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Becker, G. S.
Becker, Gary
Becker, Gary S.
Becker, Gary Stanley
Беккер, Гэри С
ベッカー, ゲーリー・S.
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Backer, G.S.
Barro, Robert J
Barro, Robert J.
Becker, G-S
Becker, G.S.
Becker, Gary
Becker, Gary S
Becker, Gary S.
Becker, Guity Nashat
Duesenberry, James S.
Ehrlich, Isaac
Elías, Julio Jorge
Friedman, Milton
Ghez, Gilbert
Glaeser, Edward L.
Goldman, Dana
Grossman, M.
Grossman, Michael
Grossman, Michael (1942-)
Hubbard, William H. J.
Hubbard, William J.
Landes, Elisabeth M
Landes, Elisabeth M.
Lewis, H Gregg
Lewis, H. Gregg
McGuire, Martin
McGuire, Martin C
Michael, Robert T
Michael, Robert T.
Mulligan, C.B.
Mulligan, Casey B
Mulligan, Casey B.
Murphy, Kevin
Murphy, Kevin M
Murphy, Kevin M.
Murphy, Kevin M. (1971-)
National Bureau of Economic Research
Okun, Bernard
Philipson, T
Philipson, Tomas
Philipson, Tomas J.
Posner, Richard A. (1939-...)
Rayo, Luis
Rubinstein, Yona
Schwartz, Pedro
Soares, Rodrigo R.
Sojka, Milan (1951-2009)
Stanford University / Hoover Institution on War Revolution & Peace
Stigler, George J
Stigler, George J.
Tamura, Robert
Tamura, Robert F.
Tomes, Nigel
Topel, Robert H.
University of Chicago
University of Chicago / Department of Economics
University of Chicago Press
Werning, I.
Werning, Ivan
Żak, Anna
鞍谷, 雅敏 (1941-)
Age, Earnings, Wealth, and Human Capital
Allocation of Effort, Specific Human Capital, and Differences Between Men and Women in Earnings and Occupations, The
Allocation of Time and Goods over the Life Cycle, The
Altruism, Egoism, and Genetic Fitness: Economics and Sociobiology: Reply.
Altruism in the Family and Selfishness in the Market Place.
Appendix A: Sources and Methods
Appendix B: Mathematical Discussion of Relation between Age, Earnings, and Wealth
Child Endowments, and the Quantity and Quality of Children
Comment on the Conference on Cost-Benefit Analysis., A
Competition Among Pressure Groups for Political Influence
Crime and Punishment: An Economic Approach
Deadweight Costs and the Size of Government.
Division of Labor, Coordination Costs, and Knowledge., The
Economic Analysis of Fertility, An
Economic Analysis of Marital Instability., An
Economic Analysis of the Family, An
Economic Theory of Illegal Goods: The Case of Drugs, The
Economic Way of Looking at Life, The
economics of crime, The
Economics of Marital Instability
economics of racial discrimination, The
Education and Consumption: The Effects of Education in the Household Compared to the Marketplace
Effect of the State on the Family, The
Empirical Analysis of Cigarette Addiction., An
Endogenous Determination of Time Preference., The
Equilibrium Distribution of Income and the Market for Status, The
Equilibrium Theory of the Distribution of Income and Intergenerational Mobility., An
Essays in the Economics of Crime and Punishment
Evolutionary Efficiency and Happiness
Explaining the Worldwide Boom in Higher Education of Women
Family and the State., The
Family Economics and Macro Behavior.
Fear and the Response to Terrorism: An Economic Analysis
Fertility and the Economy.
Fertility Choice in a Model of Economic Growth.
Friedman-Becker Illusion: Reply, The
George Joseph Stigler: January 17, 1911-December 1, 1991.
Growing human capital investment in China compared to falling investment in the United States
Gustibus Non Est Disputandum., De
Habits, Addictions, and Traditions.
Habits, Peers, and Happiness: An Evolutionary Perspective
Happiness, Income and Economic Policy
Health and Human Capital: The Inaugural T.W. Schultz Lecturexref ref-type="fn" rid="FN1"*/xref
Health as human capital: synthesis and extensionsxref ref-type="fn" rid="FN1"-super-1/xref
Human Capital: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis, with Special Reference to Education, 2nd ed.
Human Capital: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis with Special Reference to Education (3rd Edition)
Human Capital and the Rise and Fall of Families.
Human Capital, Effort, and the Sexual Division of Labor.
Human Capital, Fertility, and Economic Growth.
Human Capital Revisited
Interaction between Quantity and Quality of Children
Introducing Incentives in the Market for Live and Cadaveric Organ Donations
Introduction to the First Edition
Introduction to the Second Edition
Investment in Human Capital: A Theoretical Analysis
Investment in Human Capital: Effects on Earnings
Investment in Human Capital: Rates of Return
Law Enforcement, Malfeasance, and Compensation of Enforcers
Market for College Graduates and the Worldwide Boom in Higher Education of Women, The
Market for Illegal Goods: The Case of Drugs, The
Market Insurance, Self-Insurance, and Self-Protection.
mercado de bienes ilegales: el caso de la droga, El
Mortality Contingent Claims, Health Care, and Social Insurance.
Nobel Lecture: The Economic Way of Looking at Behavior.
Note on Restaurant Pricing and Other Examples of Social Influences on Price., A
Note on Restaurant Pricing and Other Examples of Social Influences on Prices., A
Old-Age Longevity and Mortality-Contingent Claims
On the Economics of Capital Punishment
On the Economics of Climate Policy
On the Economics of the Family: Reply to a Skeptic.
On the Endogenous Determination of Time Preference.
On the Interaction between the Quantity and Quality of Children.
On the Relevance of the New Economics of the Family.
Population and Economic Growth
Public policies, pressure groups, and dead weight costs
Quantity and Quality of Life and the Evolution of World Inequality, The
Rates of Return from College Education
Rates of Return from High School Education and Trends over Time
Rational Addiction and the Effect of Price on Consumption.
Rational Addition and the Effect of Price on Consumption.
Reformulation of the Economic Theory of Fertility., A
Reversal of Misfortune: Parodox in Optimization Across Contingencies
Schooling and Inequality from Generation to Generation: Comment.
Selling the Right to Immigrate
Simple Theory of Advertising as a Good or Bad., A
Social Consumption: The World of Veblen Revisited.
Status, Lotteries, and Inequality.
Summary and Conclusions
Synthesis and Further Applications of the Empirical Analysis
Terminal care and the value of life near its end
Theory of Competition among Pressure Groups for Political Influence., A
Theory of Marriage: Part I., A
Theory of Marriage: Part II., A
Theory of Rational Addiction., A
Theory of Social Interactions., A
Theory of the Allocation of Time and Goods Over the Life Cycle, A
Theory of the Production and Allocation of Effort, A
Toward a More General Theory of Regulation: Comment.
Treatise on the Family, A
U.S. and Canadian Income Maintenance Programs: Comments.
Underinvestment in College Education?
Unemployment in Europe and the United States
Value of Life Near its End and Terminal Care, The
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Thesis--University of Chicago