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Conybeare, F.
Conybeare, F. C.
Conybeare, Frederick C.
Conybeare, Frederick Cornwallis
Cornwallis Conybeare, Frederick
c. 1856-1924
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Apollonios de Tyane (0004 av. J.-C.-0097?))
Apollonius, Tyanensis -ca97
Eusebius, Pamphili ca. 260-338.
Filostratos, Flavius d.ä., ca 170-ca 245.
Lewis, Agnes Smith (1843-1926)
Philo, of Alexandria
Philostrate l'Athénien (0175?-0246?))
Philostratus, Flavius ca. 170-245.
Philostratus, Lucius Flavius
Smith Lewis, Agn
Stock, St. George William Joseph (1850-)
Universiṭah ha-ʻIvrit bi-Yerushalayim. Hug lemiqra
Wardrop, John Oliver Sir, 1864-1948
William Heinemann (Londyn)
About the contemplative life, or, The fourth book of the treatise concerning virtues
Armenian apology and acts of Apollonius and other monuments of early Christianity, The
armenian church: heritage and identity., the
Armenian version of Revelation and Cyril of Alexandria's scholia on the Incarnation and epistle on Easter., The
Catalogue of the Armenian manuscripts in the Bodleian Library. -
Codices armeni Bybliothecae vaticanae Borgiani, Vaticani, Barberiniani, Chisiani
collation with the ancient Armenian versions of the Greek text of Aristotle's Categories, De interpretatione, De mundo, De virtutibus et vitiis, and of Porphyry's Introduction, A
dialogues of Athanasius and Zacchaeus and of Timothy and Aquila ;, The
Dreyfus case
Georgian version of the liturgy of St. James, The
grammar of Septuagint Greek, A
growth of the Pǝ shitta version of the New Testament illustrated from the old Armenian and Georgian versions, The
Historical christ, or, an investigation of the views of mr. j.m. robertson, dr. a. drews, and prof. w.b. smith
History of New Testament criticism.
Key of truth a manual of the Paulician church of Armenia [containing the sacramentary and explanation of the Paulician doctrine], The
Letters and exercises of the Elizabethan schoolmaster John Conybeare, schoolmaster at Molton, Devon, 1580 and at Swimbridge, 1594
life of Apollonius of Tyana, the Epistles of Apollonius and the Treatise of Eusebius;, The
Life of St. Nino.
Myth, magic and morals a study of Christian origins
Nordamerika und Deutschland
Nouum Testamentum sancti Irenaei episcopi lugdunensis, being the New Testament quotations in the Old-Latin version of the "Elenchos kai paratropē pseudōnymou gnōseōs"
On the Codex Pamphili and date of Euthalius
On the date of conposition of the Paschal Chronicle.
On the sources of the text of S. Athanasius
Outlines of a philosophy of religion
Pʹiloni Hebrayec̣woy Čaṙkʹ : tʹargmanealkʹ i naxneac̣ meroc̣ oroc̣ hellen bnagirkʹ hasin aṙ mez
ring of Pope Xystus, The : together with the Prologue of Rufinus
Rituale Armenorum : being the administration of the Sacraments and the Breviary rites of the Armenian Church together with the Greek rites of Baptism and Epiphany
Roman Catholicism as a factor in European politics
Russian dissenters
Sagesse d'Ahikar.
Selections from the Septuagint, according to the text of Swete
Specimen lectionum armeniacarum, or a Review of the fragments of Philo Judaeus, as newly edited by J. Rendel Harris.... by Fred. C. Conybeare...
story of Aḥīqar from the Syriac, Arabic, Armenian, Ethiopic, Greek and Slavonic versions by F.C. Conybeare, J. Rendel Harris and Agn. Smith Lewis., The
Tà 'eis tòn Tyanéa 'Apollōnion
Vie d'Apollonios de Tyane.
vita contemplativa., De