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Frankfort, G.
Frankfort, H.
Frankfort, Hans
Frankfort, Henri
Frankfort, Henri A.
Frankfort, Henri (Dutch archaeologist and historian, 1897-1954)
Frankfort, Henrri
Frankfort, Henry
Henri Frankfort
Франкфорт, Г
Франкфорт, Генри
פרנקפורט, הנרי
فرانكفورت، هنري،
フランクフォート, H
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Delougaz, Pinhas
Frankfort, Henri (1897-1954)
Garrigues Carnicer, Belén
Groenewegen-Frankfort, Henriette Antonia (1896-1982))
Iraq expedition (1930-1937)
Irwin, William A.
Jacobsen, Thorkild (1904- ))
Jacobsen, Thorkild (1904-)
Jacobsen, Thorkild Peter Rudolph (1904-)
Lloyd, Seton
Lloyd, Seton (1902-1996)
Lloyd, Seton Howard Frederick (1902-1996)
Roaf, Michael
Wilson, John A.
פרנקפורט, הנריט אנטוניה (1896-)
田中, 明 (1913-)
Akhenaten, The city of
Alter Orient : Mythos und Wirklichkeit
Ancient Egyptian religion, an interpretation by H. Frankfort,...
archaeologie en de geschiedenis van het Nabije Oosten, De
Archeology and the Sumerian problem
art and architecture of the ancient Orient, 1996:, The
Arte y arquitectura del Oriente Antiguo
Asia, Europe and the Aegean, and their earliest interrelations
Before philosophy : the intelectual adventure of ancient man : an essay on speculative thought in the ancient Near East
Before philosophy : the intellectual adventure of ancient man : an essay on speculative thought in the ancient near east
Before Philosophy : The Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man : An Essoy on Speculative Thought in the Ancient Near East
birth of civilisation in the Near East., The
Birth of civilization in the Near East, by Henri Frankfort, The
Brief van Adriaan Jacob Barnouw (1877-1968) aan Henri Frankfort (1897-1954)
Brief van Franz Marius Theodor Böhl (1882-1976) aan Henri Frankfort (1897-1954)
Brieven van Fritz Rudolf Kraus (1910-1991) aan Henri Frankfort (1897-1954)
Brieven van Henri Frankfort (1897-1954) aan Fritz Rudolf Kraus (1910-1991)
Brieven van Henri Frankfort (1897-1954) aan Willem Alexander Etienne van der Pluym (1879-)
Cenotaph of Seti I at Abydos, by H. Frankfort, with chapters by A. De Buck and Battiscombe Gunn..., The
City of Akhenaten, part II, the North suburb and the Desert altars. The excavations at Tell el Amarna during the seasons 1926-1932, by H. Frankfort and J. D. S. Pendlebury, with a chapter by H. W. Fairman..., The
city of [[akhenaten]] volume ii, the
Contributi e materiali di archeologia orientale VII (1997) : studi in memoria di Henri Frankfort (1897-1954)
cylinder seals: a documentary essay on ihe art and religion of the ancient near east
Cylinder seals : a documentary essay on the art and religion of the ancient Near East
Earliest appearance of the Sumerians, The
Egyptische beeldhouwwerken uit de verzameling A. Stocklet te Brussel
Excavations in the palace and at a city gate
Frühlicht des Geistes Wandlungen d. Weltbildes im alten Orient
Frühlicht des Geistes : Wandlungen des Weltbildes im alten Orient
Gimilsin temple and the palace of the rulers at Tell Asmar, The
"Hans" Frankfort's earlier years : based on his letters to "Bram" van Regteren Altena
Henri Frankfort : in memoriam
Intellectual adventure of ancient man, an essay on speculative thought in the ancient Near East, by H. and H. A. Frankfort, John A. Wilson, Thorkild Jacobsen, William A. Irwin, The
intellectual adventure of ancient man, The : an essay on speculative thought in the ancient Near East
Iraq excavations of the Oriental Institute 1932/33 : third preliminary report of the Iraq expedition.
Khorsabad. Part I. Excavations in the palace and at a city gate, by Gordon Loud, with chapters by Henri Frankfort and Thorkild Jacobsen
Kingship and the gods : a study of ancient Near Eastern religion as the integration of society and nature.
Kodai oriento bunmei no tanjō
Kodai oriento no shinwa to shisō : Tetsugaku izen
last predynastic period in Babylonia Vol. I, ch. 12, The
Mesopotamia, Syria, and Egypt and their earliest interrelations
Modern survivors from Punt
More sculpture from the Diyala region
mural painting of el-amarna, the
Mural Painting of El-'Amarneh. -, The
New discoveries concerning the early dynastic period at Tell Asmar and Khafaje
ontstaan der beschaving in het Nabije Oosten, Het
Oriental Institute Discoveries in Iraq, 1933-34. -
Orientalism and history
pensamiento prefilosófico, El
Pottery from the Diyala region, by Pinhas Delougaz. [Foreword by H. Frankfort.]
Pre-Sargonid temples in the Diyala region, by Pinhas Delougaz and Seton Lloyd, with chapters by Henri Frankfort and Thorkild Jacobsen. [Preface by Henri Frankfort.]
Problem of similarity in ancient near Eastern religions, by H. Frankfort,..., The
Progress of the work of the Oriental institute in Iraq, 1934-'35 : 5th preliminary report of the Iraq expedition
religión del antiguo Egipto, La : una interpretación : estudio preliminar, traducción y notas, Francesc Ballesteros Balbastre
religione dell' antico Egitto, La
Reyes y dioses : estudio de la religión del Oriente Próximo en la Antigüedad en tanto que integración de la sociedad y la naturaleza
royauté et les dieux, La : intégration de la société a la nature dans la religion de l'ancien proche orient
Sculpture of the third millennium B.C. from Tell Asmar and Khafājah.
Stratified cylinder seals from the Diyala region
Studi in memoria di Henri Frankfort (1897-1954)
Studies in early pottery in the Near East, 1924.
Studies in early pottery of the Near East
Tell Asmar and Khafaje; the 1st- season's work in Eshnunna, 1930/31-
Tell Asmar and Khafaje, the first season's work in Eshnunna, 1930-31, by Henri Frankfort, Thorkild Jacobsen and Conrad Preusser
Tell Asmar, Khafaje and Khorsabad : second preliminary report of the Iraq expedition.
Tell Uqair : excavations by the Iraq government directorate of antiquities in 1940 and 1941
temple oval at Khafājah, The
Tetsugaku izen.
Thecity of Akhneton II : the north suburb and the desert altars : the excavation at Tell el Amarna during the seasons 1926-1932
Uygarlığın yakın doğu'da doğuşu : Mezopotamya ve Mısır
V preddverii filosofii : duhovnye iskaniâ drevnego čeloveka
В преддверии философии : духовные искания древнего человека
לדתה של הציביליזציה במזרח הקרוב
לפני היות הפילוסופיה : הרפתקת הרוח של האדם הקדמון : מחקרים במחשבה הספקולטיבית במזרח הקדמון
古代オリエントの神話と思想 : 哲学以前
哲学以前 : 古代オリエントの神話と思想