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Čangs, Hadžūns
Chang, H. -J.
Chang, Ha-Joon
Chang, Ha-jun
Ha, Joon Chang
Hajun Chan
장 하준
チャン, ハジュン
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Language material
Musical sound recording
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writer of accompanying material
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Akyuz, Yilmaz
Bento, Paulo Tiago (1973-)
Burlamaqui, Leonardo
Chang, H.
Cheema, Ali
Chŏng, Sŭng-il (1961-)
Dedekind, Henning
Emmert, Anne
Grabel, Ilene
Grabel, Ilene (1963-)
Grabel, Ilene J. (1963-)
Horvatić, Filomena
Kozul-Wright, Richard
Kyle, Chris
Lee, Keun
Lin, Justin
Lin, Justin Y.
Lof, Ed (1944-)
Mises, L.
Moore, Mick
Palma, Gabriel
Park, Hong-Jae
Rowthorn, Robert
Ruhs, Martin
Said, M.
Sakr, K.
Scheifes, Ansfried
Scoones, Ian
Shin, Jang-Sup
Shin, Jang-Sup (1962-)
Singh, Ajit
United Nations Research Institute for Social Development
University Faculty of Economics Affiliation (see also from)
University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge / Faculty of Economics
Whittaker, D Hugh
World Institute for Development Economics Research
Wydawnictwo Krytyki Politycznej
Yi, Chong-t'ae
Yoo, Chul Gyue
Yoo, Chul-Gyue
You, Jong-Il
이 종태 (Journalist)
田村, 源二 (1947-)
23 coisas que nunca lhe contam sobre a economia
23 dingen die ze je niet vertellen over het kapitalisme
23 lietas, ko mums nestāsta par kapitālismu
23 Lügen, die sie uns über den Kapitalismus erzählen
23 rzeczy, których nie mówią ci o kapitalizmie
23 stvari koje vam neće reći o kapitalizmu
23 things they don't tell you about capitalism.
23 věcí, které vám neřeknou o kapitalismu
Asian Crisis: Introduction., The
Bad samaritans : the guilty secrets of rich nations and the threat to global prosperity
Bad Samaritans : the myth of free trade and the secret history of capitalism
Bad society and the enemies
Book reviews
Breaking the mould: an institutionalist political economy alternative to the neo-liberal theory of the market and the state
Breaking the mould : an institutionalist political economy alternative to the neoliberal theory of the market and the state
Chang Ha-jun, Hanʼguk kyŏngje kil ŭl mal hada : wigi ŭi Taehan Minʼguk, sangsaeng ŭi taean sahoejŏk tae tʻahyŏp
Chusik hoesa Hanʾguk ŭi kujo chojŏng : muŏt i munje inʾga
Chusik hoesa Hanʾuk ŭi kujo chojŏng, 2004
Conditions for Successful Technology Policy in Developing Countries : Learning Rents, State Structures and Institutions
cutting the gordian knot – an analysis of the korean economy
Dangers of Reducing Industrial Tariffs, The
Deux ou trois choses que l'on ne vous dit jamais sur le capitalisme
Development in a divided country
Divdesmit trīs lietas, ko mums nestāsta par kapitālismu
Dreiundzwanzig Lügen, die sie uns über den Kapitalismus erzählen
Dvacet tři věcí, které vám neřeknou o kapitalismu
Dvadesettri stvari koje vam neće reći o kapitalizmu
Dwadzieścia trzy rzeczy, których nie mówią ci o kapitalizmie
East Asian development experience, The : the miracle, the crisis and the future
Economics and Politics of Regulation., The
economics: the user's guide
Ethics of Labor Immigration Policy, The
Evaluating the current industrial policy of South Africa
Foreign investment regulation in historical perspective : lessons from the proposed WTO agreement on investment
Future for Trade, The
Globalisation, economic development and the role of the state
Globalization and East Asian Economies: An Introduction
Globalization, economic development and the role of the state
Globalization, Global Standards, and the Future of East Asia
Hashigo o hazuse : Keotosareru hatten tojōkoku
Hazard of Moral Hazard: Untangling the Asian Crisis, The
Industrial Policy and the Role of the State in Egypt: The Relevance of the East Asian Experience
Industrial Policy: Can We Go Beyond an Unproductive Confrontation?
Industrial policy in East Asia - lessons for Europe
Institutional change and economic development
Institutional Transition and Transition Cost: Assessing the Post 1997 Corporate Reform in South Korea
Institutions and economic development: theory, policy and history
Institutions and the role of the state, 2000
intellectual property rights and economic development: historical lessons and emerging issues
Intellectual property rights regime
Interpreting the Korean Crisis: Financial Liberalisation, Industrial Policy and Corporate Governance.
Investitionsverhandlungen in der WTO als Agenda des Nordens "hört auf unsere Worte, vergesst unsere Taten!"
Joseph Stiglitz and the World Bank : the rebel within : selected speeches
Kaehyŏk ŭi tŏt
Kʻwaedo nanma Hanʼguk kyŏngje : Chang Ha-joon, Chŏng Sŭng-il ŭi kyŏkchŏng taehwa
Kicking Away the Ladder: An Unofficial History of Capitalism, Especially in Britain and the United States
Kicking away the ladder : development strategy in historical perspective
Kicking Away the Ladder: Infant Industry Promotion in Historical Perspective 1
Korea: The misunderstood crisis
Korean ways in technology Though the methods have varied, Korea's hands‐on policy has succeeded
Kŭdŭl i mal haji annŭn 23-kaji : Chang Ha-jun, tŏ naŭn chabonjuŭi rŭl mal hada
Kukka ŭi yŏkhal : uri modu rŭl wihan palchŏn kwa chinbo ŭi kyŏngjehak!
kwe-do nan-ma hankook-kyungje
Late Marketisation versus Late Industrialisation in East Asia
Late Marketization versus Late Industrialization in East Asia: Convergence and Divergence among Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, & Mongolia
Muŏt ŭl sŏnt'aek hal kŏt in'ga: Chang Ha-jun, Chŏng Sŭng-il, Yi Chong-t'ae ŭi k'waedonanma Han'guk kyŏngje
Myth of Free Labour Market in Korea., The
nações hipócritas os segredos incómodos dos países ricos e os mitos que ameaçam a prosperidade global, As
Nappŭn Samariaindŭl : Chang Ha-Jun ŭi kyŏngjehak pʻanorama : the myth of free trade and the secret history of capitalism
New perspectives on East Asian development
POLICY ARENA: Can Large Firms Be Run Efficiently Without Being Bureaucratic?
political economy of industrial policy, 1994, The
Political Economy of Industrial Policy in Korea., The
political economy of industrial policy, The ; reflections on the role of state intervention
politics of trade and industrial policy in africa: forced consensus (edited with charles chukwuma soludo & osita ogbu) (africa world press; 2004) isbn 978-1592211654*, the
politics of trade and industrial policy in Africa, The : forced consensus?
Public enterprises in developing countries and economic efficiency : a critical examination of analytical, empirical and policy issues
Public policy and agricultural development
Pullyang sahoe wa kŭ chŏktŭl : choŭn simindŭl i tŭllyŏ chunŭn uri sahoe iyagi
¿Qué fue del buen samaritano? naciones ricas, políticas pobres
Reclaiming development, 2004. CIP.
Reclaiming development : an alternative economic policy manual
Reclaiming development : an alternative manual for economic policy
Reclaiming development from the Washington consensus
Regulation of Foreign Investment in Historical Perspective
Reivindicar el desarrollo : un manual de política económica alternativa
relación entre las instituciones y el desarrollo económico. Problemas teóricos claves, La
Reply to the comments on ‘Institutions and Economic Development: Theory, Policy and History’
Restructuring Korea Inc.
Rethinking development economics
Retirar la escalera : la estrategia del desarrollo en perspectiva histórica
role of the state in economic change, 1995:, The
Sekai keizai o hatansaseru 23 no uso
sekai keizai o hatansaseru nijūsan no uso
Should Industrial Policy in Developing Countries Conform to Comparative Advantage or Defy it? A Debate Between Justin Lin and Ha-Joon Chang
Sliktie samarieši, [2011]:
State, institutions and structural change
State-Owned Enterprise Reform
Stiglitz Contribution, The
Stranger than Fiction? Understanding Institutional Changes and Economic Development
transformation of the communist economies, The : against the mainstream
Triumph of the Rentiers? The 1997 Korean Crisis in a Historical Perspective, The
Twenty three things they don't tell you about capitalism
Understanding the relationship between institutions and economic development : some key theoretical issues
What danger lies in the WTO--Nama negotiations for Africa?
Who benefits from the new international intellectual property rights regime? : and what should Africa do?
개혁 의 덫
국가 의 역할 : 우리 모두 를 위한 발전 과 진보 의 경제학!
그들 이 말 하지 않는 23가지 : 장 하준, 더 나은 자본주의 를 말 하다
나쁜 사마리아인들 : 장 하준 의 경제학 파노라마 : the myth of free trade and the secret history of capitalism
무엇 을 선택 할 것 인가 : 장 하준, 정 승일, 이 종태 의 쾌도난마 한국 경제
불량 사회 와 그 적들 : 좋은 시민들 이 들려 주는 우리 사회 이야기
장 하준, 한국 경제 길 을 말 하다 : 위기 의 대한 민국, 상생 의 대안 사회적 대 타협
주식 회사 한국 의 구조 조정 : 무엇 이 문제 인가
쾌도 난마 한국 경제 : 장 하준, 정 승일 의 격정 대화
はしごを外せ : 蹴落とされる発展途上国
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Cambridge, 1991