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Bodi, Ziwei
Bodie, Z.
Bodie, Zvi
Боди, Зви
ボディ, ツヴィ
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Barnes, Michelle L.
Berger, Paul D
Bodie, Zvi
Boston University / School of Management / Department of Finance
Brière, Marie
Detemple, Jérôme
Detemple, Jerome B.
Friedman, Benjamin M
Friedman, Benjamin M.
Friedman, Benjamin Morton
Gray, Dale F.
Hiraki, Takato (1950-)
Jin, Li
Kane, Alex
Light, Jay O.
Marcus, Alan
Marcus, Alan J.
McDonald, Robert
McDonald, Robert L.
Merton, Robert C.
Mitchell, Olivia S.
Morck, Randall
National Bureau of Economic Research
Otruba, Susanne
Pesando, James E.
Rindisbacher, Marcel
Ruffino, Doriana
Samuelson, William
Samuelson, William F.
Shoven, John B.
Stolarek, Jadwiga
Taggart, Robert A Jr
Thibierge, Christophe
Treussard, Jonathan
Triest, Robert K.
Willen, Paul
Wise, David A.
平木, 多賀人 (1950-)
竹澤, 直哉
Common Stocks as a Hedge against Inflation.
Contingent Claims Analysis and Life-Cycle Finance
Defined Benefit versus Defined Contribution Pension Plans: What are the Real Trade-offs?
Defined Benefit versus Defined Contribution Pension Plans: What are the Real Tradeoffs?
Deposit insurance reform: a functional approach
design of financial systems: towards a synthesis of function and structure, The
Do a firm's equity returns reflect the risk of its pension plan?
Do a firm's equity returns reflect the risk of its pension plans?
Essentials of investments
Feng xian tou zi yu Zhongguo jin rong ti zhi gai ge, 2001:
Finance : (preliminary edition)
Financial aspects of the United States pension system
Financial economics
Financial Engineering and Social Security Reform
Financing Future Growth: The Need for Financial Innovations
foundations of pension finance, c2000:, The
Framework for Analyzing and Managing Retirement Risks., A
Funding and Asset Allocation in Corporate Pension Plans: An Empirical Investigation
Future for Investors: Why the Tried and the True Triumphs Over the Bold and the New. By Jeremy Siegel. Crown Business, 2005, ISBN 1-4000-8198-X, 308 pages, Price $27.50., The
Future Investment Opportunities and the Value of the Call Provision on a Bond: Reply.
future of life-cycle saving and investing, The : the retirement phase
Gendai fainansu ron : Ishi kettei no tameno riron to jissen
Heterogeneous-Expectations Model of the Value of Bonds Bearing Call Options
Inflation and the Role of Bonds in Investor Portfolios
Inflation, Index-Linked Bonds, and Asset Allocation
Inflation Insurance
Inflation Risk and Capital Market Equilibrium
Interest Rate Uncertainty and the Value of Bond Call Protection.
International pension swaps
Introduction to "Financial Aspects of the United States Pension System"
Introduction to "Issues in Pension Economics"
Introduction to "Pensions in the U.S. Economy"
Investment Strategy in an Inflationary Environment
Investments.8th ed.
Investments and portfolio managemant
Investments and portfolio management
Issues in pension economics
Labor supply flexibility and portfolio choice in a life-cycle model
lender's view of debt and equity: the case of pension funds, The
Letter: Are Stocks the Best Investment for the Long Run?
Life-Cycle Finance and the Design of Pension Plans
Life-Cycle Investing : Financial Education and Consumer Protection
Measuring and Managing Macrofinancial Risk and Financial Stability: A New Framework
new framework for analyzing and managing macrofinancial risks of an economy, A
New framework for measuring and managing macrofinancial risk and financial stability
Observations on personal retirement accounts
On asset-liability matching and federal deposit and pension insurance
On the Management of Financial Guarantees
On the Risk of Stocks in the Long Run
Optimal consumption-portfolio choices and retirement planning
Pension fund investment policy
Pension funds and financial innovation
Pension Plan Integration as Insurance Against Social Security Risk
Pensions and the economy : sources, uses, and limitations of data
Pensions as retirement income insurance
Pensions in an Aging World.
Pensions in the U.S. economy
Počela ulaganja
Portfolio Selection in a "Winner-Take-All" Environment.
Purchasing-Power Annuities: Financial Innovation for Stable Real Retirement Income in an Inflationary Environment
Reply to Benston and Kaufman
Retirement Annuity Design in an Inflationary Climate
Risk and Required Returns on Debt and Equity
Risk less and prosper : your guide to safer investing
Securing employer-based pensions : an international perspective
Shōken tōshi.
theory of life-cycle saving and investing, The
Thoughts on the Future : Life-Cycle Investing in Theory and Practice Advances in financial science have made possible an improved menu of life-cycle investment products
TIPS scorecard: are TIPS accomplishing what they were supposed to accomplish?: can they be improved?
Venture capital
What the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Can Learn from the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation
Why Are Real Interest Rates So High?
Worry-free investing : a safe approach to achieving your lifetime financial goals
Worry-free investing : a sure way to achieve your lifetime financial goals
Zhongguo ren min da xue feng xian tou zi fa zhan yan jiu zhong xin 2001 nian yan jiu bao gao
Принципы инвестиций
Финансы : [учеб. пособие]
中国 人民 大学 风险 投资 发展 研究 中心 2001 年 研究 报告
現代ファイナンス論 : 意思決定のための理論と実践
风险 投资 与 中国 金融 体制 改革
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