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Brewster, David
Brewster, David (Scottish photographer, 1781-1868)
Brewster, David (seras)
Brewster, David (Sir)
Brewster, Sir David
David Brewster
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Bache, A. D. (1806-1867)
Bache, Alexander Dallas (1806-1867)
Euler, Leonhard (1707-1783)
Ferguson, James (1710-1776)
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Griscom, John (1774-1852. [from old catalog])
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Harry Houdini Collection (Library of Congress)
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Vergnaud, Armand Denis (1791-1885)
Westfall, Richard S. (1924-1996))
Wheatstone, Charles Sir, 1802-1875
Abhandlungen zur Geschichte des Stereoskops
Account of a remarkable structure in apophyllite, with observations on the optical peculiarities of that mineral
Additional observations on the optical properties and structure of heated glass and unannealed glass drops
Brewster and Wheatstone on vision
Briefe über die natürliche Magie an Sir Walter Scott
Description of a double holophote apparatus for lighthouses
Description of a new darkening glass for solar observations, which has also the property of polarising the whole of the transmitted light
Elements of geometry and trigonometry; with notes.
Geschichte der Frei-Maurerei : aus authentischen Quellen nebst einem Berichte über die Große Loge in Schottland von ihrer Stiftung bis auf die gegenwärtige Zeit, und einem Anhange von Original-Papieren
kaleidoscope, 1858:, The
Letters on natural magic
Life of Sir Isaac Newton
London, Edinburgh and Dublin philosophical magazine and journal of science, The
Manuel d'optique ou traité complet et simplifié de cette science
Martyrs of science, or the lives of galileo, tycho brahe and kepler
Mélanges de géologie
Memoirs of the life, writings and discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton
More worlds than one the creed of the philosopher and the hope of the Christian
Nouveau manuel de magie naturelle et amusante
On a new optical and mineralogical property of calcareous-spar
On a new species of coloured fringes, produced by the reflection of light between two plates of parallel glass of equal thickness
On certain new phenoma of colour in Labrador Felspar, with observations on the nature and cause of its changeable tints
On the colours of the soap-bubble.
On the compensations of polarized light, with the description of a polarimeter, for measuring degrees of polarization
On the effects of compression and dilatation in altering the polarising structure of doubly refracting crystals
On the existence of two new fluids in the cavities of minerals, which are immiscible, and possess remarkable physical properties
On the figures of equilibrium in liquid films.
On the knowledge of distance given by binscular vision
On the law of the partial polarization of light by reflexion. -
On the laws which regulate the distribution of the polarising force in plates, tubes, and cylinders of glass, that have received the polarising structure
On the motion and colours upon films of alcohol, volatile oils and other fluids.
On the optical properties of muriate of soda, fluate of lime, and the diamond
On the polarisation of light by oblique transmission through all bodies, whether crystallized or uncrystallized
Parker & Delaplaine's American edition of the new Edinburgh encyclopaedia
physical atlas, The : a series of maps & notes illustrating the geographical distribution of natural phenomena
Plates illustrating a new edition of Ferguson Lectures on mechanics, hydrostatics, hydraulics, pneumatics, optics, geography, astronomy, and dialling
Results of some recent experiments on the properties impressed upon light by the action of glass raised to different temperatures, and cooled under different circumstances
Sir David Brewster correspondence
Sir Isaak Newtons Leben nebst einer Darstellung seiner Entdeckungen. -
Stereoscope its history, theory, and construction, with its application to the fine and useful arts and to education
Sur quelques microscopes simples, d'après un nouveau mode de construction
system of mechanical philosophy, A
treatise on magnetism, forming the article under that head in the seventh edition of the Encyclopædia britannica., A
Treatise on new philosophical instruments, for various purposes in the arts and sciences with experiments on light and colours
Treatise on optics
works of James Ferguson, F.R.S., comprising Astronomy, explained upon Sir Isaac Newton's principles; Lectures on select subjects; and Essays and treatises., The