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Hermann, R.
Hermann, Robert,
Hermann, Robert ((mathematician))
fl. 1966
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Ackerman, Michael
Ames Research Center (NASA) Conference on Geometric Control Theory (1976)
Corones, J.
Estabrook, Frank
Hilbert, David (1862-1943)
Hurt, Norman
Lie, Marius Sophus (1842-1899)
Lie, Sophus (1842-1899)
Lie, Sophus (1842-1899))
Martin, Clyde
Princeton University
Wahlquist, Hugo
1880 transformation group paper
1884 differential invariant paper
1976 Ames Research Center (NASA) Conference on Geometric Control Theory, The : articles
1976 Ames Research Center (NASA) Conference on the Geometric Theory of Non-linear Waves, The : articles
Algebra, with applications to physics and system theory
Algebra, with applications to physics and systems theory
Algebraic and geometric structures in current algebra theory.
Algebraic topics of importance in systems theory
algebro-geometric and lie theoretic techniques in control theory
Algebro-geometric and Lie-theoretic techniques in systems theory.
Alte Franzosen : Perlen der französischen Clavierliteratur aus dem 17. und 18. Jahrhundert
C-O-R generalized functions, current algebras, and control
Cartanian geometry, nonlinear waves, and control theory
Constrained mechanics and Lie theory
Differential geometric methods and ideas in physics and engineering
Differential geometry and the calculus of variations
Energy momentum tensors
Fourier analysis on groups and partial wave analysis
Gauge fields and Cartan-Ehresmann connections.
General algebraic ideas
geometric computing science – first steps
Geometric structure theory of systems-control, theory and physics
Geometric structures in nonlinear physics
geometric structures in nonlinear systems
Geometric Theory of Non-linear Waves
Geometry and identification : proceedings of APSM Workshop on System Geometry, System Identification, and Parameter Estimation, May 18-22, 1981
geometry of non-linear differential equations, bäcklund transformations, and solitons, the
Geometry, physics, and systems
Hilbert's invariant theory papers
Interdisciplinary mathematics.
Lectures in mathematical physics.
Lie algebras and quantum mechanics
Lie - Cartan - Ehresmann theory
Lie groups for physicists
Lie groups : history, frontiers, and applications
Lie - theoretic ode numerical analysis, mechanics and differential systems
lie-theoretic ordinary differential equations, numerical analysis, mechanics, and differential systems
Linear and tensor algebra
Linear systems theory and introductory algebraic geometry
On the differential geometry of homogeneous spaces
Physical aspects of Lie group theory
Quantum and fermion differential geometry
Quantum statistical mechanics and Lie group harmonic analysis
Ricci and Levi-Civita's tensor analysis paper : translation, comments, and additional material
Smooth compactification of locally symmetric varieties
Sophus Lie's 1880 transformation group paper
Sophus Lie's 1884 differential invariant paper
Spinors, Clifford and Cayley algebras
Toda lattices, cosymplectic manifolds, Bäcklund transformations, and kinks
Topics in general relativity
Topics in physical geometry
topics in the geometric theory of integrable dynamical systems
Topics in the geometric theory of integrable mechanical systems
Topics in the geometric theory of linear systems
Topics in the mathematics of quantum mechanics
Vector bundles in mathematical physics.
Yang-Mills, Kaluza-Klein, and the Einstein program
Typewritten ms., dated 1955
Abstract: 1 leaf at beginning
(Copy 2) Carbon copy of typewritten ms
Thesis (Ph.D.)--Princeton University, 1956