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Alanus, Guilelmus
Alanus, Guilielmus
Alanus, Gulielmus
Alanus, Gulielmus (card)
Alanus, Wilhelmus
Allen, William
Allen, William (card)
Allen, William (Cardenal)
Allen, William (Cardinal)
Allen, William (kardinál)
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Bombino, Paul (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Bristow, Richard (1538-1581)
Campian, Edmund (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Campianus, Edmundus (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Élisabeth I (reine d'Angleterre ; (1533-1603))
Falconer, John (1577-1656)
Fenn, John
Gibbons, John
Gibbons, John (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Gibbons, Le p. ; S.J.
Hatot, Emund (Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Heywood, Thomas (1797-1866)
Knox, Thomas Francis C.Or. 1822-1882
Martellini, Sebastiano (1574-1589)
Martin, Gregory -1582
Parsons, Robert (1546-1610))
Renold, P. (n. 1916)
Renold, Penelope (n. 1916)
Worthington, Thomas (1549-1627))
Ad persecutores Anglos pro catholicis responsio
admonition to the nobility and people of england|an admonition to the nobility and people of england and ireland, concerning the present warres made for the execution of his holines sentence, by the highe and mightie kinge catholike of spain, by the cardinal of englande, an
apologie and true declaration [of the institution and endevours of the two English Colleges], An : 1581
Brevis narratio vitae et martyrii eiusdem Campiani. 1584. (VD16 C 636)
Briefe historie of the glorious martyrdom of xii reverend priests
briefe refutation of Iohn Traskes iudaical and novel fancyes
briefe relation of the martyrdome of five Persians
brieve admonition unto the nowe made ministers of Englande
Cardinal Allen's defence of Sir William Stanley's surrender of Deventer, January 29, 1586-7.
Certaine demandes concerning the Christian religion
Concertatio ecclesiae catholicae in Anglia adversus Calvinopapistas et Puritanos. 1583. (VD16 ZV 22415)
Conference about the next succession to the crowne of Ingland... published by R. Doleman. (Robert Parsons, cardinal William Allen and Francis Englefield.), A
Copia d'una lettera scritta all'illustrissimo et reverendiss. sig. cardinal d'Inghilterra, prima ch'egli fosse promosso al cardinalato, con la risposta del medesimo, tradotta dall'inglese in lingua italiana; et diretta all'illustriss. ... sig. D. Duarte Farnese.
copie of a letter, 1587, The
copie of a letter concerning the yeelding up of Daventrie, The
Dvo edicta Elizabethæ Reginæ Angliae contra sacerdotes Societatis Iesu, & alumnos seminariorum, quae ... Romae & Remis pro Anglis sunt instituta, quibus ... illi ut perduelles proscribuntur : una cum Apologia D. Gulielmi Alani pro iisdem sacerdotibus Societatis Iesu ... in qua explicantur causae institutionis praedictorum seminariorum, & cur sacerdotes Catholici in Angliam mittantur
Fasciculus myrrhae
Father Edmund Campion & his companions
Historia del glorioso martirio di sedici sacerdoti. Martirizati in Inghilterra per la confessione e difesa della fede catolica l'anno 1581, 1582, &1583. Con vna prefatione che dichiara la loro innocenza. composta da quelli che con essi praticauano mentre erano viuj, e si trouorno presenti al lor giuditio e morte.
Leggi, ecc.
letters and memorials of William cardinal Allen, (1532-1594)., The
Libri tres
Nevv Testament of Jesus Christ, translated faithfully into English, out of the authentical Latin, according to the best corrected copies of the same, diligently conferred vvith the Greeke and others editions in divers languages Wvith arguments of bookes and chapters, annotations... for the better understanding of the text... and for cleering controversies in religion, of these daies in the English College of Rhemes...., The
Opus aureum
Piissima admonitio & consolatio vere Christiana ad afflictos Catholicos Angliæ.
sacramentis in genere, De
sacrificio eucharistiae, De
Scripta quae extant
serious and friendly address to the Non-Conformists, beginning with the Anabaptists .., A
Souls departed: being a defence and declaration of the Catholic Church's doctrine touching purgatory and prayers for the dead
treatise made in defence of the lauful power and authoritie of priesthod to remitte sinnes, 1567, A
true report of the late apprehension and imprisonnement of John Nicole minester, at Roan, and his confession and answers made in the time of his durance there, A
True, sincere and modest defence of english catholiques
works..., consisting of thirteen distinct tracts on several subjects, The