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Chandra Majumdar, Ramesh
Majumadāra, Rameśacandra
Majumdar, R. C.
Majumdār, Ramés Candra
Majumdar, Rameṣa-Chandra
Majumdar, Ramesh C.
Majumdar, Ramesh Chandra
Majumdar, Rameshchandra
Majumdāra, Rāmeśacandra
Mazumdar, Ramesh Chandra
Rameṣa-Chandra Majumdar
Rameśacandra Majumadāra
Ramesh Chandra Majumdar
Ramesh Chandra Mazumdar
Rameshchandra Majumdar
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Language material
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Altekar, Anant Sadashiv
Bhāratiya Itihāsa Samiti
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Bombay, Inde
Datta, Kalikinkar
Ghose, Dilip Kumar
Majumdar, Asoke Kumar
Munshi, Kanaiyalal Maneklal (1887-1971)
Pusalker, A. D.
Pusalker, Achut Dattatraya
Raychaudhuri, H. C. (1892-1957)
Raychaudhuri, Hemchandra
Raychaudhuri, Hemchandra (1892-1957)
Thüringischen Landesuniversität Jena
A.D. 300-985
advanced history of india, an
age of Imperial Kanauj
Age of imperial unity..., The
Ancient India...
Ancient Indian colonies in the Far East
Ancient Indian colonisation in South-east Asia
Ancient Indian colonization in South-east Asia
Arab invasion of India, The
Bāṃlā deśera itihāsa.
Baṅgīẏa kulaśāstra
Bhārate itihāsaracanā-praṇālī
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavańs history and culture of the Indian people
Bosons presented to Satyendra Nath Bose on the occasion of his seventieth birthday
British paramountcy and Indian renaissance
Champā history & culture of an Indian colonial kingdom in the Far East, 2nd.-16th century A.D.
Classical Accounts of India, The : being a compilation of the English translation of the accounts left by Herodotus, Megasthenes, Arrian, Strabo, Quintus...and others
Classical accounts of India, The : being a compilation of the English translations of the accounts left by Herodotus, Megasthenes, Arrian, Strabo, Quintus, Diodorus, Siculus, Justin, Plutarch, Frontinus, Nearchus, Apollonius, Pliny, Ptolemy, Aelian, and others with maps
Classical age..., The
comprehensive history of India, A
Contributions on Indian history in the journal of world history
Corporate life in ancient India. -
Dehli sultanate, The
Delhi sultanate, The
Expansion of Aryan culture in eastern India : being the Pandita-Raja Atombapu Sharma memorial lectures delivered at Imphal, Manipur State on November 15 and 16, 1966
Glimpses of Bengal in the nineteenth century.
Great women of India
Greater India
Hindu colonies in the Far East.
Hindu sabhyatā o saṃskr̥tira kramabikāśa
Historiography in modern India
History and culture of the Indian people British paramountey and Indian Renaissance, The
History and culture of the Indian people... General ed. R. C. Majumdar,... Assistant ed. A. D. Pusalker,...., The
history and culture of the indian people The Age of imperial Kanauj, The
history and culture of the Indian people The Age of the Imperial unity, The
history and culture of the indian people The Classical age, The
History and culture of the indian people The Sruggle for empire, The
History of ancient Bengal.
history of Bengal: Hindu period, The
history of Kambuja-Desa, The : modern Cambodia
History of mediaeval Bengal
History of modern Bengal : 1765 to 1905
History of modern Bengal : 1905-1947 Freedom movement
History of the freedom movement in India
India and South East Asia
India at the cross roads; a symposium of articles
Inscriptions of Kambuja
Jībanera smr̥tidīpe
Kambuja-Deśa : or, An ancient Hindu colony in Cambodia
Main currents of Indian history
Maratha supremacy
Mughul Empire...
New history of the Indian people., A
On Rammohan Roy.
Outline of ancient Indian history and civilization
Outline of the history of Kaliṅga
Penal settlement in Andamans
R. C. Majumdar felicitation volume.
Readings in political history of India : (ancient, mediaeval and modern)
Renascent India : first phase
revolutionary movement in Bengal and the role of Surya Sen, The
Sepoy Mutiny and the revolt of 1857, The
struggle for Empire...
Struggle for freedom...
Study of Sanskrit in South-East Asia
Svami Vivekananda: a historical review
Swami Vivekananda centenary memorial volume
Theorie des stellaren Absorptionskoeffizienten
Three phases of India's struggle for freedom
Three phrases of India's struggle for freedom
Vākātaka-Gupta age, 1986:, The
Vākātaka-Gupta age, The : circa 200-550 A.D.
Vedic age
"Abdruck aus den Astr. Nachr. Nr. 5916-17 (Band 247. -- Dez. 1932)"--P. [1]
Thesis--Thüringischen Landesuniversität Jena, 1932