, JP
Smith, Richard
Smith, Richard J
Smith, Richard J.
Smith, Sarah
Stoker, Thomas
Stoker, Thomas M.
Symons, E
Symons, Elizabeth
Tanner, Sarah
Tirole, Jean
University College Affiliation (see also from)
University College Department of Economics Affiliation (see also from)
University College London
University College London (UCL) / Department of Economics
van der Klaauw, Wilbert
Van Reenen, John
Vermeulen, F.M.P.
Vermeulen, Frederic
Wakefield, Matthew
Walker, Ian
Walker, Ian (1945-)
Weber, G
Weber, Guglielmo
Windmeijer, Frank
Active labour market policy vs employment tax credits: lessons from recent UK reforms
Adult equivalence scales: a life-cycle perspective
Advances in Economics and Econometrics 3 Volume Hardback Set
Advances in Economics and Econometrics 3 Volume Paperback Set
Advances in economics and econometrics : theory and applications, ninth World Congress.
Aggregation and consumer behaviour: some recent results
Alternative approaches to evaluation in empirical microeconomics
Alternative interpretations of hours information in an econometric model of labour supply
Anatomy of Welfare Reform Evaluation: Announcement and Implementation Effects
Annual Review 1989-1990
Assessing the Temporary VAT Cut Policy in the UK*
Balance Between Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution, and State Provision, The
Best nonparametric bounds on demand responses
Bivariate alternatives to the Tobit model
Bounding quantile demand functions using revealed preference inequalities
Censored regression quantiles with endogenous regressors
Changes in the distribution of male and female wages accounting for employment composition using bounds
Cluster effects and simultaneity in multilevel models
Code and data files for "Consumption, Income and Earnings Inequality in Britain"
Coherency and estimation in simultaneous models with censored or qualitative dependent variables
Collective labor supply: heterogeneity and nonparticipation
Collective labor supply with children.
Collective labour supply: heterogeneity and non-participation
Collective Labour Supply: Heterogeneity and Nonparticipation.
Collective labour supply with children
Collective models of labor supply with nonconvex budget sets and nonparticipation : a calibration approach.
Comments on James Heckman's "Policies to foster human capital"
Comments on: Michael P. Keane 'Structural vs. atheoretic approaches to econometrics'
Competition and innovation: an inverted U relationship
Conditions for the existence of control functions in nonseparable simultaneous equations models
Conditions initiales et estimation efficace dans les modéles dynamiques sur données de panel : une application au comportement d'investissement des entreprises
Consumer Behaviour: Theory and Empirical Evidence--a Survey.
Consumer Demand and Intertemporal Allocations: Engel, Slutsky and Frisch.
Consumer demand and the life-cycle allocation of household expenditures
Consumer Non-Durables in the U.K. A Dynamic Demand System.
Consumption and the timing of income risk
Consumption growth, saving and retirement in the U.K.
Consumption, Income and Earnings Inequality in Britain
Consumption inequality and family labor supply
Consumption inequality and income uncertainty.
Consumption inequality and partial insurance
Consumption Inequality, Income Uncertainty and Insurance
Consumption Risk and Family Labor Supply
Decomposing changes in income risk using consumption data
demand for private schooling in England: the impact of price and quality, The
determinants and effects of work-related training in Britain, The
Dimensions of Tax Design: The Mirrlees Review
Disability, health and retirement in the United Kingdom
Does the representation of household behavior matter for welfare analysis of tax-benefit policies? : an introduction.
Dynamic count data models of technological innovation
Earned income tax credit policies: Impact and optimality: The Adam Smith Lecture, 2005
Earnings inequality and consumption inequality.
Econometric Approaches to the Specification of Life-Cycle Labour Supply and Commodity Demand Behaviour
Editor's introduction
Effective Business Communication
effects of entry on incumbent innovation and productivity., The
employment effects of the Working Families Tax Credit., The
Employment, hours of work and the optimal taxation of low income families
Endogeneity in nonparametric and semiparametric regression models
Endogeneity in semiparametric binary response models
Entry and productivity growth: evidence from microlevel panel data.
Estimating continuous consumer equivalence scales in an expenditure model with labour supply
Estimating Labor Supply Responses Using Tax Reforms
Estimating labour supply responses using tax reforms
Estimating the Returns to Education: Models, Methods and Results
Estimation and Hypothesis Testing in Dynamic Singular Equation Systems.
Estimation d'un système complet de demandes de biens et d'offre de travail pour un échantillon de ménages français
Estimation in a Class of Simultaneous Equation Limited Dependent Variable Models.
Estimation in dynamic panel data models: improving on the performance of the standard GMM estimator
Estimation in Large and Disaggregated Demand Systems: An Estimator for Conditionally Linear Systems.
Estimation in Large and Dissagregated Demand Systems : An Estimator for Conditionally Linear Systems
Estimation of a complete system of demands for goods and labour supply for France linear Engel curves and zero expenditures
Evaluating In-Work Benefit Reform: The Working Families Tax Credit in the U.K.
Evaluating the effect of education on earnings: models, methods and results from the National Child Development Survey
Evaluating the employment impact of a mandatory job search assistance program
Evaluating the employment impact of a mandatory job search programme
Evaluating the impact of education on earnings in the UK:models, methods and results from the NCDS.
Evaluating the labour market impact of Working Families' Tax Credit using difference-in-differences.
Evaluating the move to a linear tax system in Germany and other European countries.
Evaluation methods for non-experimental data
Exogeneity Test for a Simultaneous Equation Tobit Model with an Application to Labor Supply., An
exogeneity test for the simultaneous equation Tobit model with an application to labour supply, 1983:, An
Extensive and intensive margins of labour supply: working hours in the US, UK and France
Female Labour Supply, Human Capital and Welfare Reform
Financial Wealth Inequality in the United States and Great Britain
Fiscal effects of reforming the UK state pension system
From Earnings Inequality to Consumption Inequality
From income to consumption: partial insurance and the transmission of inequality.
From wages to consumption inequality: tracking shocks
Getting the unemployed back to work: the role of targeted wage subsidies
GMM estimation with persistent panel data: an application to production functions
Gorman lectures in economics, The
Has 'In-Work' Benefit Reform Helped the Labor Market?
Has "in-work" benefit reform helped the labour market?
Heterogeneity and the Non-Parametric Analysis of Consumer Choice: Conditions for Invertibility
Heterogeneity and the nonparametric analysis of consumer choice: conditions for invertibility
House Price Volatility and the Housing Ladder
Household Production Specification of Demographic Variables in Demand Analysis., A
Household Saving Behavior in the United Kingdom
Household saving behaviour in the UK
Housing Mobility and Downsizing at Older Ages in Britain and the United States
Housing Mobility and Downsizing at Older Ages in Britain and the USA
Housing price volatility and downsizing in later life
How revealing is revealed preference?.
Human capital investment: the returns from education and training to the individual, the firm and the economy
Identifying demand for health resources using waiting times information
impact of tax and benefit changes between April 2000 and April 2003 on parents' labour supply., The
Impact of Taxation on Labour Force Participation and Labour Supply, The
importance of incentives in influencing private retirement saving: known knowns and known unknowns, The
Improving revealed preference bounds on demand responses.
Imputing consumption in the PSID using food demand estimates from the CEX.
Income, expenditure and the living standards of UK households
Income or consumption in the measurement of inequality and poverty?
Income risk and consumption inequality: a simulation study.
Income uncertainty and consumption growth in the UK
Individual effects and dynamics in count data models
Initial conditions and moment restrictions in dynamic panel data model
Initial conditions and moment restrictions in dynamic panel data models
Interpreting Aggregate Wage Growth: The Role of Labor Market Participation
Interpreting aggregate wage growth: The role of labour market participation
Introduction to "Seeking a Premier Economy: The Economic Effects of British Economic Reforms, 1980-2000"
Invertibility of Nonparametric Stochastic Demand Functions
Investment and Tobin's Q: Evidence from company panel data
Is there a retirement-savings puzzle?
James Heckman's Contributions to Economics and Econometrics.
Job changes and hours changes: understanding the path of labor supply adjustment.
Job changes and hours changes understanding the path of labour supply adjustment
Job changes, hours changes and labour market flexibility: panel data evidence for Britain
Job changes, hours changes and the path of labour supply adjustment
Kernel Regression in Empirical Microeconomics
Knowledge stocks, persistent innovation and market dominance: evidence from a panel of British manufacturing firms
Labor supply: A review of alternative approaches
Labor Supply and the Extensive Margin
Labor supply models: unobserved heterogeneity, nonparticipation and dynamics.
labour market impact of the working families’ tax credit, The
Labour Market Policy and Welfare Reform: Meeting Distribution and Efficiency Objectives
Labour supply: a review of alternative approaches
Labour supply and intertemporal substitution
Labour supply and taxation: a survey
labour supply model for married women in France grouped probit with emphasis on the treatment of job seekers, A
Labour Supply Model for Married Women in France, Taxation, Hours Constraints and Job Seekers, A
Labour supply specification and the evaluation of tax reforms
Latent separability: grouping goods without weak separability
Life-Cycle Consistent Empirical Model of Family Labour Supply Using Cross-Section Data., A
Life-cycle expenditure allocations and the consumption costs of children
long-term effects of in-work benefits in a life-cycle model for policy evaluation, The
Market Share, Market Value and Innovation in a Panel of British Manufacturing Firms.
measurement of household welfare, The
Measuring the price responsiveness of gasoline demand: economic shape restrictions and nonparametric demand estimation
Microeconometric Approach to Modelling Energy Demand: Some Results for UK Households., The
Microeconomic Model of Intertemporal Substitution and Consumer Demand, A
Mirrlees Review: Conclusions and Recommendations for Reform, The
Modelling Energy Demand and Household Welfare Using Micro-Data
Modelling Household Energy Expenditures Using Micro-data.
Modelling the Joint Determination of Household Labour Supplies and Commodity Demands.
Modelling the Take-up of Means-tested Benefits: the Case of Housing Benefits in the United Kingdom.
Models of Aggregate Economic Relationships that Account for Heterogeneity
Non-parametric Engel curves and revealed preferences
Non-Parametric Test of Exogeneity, A
non-separable generalisation of the linear expenditure system allowing non-linear Engel curves, A
Nonparametric engel curves and revealed preference
Nonparametric IV estimation of shape-invariant Engel curves
nonparametric test of exogeneity, A
Offre de travail et fiscalité : une revue de la littérature
On the optimal taxation of two person households
On the reform of the taxation of husband and wife: are incentives important?
Optimal in-work support and employment in ageing societies - Britain and Germany compared
Optimal Income Taxation of Lone Mothers: An Empirical Comparison of the UK and Germany
Panel data analysis: An introductory overview
Partial insurance, information, and consumption dynamics
Pension Incentives and the Pattern of Early Retirement
Pension Incentives and the Pattern of Retirement in the United Kingdom
Pensions and Labor-Market Participation in the United Kingdom.
Pensions and retirement in the UK
Pensions and Retirement in the United Kingdom
Pensions, Pensioners and Pensions Policy: Financial Security in UK Retirement Savings?.
Presidential Address: How Revealing Is Revealed Preference?
Private pension arrangements and retirement in Britain
Public Finance, Employment and Labor Markets
Quadratic engel curves and consumer demand.
Releasing jobs for the young? Early retirement and youth unemployment in the United Kingdom
Report Of The President 2004
Retirement, Pensions and the Adequacy of Saving: a Guide to the Debate.
returns to higher education in Britain: evidence from a British cohort, The
Risk pooling, precautionary saving and consumption growth
Savings and Labor-Market Transitions.
Savings and labour market transitions
Seeking a premier economy : the economic effects of British economic reforms, 1980-2000
Selection Criteria for a Microeconometric Model of Labour Supply.
Semi-nonparametric IV estimation of shape-invariant Engel curves.
Semiparametric estimation and consumer demand
Sharp for SARP: nonparametric bounds on the behavioural and welfare effects of price changes.
Specification testing in limited and discrete dependent variable models
State pensions and the well-being of the elderly in the UK.
Tax By Design: The Mirrlees Review
Tax-credit policies for low income families: impact and optimality.
Tax policy reform : why we need microeconomics
Tax reform and welfare measurement: do we need demand system estimation?
Taxation and Personal Saving Incentives in the United Kingdom
Taxation in Empirical Labour Supply Models: Lone Mothers in the UK.
Testing for Linear Engel Curves and Additively Separable Preferences Using a New Flexible Demand System.
Testing Restrictions in a Flexible Dynamic Demand System: An Application to Consumers' Expenditure in Canada.
Trans-Atlantic Public Economics Seminar (TAPES), Conference on Income Taxation
transmission of income inequality into consumption inequality., The
Understanding Differences in Household Financial Wealth between the United States and Great Britain
Unemployment, discouraged workers and female labour supply
Unemployment, search and labour supply
Viewpoint: Empirical evidence and tax policy design: lessons from the Mirrlees Review
Wealth inequality in the United States and Great Britain
Wealth inequality in the United Statesand Great Britain.
Wealth portfolios in the UK and the US.
Wealth Portfolios in the United Kingdom and the United States
Welfare Reform for Low Income Workers.
Welfare-to-Work: Which Policies Work and Why?.
What Do We Learn About Consumer Demand Patterns from Micro Data?
Why is consumption more log normal than income? Gibrat's law revisited
Work Incentives and 'In-Work' Benefit Reforms: A Review.
working familias tax credit and some European tax reforms in a collective setting., The
working families' tax credit and some European tax reforms in a collective setting., The
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