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Morison, S.
Morison, Stanley
Morison, Stanley Arthur
Morison, Stanley (English typographer and writer, 1889-1967)
Stanley Morison
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Language material
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commentator for written text
writer of accompanying material
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Barker, Nicolas
Carter, Harry Graham (1901-1983)
Crutchley, Brooke
Day, Kenneth (1912- ))
Dreyfus, John
Heal, Ambrose (1872-1959)
Johnson, A. F.
Johnson, Alfred Forbes
Krimpen, Huib van (1917-2002)
Krimpen, Huibrecht (1917-2002)
McKitterick, David John
Pforzheimer Bruce Rogers Collection (Library of Congress)
Rodenberg, Julius (1884-1970)
Rogers, Bruce (1870-1957)
Thurston, Herbert (1856-1939))
Andres Brun, calligrapher of Saragossa : some account of his life and work
Art de l'imprimeur. Deux cent cinquante reproductions des plus beaux spécimens de la typographie depuis 1500 jusqu'à 1900, Stanley Morison. L'
art de l'imprimeur, L' : Deux cent cinquante reproductions des plus beaux spécimens de la Typographie depuis 1500 jusqu'a 1900
Art of printing, The
art of the printer, The : 250 title & text pages selected from books composed in the roman letter printed from 1500 to 1900
Arte muy provechoso para aprender de escrivir perfectamente
Aspects of authority and freedom in relation to Graeco-Latin script, inscription, and type, sixth century B.C. to twentieth century A.D.
Bible anglaise de Genève, 1560. The Geneva Bible., La
Black-letter text
brief survey of printing, 1923., A
brief survey of printing: history and practice, A
Byzantine elements in humanistic script : illustrated from the Aulus Gellius of 1445 in the Newberry Library
Calligraphy 1535-1885 a collection of seventy-two writing-books and specimens from the Italian, French, low countries and Spanish schools
Caractères de l'écriture dans la typographie; étude historique
Catalogue of specimens of printing types, by English and Scottish printers and founders, 1665-1830, compiled by W. Turner Berry,... and A. F. Johnson,... With an introduction by Stanley Morison
Early Italian writing-books Renaissance to Baroque
English Newspaper some account of the physical development of journals printed in London between 1622 & the present day, The
English prayer books; an introduction to the literature of Christian public worship.
English writing-masters and their copy-books 1570-1800 a biographical dictionary and a bibliography, The
Fell types
First principles of typography, by Stanley Morison
Fleuron a journal of typography, The
fleuron en typographie, 1925:, Le
fleuron. No 7, The
Four centuries of fine printing; one hundred and ninety-two facsimiles of pages from books printed at presses established between 1465 and 1924.
Four centuries of fine printing two hundred and seventy-two examples of the work of presses established between 1465 and 1924
Four centuries of fine printing upwards of six hundred examples of the work of presses established during the years 1500 to 1914
Fra Luca de Pacioli of Borgo S. Sepolcro
Geneva Bible, The
German incunabula in the British Museum: One hundred and fifty two facsimile plates of fine book-pages from presses of Germany, German-Switzerland and Austria-Hungary printed in the fifteenth century in gothic letter and derived founts
Grondbeginselen der typografie
Handbuch der Druckerkunst: 250 Beispeile Mustergültiger Antiquadrucke aus den Jahren 1500-1900
Handbuch der Druckerkunst : 250 Beispiele mustergültiger Antiquadrucke aus den Jahren 1500-1900
handlist of the writings of Stanley Morison, A
History of the Times., The
Ichabod Dawks and his News-letter, with an account of the Dawks family of booksellers and stationers, 1635-1731
inventaire de la Fonderie Le Bé, selon la transcription de Jean Pierre Fournier, L'
John Bell, 1745-1831 bookseller, printer, publisher, typefounder, journalist, &c...
John Bell, 1745-1831 : bookseller, printer, publisher, typefounder, journalist, etc.
John Fell, the University press and the "Fell" types, the punches and matrices designed for printing in the Greek, Latin, English, and Oriental languages bequeathed in 1686 to the University of Oxford by John Fell,... by Stanley Morison, with the assistance of Harry Carter
Latin script since the Renaissance.
Letter forms typographic and scriptorial two essays on their classification, history and bibliography
Letterontwerp vroeger en nu : een korte inleiding
likeness of Thomas More; an iconographical survey of three centuries ..., The
Meisterdrucke aus vier Jahrhunderten: Die Entwicklung des Buchdruckes in lateinischer Schrift in mehr als sechshundert Abbildungen in Lichtdruck dargestellt nach Druckwerken aus den Jahren 1500-1914
Meisterdrucke gotischer Schrift: Deutsche Inkunabeln im Britischen Museum. Einhundertzweiundfünfuig Faksimile-Tafeln schöner Buchleiten aus deutschen, deutsch-schweizerischen und österreich-ungarischen Druckereien des fünfzehnten Jahrhunderts in der sogenannten Gotischen Schrift und den aus ihr abgeleiteten Schriftarten
Modern fine Printing an exhibit of printing issued in England, the United States of America, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Czecho-Slovakia, Holland and Sweden during the twentieth century and with few exceptions since the outbreak of the war
Moyllus alphabet
new hebrew typography, The
On learned presses : a paper given to the Double Crown Club on the occasion of its 130th dinner, held in King's College, Cambridge, on 23 June 1955
On type designs, past and present; a brief introduction.
origins of the newspaper, The
Periods of typography a series of handbooks to historic style in printing
plus belles pages de la typographie moderne, Les : en Angleterre, aux Etats-Unis, en France, en Italie, en Suisse, en Allemagne, en Tchecoslovaquie en Hollande et en Suède depuis le début du vingtième siècle.
Politics and script aspects of authority and freedom in the development of Graeco-Latin script from the 6th century B.C. to the 20th century A.D.
principi fondamenti della tipografia, I
Principios fundamentales de la tipografía
printer and the poet; an account of the printing of 'The Tapestry' based upon correspondence between Stanley Morison and Robert Bridges., The
psychological study of typography, A
review of recent typography in England, the United States, France & Germany, A
roman, italic & black letter bequeathed to the University of Oxford by Dr. John Fell, The
Schrift, Inschrift, Druck.
Schriftmuster der Romanée Antiqua und Kursiv : gegossen von Joh. Enschedé en Zonen, Haarlem
Selected correspondence
Selected essays on the history of letter-forms in manuscript and print
Sixteenth-century French typefounders : The Le Bé Memorandum
Splendour of ornament
Stanley Morison a portrait ; [the catalogue of an exhibition held in the King's Library, British Museum, 8 July - 3 October 1971]
Stanley Morison & D. B. Updike : selected correspondence
Stanley Morison displayed : an examination of his early typographic work
Talbot Baines Reed, author, bibliographer, typefounder
Tally of types, by Stanley Morison, with additions by several hands. Edited by Brooke Crutchley, A
Tally of types cut for machine composition and introduced at the University press, Cambridge 1922-1932, A
Type designs of the past and present
Type specimen facsimiles...
Typenformen der Vergangenheit und Neuzeit
Typennormen der Vergangenheit und Neuzeit
typographic arts, The : two lectures
typographic book, 1450-1935; [a study of fine typography through five centuries, exhibited in upwards of three hundred and fifty title and text pages drawn from presses working in the European tradition., The
Typographic design in relation to photographic composition
Work of Jan van Krimpen A record in honour of his sixtieth birthday, The