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Audretsch, D. B.
Audretsch, David
Audretsch, David B.
Audretsch, David Bruce
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Acs, Zoltan
Acs, Zoltán J
Acs, Zoltan J.
Acs, Zoltan J. (1947- ))
Agarwal, Rajshree
Aldridge, T.
Aldridge, T. Taylor
Aldridge, Taylor
Alshumaimri, Ahmed
Alter, Theodore R.
Atkinson, Robert D.
Audretsch, B-B
Audretsch, D-B
Audretsch, D.B.
Audretsch, David
Audretsch, David B
Audretsch, David B et al
Audretsch, David B.
Baldwin, William L.
Baumol, William J.
Boente, Werner
Bönte, Werner
Braunerhjelm, Pontus
Burke, Andrew E.
Carlsson, Bo
Carree, M.A.
Carree, Martin A
Carree, Martin A.
Dohse, Dirk
Elston, Julie
Elston, Julie A
Elston, Julie Ann
Erdem, Doga Kayalar
Erik, Lehmann E.
Evans, David S
Falck, Oliver
Feldman, Maryann P
Feldman, Maryann P.
Fritsch, M.
Fritsch, Michael
Gilbert, Brett Anitra
Grilo, Isabel
Grimm, Heike
Heblich, Stephan
Houweling, P.
Houweling, Patrick
Houweling, Patrick (1975-)
Indiana University / School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Jackson, Scott
Jin, Jim
Keilbach, Max
Keilbach, Max C.
Klepper, Steven
Klomp, L.
Klomp, Luuk
Krabel, Stefan
Leeuwen, Gerco van
Lehmann, Erik
Lehmann, Erik E
Lehmann, Erik E.
Leyden, Dennis P.
Link, Albert
Link, Albert N.
Lyons, Thomas S.
Mahagaonkar, Prashanth
Mahmood, Talat
Mata, Jose
Mata, José (1961-)
McDougall, Patricia P.
Meijaard, J.
Meijaard, Joris
Menkveld, A-J
Menkveld, B.
Menkveld, Bert
Monsen, Erik
Niebuhr, Annekatrin
Oettl, Alexander
Phillips, Ronnie
Phillips, Ronnie J.
Plummer, Lawrence A.
Prince, Y-M
Prince, Y.M.
Prince, Yvonne
Sanders, Mark
Santarelli, E.
Santarelli, Enrico
Sarkar, MB
Scott, John T.
Sickles, Robin
Stadtmann, Georg
Stam, Erik
Stam, F.
Stam, F.C.
Stefanou, Spiro
Stel, A.J. van
Stel, Adriaan J. van
Stel, André van
Stephan, Paula E
Stephan, Paula E.
Strom, Robert J.
Tamvada, Jagannadha Pawan
Thurik, A R Roy
Thurik, A Roy
Thurik, A-R
Thurik, A.
Thurik, A. R.
Thurik, A. Roy
Thurik, A.R.
Thurik, A.R. (1952-)
Thurik, Adriaan Roy (1952-)
Thurik, Roy
University of Wisconsin--Madison
van Leeuwen, G.
van Leeuwen, George
Van Leeuwen, Geroge
van Stel, André
Verheul, Ingrid
Vivarelli, Marco
Warning, Susanne
Weigand, Jurgen
Weigand, Jürgen G
Weiss, Leonard W.
Wennekers, Sander
Wissenschaftliche Hochschule für Unternehmensführung
Woolf, Arthur G.
Yamawaki, Hideki
Zimmermann, Klaus F. (1952-)
Accounting for the differences between large and small firm innovation
Agglomeration and the Location of Innovative Activity.
American and European economic and political studies
Are small firms really sub-optimal?: compensating factor differentials in small Dutch manufacturing firms
Asymmetric Information, Agency Costs and Innovative Entry
Bayh-Dole Act and scientist entrepreneurship, The
Biases in FX-forecasts: Evidence from panel data
Business Survival and the Decision to Exit
Can Institutional Change Impact High-technology Firm Growth?: Evidence from Germany’s Neuer Markt
Capitalism and democracy in the 21st Century: from the managed to the entrepreneurial economy*
Christos J. Pantzios 1963–2005
Clusters, knowledge spillovers and new venture performance: An empirical examination
Company-Scientist Locational Links: The Case of Biotechnology.
Competition policy in dynamic markets
Concentration and price : Leonard W. Weiss, ed., (The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1989)
convergence of international and domestic markets, The
Corporate governance in small and medium-sized firms
Creating Strategic Advantage through Entrepreneurial Governance in New Ventures
Cultural diversity and entrepreneurship: a regional analysis for Germany
Debt or Equity? The Role of Venture Capital in Financing the New Economy in Germany
Decision Between Internal and External R&D., The
Determinants of new-firm startups in Italy
determinants of small firm growth in US manufacturing, The
Deutschland, was nun? : Reformen für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft
distribution of firm start-up size across geographic space, The
Do knowledge conditions make a difference?: Investment, finance and ownership in German industries
Do locational spillovers pay? empirical evidence from German IPO data
Do services differ from manufacturing? : the post-entry performance of firms in Dutch services
Do small firms compete with large firms?
Do University policies make a difference?
Does Entrepreneurship reduce Unemployment?
Does Entry Size Matter? The Impact of the Life Cycle and Technology on Firm Survival.
Does firm size matter? Evidence on the impact of liquidity constraints on firm investment behavior in Germany
Does Firm Size Matter? Evidence on the Impacts of Liquidity Constraints on Firm Investment Behaviour in Germany
Does policy influence the commercialization route? Evidence from National Institutes of Health funded scientists
Does Science Make a Difference? Investment, Finance and Corporate Governance in German Industries
Does self-employment reduce unemployment?
Does the Knowledge Spillover Theory of Entrepreneurship hold for regions?
Does the New Economy Need New Governance? Ownership, Knowledge and Performance
Dynamic Role of Small Firms, The : Evidence from the U.S.
eclectic theory of entrepreneurship: policies, institutions and culture, An
Economic Doctrines and Innovation Policy
economics of science and innovation., The
Economics of Science and Technology., The
economics of small firms, The : a European challenge
effect of technology and the industry life cycle on the concentration profits relationship, The
effectiveness of antitrust policy towards horizontal mergers, The
Effects of Experience, Ownership, and Knowledge on IPO Survival: Empirical Evidence from Germany, The
Effects of Experience, Ownership, and Knowledge on IPO Survival: Evidence from the Neuer Markt, The
Emergence of Entrepreneurship Policy, The
Emergence of the Entrepreneurial Society: The 2008 Geary Lecture, The
Empirical evidence on knowledge flows from research collaborations: Introduction to the special issue
empirical examination of small firm growth, An
Empirical studies in industrial organization : essays in honor of Leonard W. Weiss
Enable Program in the European Entrepreneurship Policy Context, The
Enable-Programm im Kontext der Europäischen Politik für Unternehmerische Initiative, Das
Entrepreneurial Access and Absorption of Knowledge Spillovers: Strategic Board and Managerial Composition for Competitive Advantage
Entrepreneurial intentions subsequent to firm exit
entrepreneurial society, The
Entrepreneurship and Community: The Next Frontier of Entrepreneurship Inquiry
Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Public Policy Frameworks
Entrepreneurship and openness theory and evidence
Entrepreneurship and regional growth: an evolutionary interpretation
Entrepreneurship Capital: A Regional, Organizational, Team, and Individual Phenomenon
Entrepreneurship capital and economic growth
Entrepreneurship capital and its impact on knowledge diffusion and economic performance
Entrepreneurship capital and regional growth
Entrepreneurship Capital - Determinants and Impact
Entrepreneurship Capital in Germany: Cause and Effect
Entrepreneurship determinants and policy in a European-US comparison
Entrepreneurship, Growth, and Public Policy
Entrepreneurship, Growth and Restructuring
Entrepreneurship-Philanthropy Nexus: Nonmarket Source of American Entrepreneurial Capitalism, The
Entrepreneurship, State Economic Development Policy, and the Entrepreneurial University
evaluation of horizontal merger enforcement, An
Financial Signaling by Innovative Nascent Entrepreneurs
Financial signalling by innovative nascent entrepreneurs
Financing High-Tech Growth: The Role Of Banks And Venture Capitalists
Financing High-Tech Growth: The Role of Debt or Equity
Financing the entrepreneurial decision: an empirical approach using experimental data on risk attitudes
Financing the German Mittelstand.
Firm Failure and Industrial Dynamics in the Netherlands.
Firm Selection and Industry Evolution: The Post-entry Performance of New Firms.
Firm Survival in the Netherlands
Firms Size and R&D Spillovers: Evidence from Italy.
Flexible technology and plant size U.S. manufacturing and metalworking industries
From small business promotion to creating an entrepreneurial society
germany, along with europe, is embracing the new economy
Gibrat's law, 2002:
Gibrat's Law: are the services different?
Globalization and regionalization challenges for public policy
Globalization and the new entrepreneurship policies
Globalization and the Rise of the Entrepreneurial Economy
Globalization, entrepreneurship and the region
Growth and Entrepreneurship: An Empirial Assessment
Growth and Entrepreneurship: An Empirical Assessment
Growth Regimes over Time and Space
Handbook of research on entrepreneurship policy
Handbook of research on innovation and entrepreneurship
hazard rate of new establishments, The : A first report
How and Why Does Knowledge Spill Over? The Case of Biotechnology
How exports matter: trade patterns over development stages
Impact of Location on Firm Growth, The
Impeded industrial restructuring: the growth penalty.
Import Share under International Oligopoly with Differentiated Products: Japanese Imports in U.S. Manufacturing.
Indiana University Advanced Research and Technology Institute: A Case Study, The
Industrial and Trade Policies for the Emerging Market Economies
Industrial Organization and the New Industrial Policy
Industrial Organization and the Organization of Industries: an American Perspective
Industrial policy and competitive advantage.
Industrial policy and U.S.-Japanese trade
Industrial policy, R&D, and US Japanese trade
Industry Component of Regional New Firm Formation Processes, The
Industry Evolution: Diversity, Selection and the Role of Learning
Innovation and industry evolution
Innovation and technological change an international comparison
Innovation durch kleine Unternehmen
Innovation, growth and survival
Innovation in cities : science-based diversity, specialization, and localized competition
Innovation in Large and Small Firms: An Empirical Analysis.
Innovation, Industry Evoluation and Employment
Innovation, Market Structure, and Firm Size.
Innovation, Unemployment and Competitiveness Challenge in Germany, The
Innovative Advantage of US Cities, The
Innovative Clusters and the Industry Life Cycle
International studies in entrepreneurship
It’s All in Marshall: The Impact of External Economies on Regional Dynamics
Knowledge Filter and Economic Growth: The Role of Scientist Entrepreneurship, The
knowledge filter, Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth, The
knowledge society, entrepreneurship and unemployment, The
Knowledge Spillover Theory of Entrepreneurship, The
Knowledge spillovers and the geography of innovation
Knowledge spillovers in biotechnology: sources and incentives
lifecycle of regions, The
Link between the Entry Decision and Post-Entry Performance: Evidence from Italy., The
Linking Entrepreneurship to Growth
localisation of entrepreneurship capital: Evidence from Germany, The
Localization of Entrepreneurship Capital - Evidence from Germany, The
Location: A Neglected Determinant of Firm Growth
Mansfield's Missing Link: The Impact of Knowledge Spillovers on Firm Growth
Market and the state : government policy towards business in europe, japan and the united states
Market dynamics in the Netherlands: Competition policy and the role of small firms
Missing Link: The Knowledge Filter and Entrepreneurship in Endogenous Growth, The
Model of the Entrepreneurial Economy, A
multinational corporation in the 1980s, The
Nascent Entrepreneurs, Innovation and Financing Constraints
new economy and economic growth in Europe and the US, The
New-firm formation in Italy: A first report
New-Firm Start-ups in Italy
New-Firm Startups, Technology, and Macroeconomic Fluctuations.
New-Firm Survival and the Technological Regime.
New firm survival : industry versus firm effects
New Firm Survival: New Results Using a Hazard Function.
New firms and creating employment
New Frontiers in Entrepreneurship Recognizing, Seizing, and Executing Opportunities
Note on the Measurement of Entry Rates., A
Patents as a Measure of Innovative Activity.
Política industrial, teoría y práctica
post-entry performance of firms: Introduction, The
Process of Creative Construction: Knowledge Spillovers, Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth, The
Public policy in the entrepreneurial society
Public/private technology partnerships: evaluating SBIR-supported research
R&D Rivalry, Industrial Policy, and U.S.-Japanese Trade.
R&D Spillovers and Recipient Firm Size.
R&D Spillovers and the Geography of Innovation and Production.
Real Effects of Academic Research: Comment.
Reconciliation of the Unemployment--New Firm Startup Paradox., A
Regional Appropriation of University-Based Knowledge and Technology for Economic Development
Regulatory reform in the 1980s: An anti rent-seeking movement?
Religion and Entrepreneurship
Renascent Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneurial Preferences Subsequent to Firm Exit
Renascent Men or Entrepreneurship as a One-Night Stand: Entrepreneurial Intentions Subsequent to Firm Exit
Resolving the knowledge paradox: Knowledge-spillover entrepreneurship and economic growth
Risk attitudes, wealth and sources of entrepreneurial start-up capital
role of labour mobility and informal networks for knowledge transfer, The
Scientist commercialization as conduit of knowledge spillovers
Small business in Industrial Economies : the new learning
small entrepreneurial firm: Gavin C. Reid and Lowell R. Jacobsen,Aberdeen University Press, Aberdeen, 1988, The
Small-Firm Entry in U.S. Manufacturing.
Small-firm mobility : A first report
Small firms and entrepreneurship : an East- West perspective
Small firms and R&D spillovers : Evidence from Italy
Small firms in U.S. manufacturing : A first report
SMEs in the age of globalization
Sources of growth : the entrepreneurial versus the managed economy
Standing on the Shoulders of Midgets : The U.S. Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR)
Start-up size and industrial dynamics: some evidence from Italian manufacturing
Strategic niches and profitability : a first report
Structure, conduct and performance
Sub optimal scale firms and compensating factor differentials in dutch manufacturing
Sustaining Innovation and Growth : Public Policy Support for Entrepreneurship
Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Development
Technological Regimes, Industrial Demography and the Evolution of Industrial Structures.
Technology transfer in a global economy
Testing the Schumpeterian Hypothesis
Theory of Knowledge Spillover Entrepreneurship, The
Trade laws and institutions for Eastern Europe
two views of small firms in industry dynamics: a reconciliation, The
Universitäten als regionale Förderer der Wirtschaft?
Universities as Research Partners in Publicly Supported Entrepreneurial Firms
University spillovers and new firm location
University Spillovers: Does the Kind of Science Matter?
University Spillovers: Strategic Location and New Firm Performance
university technology transfer revolution in Saudi Arabia, The
Unraveling the Shift to the Entrepreneurial Economy
Valuing an entrepreneurial enterprise
What determines the variation in entrepreneurial success?
What's New About the New Economy? Sources of growth in the managed and entrepreneurial economies
Who Do Scientists in Public Research Institutions Cooperate with Private Firms?
Why Does the Self-Employment Rate Vary Across Countries and Over Time?
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1980