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Marston, William M.
Marston, William Moulton
Moulton, Charles
Moulton, Charles (Pseudonym)
Moulton Marston, William
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
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Carter, Lynda (1951-..)
Copyright Paperback Collection (Library of Congress)
Harvard University
Johnson, Drew
Lyster, Ian
Pérez, George (1954-)
Pitkin, Walter Boughton (1878-1953)
Ross, Stanley Ralph (1937-2000)
Rucka, Greg
Ryan, Matt
Simone, Gail
Waggoner, Lyle (1935-..)
Wein, Len
10, 70–86.* (1929) "the psychonic theory of consciousness—an experimental study," (with c.d. king).
11, 551–570.* (1923) "sex characteristics of systolic blood pressure behavior."
12 labors
13 (1), 35–44.* (1944) "women can out-think men!"
15, 5–31.* (1924) "a theory of emotions and affection based upon systolic blood pressure studies."
21, 161–169.* (1927) "primary emotions."
22, 140–150.* (1928) "materialism, vitalism and psychology."
29, 40–52.* (1927) "primary colors and primary emotions."
3, 72–87.* (1921) "psychological possibilities in the deception tests."
30, 4–33.* (1927) "motor consciousness as a basis for emotion."
32, 241–247.* (1926) "the psychonic theory of consciousness."
34, 336–363.* (1927) "consciousness, motation, and emotion."
35, 469–506.* (1925) "negative type reaction-time symptoms of deception."
53, no. 2, 8–10.* (1944) "why 100,000,000 americans read comics."
53, no. 3, 22–25.* (1938) "what people are for."
6, 387–419.* (1924) "studies in testimony."
61 (may), 4–5.* (1947) "lie detection's bodily basis and test procedures," in: p.l. harriman (ed.)
8, 15–34.* (1929) "bodily symptoms of elementary emotions."
9, 39–5.* (1938) "'you might as well enjoy it.'"
Amazon princess
art of sound pictures, the
Beauty and the beasts
Bitter rivals
Challenge of Artemis
Cheetah and the purrfect crime
Darkseid's revenge
Emotions of normal people
Ends of the earth
Épisode pilote et épisodes 1 à 13
Épisodes 1 à 22
Épisodes 1 à 24
Eyes of the Gorgon
F. F. Proctor, vaudeville pioneer
Integrative psychology a study of unit repsonse
Integrative psychology; a study of unit response
Journey begins
Just imagine Stan Lee's Wonder Woman
Just imagine Stan Lee with Jim Lee creating Wonder Woman
Justice League of America : Wonder Woman : mythos
lie detector test, The
Love and murder
March on! Facing life with courage
new york, 354–363.* articles "consciousness," "defense mechanisms," and "synapse" in the 1929 edition of the
. new york: crowell.* (1938)
. new york: doubleday, doran.* (1943)
. new york: home institute.* (1937)
. new york: sears.* (1936)
. new york: smith.* (1941)
Spirit of truth
Stan Lee's Wonder Woman
Stan Lee with Jim Lee creating Wonder Woman
Superman : Darkseid's revenge
Systolic blood pressure and reaction time symptoms of deception and constituent mental states
Try living
Venus with us : a tale of the Caesar
vol 2(2), 117–163.* (1920) "reaction time symptoms of deception."
] (with c. daly king, and [[elizabeth holloway marston]]).* (c. 1932)
(with j.h. feller). new york: smith.;journal articles* (1917) "systolic blood pressure symptoms of deception."
Wonder Woman : Amazon, hero, icon
Wonder Woman : Amazon princess
Wonder Woman archives
Wonder Woman : beauty and the beasts
Wonder Woman : bitter rivals
Wonder Woman chronicles, The
Wonder Woman : contagion
Wonder Woman : ends of the earth
Wonder Woman : eyes of the Gorgon
Wonder Woman : mythos
Wonder Woman's book of myths
Wonder Woman : spirit of truth
Wonder Woman : the challenge of Artemis
Wonder Woman : the hiketeia
Wonder Woman : the journey begins
Wonder Woman : the twelve labors
Wonder Woman : warkiller
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Harvard University, 1921