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Evans, Arthur
Evans, Arthur J.
Evans, Arthur J. (Sir)
Evans, Arthur John
Evans, Arthur John (Sir)
Evans, Arthur (Sir)
Evans, Artur Dž
Evans, Sir Arthur
Evans, Sir Arthur (English archaeologist, 1851-1941)
Evans, Sir Arthur John
Sir Arthur Evans
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Evans, Joan (1893-1977)
Lang, Andrew (1844-1912))
Lanux, P. de
Lanux, Pierre de (1887-1955))
Marett, R.R. (1866-1943)
Marett, Robert Ranulph (1866-1943)
Marett, Robert Ranulph (1866-1943))
Murray, Gilbert (1866-1957))
Myres, John Linton (1869-1954))
Pendlebury, J. D. S.
Robinson, Edward Stanley Gotch
Society of Antiquaries of London
University of Oxford
Vojnović, Lujo
Wilkinson, John Gardner
白木, 茂 (1910-1977)
Adriatic Slavs and the Overland route to constantinople, The : Read at the Meeting of the Society [...]
Ancient gems, from the Evans and Beatty collections.
Ancient Illyria an archaeological exploration
Anthropologie und die Klassiker, Die : sechs Vorlesungen, gehalten vor der Universität Oxford von Arthur J. Evans ... [et al.]
Anthropology and the classics : six lectures delivered before the University of Oxford
Antiquarian researches in Illyricum, Parts III, IV
Arthur Evans's travels in Crete, 1894-1899
Ashmolean museum as a home of archæology in Oxford: an inaugural lecture given in the Ashmolean Museum, November 20, 1884, The
Athenian portrait-head by Dexamenos of Chios, Arthur J. Evans. The
British archæological discoveries in Greece and Crete : 1886-1936 : catalogue of the exhibition arranged to commemorative the fiftieth anniversary os the British School of Archaeology at Athens : together with an exhibit illustrative of Minoan Culture with special relation to the discoveries at Knossos
bull of Minos, The : the discoveries of Schliemann and Evans
Catalogue of the Greek vases in the Ashmolean Museum
Cretan pictographs and prae-Phoenician script: with an account of a sepulchral deposit at Hagios Onouphrios near Phaestos in its relation to primitive Cretan and Aegean culture
Crete : the forerunner of Greece
Croatia: through writers' eyes
Dalmatia and the Jugoslav movement
earlier religion of Greece in the light of Cretan discoveries, The : Frazer Lecture for 1931 in the University of Cambridge
early Nilotic, Libyan and Egyptian relations with Minoan Crete, The
Essai de classification des époques de la civilisation Minoenne : résumé d'un discours fait au Congrés d'archéologie à Athènes
Essays in Aegean archaeology presented to Sir Arthur Evans in honour of his 75th birthday
Further discoveries of Cretan and Aegean script : with Libyan and proto-egyptian comparisons
Great transitional age in the northern and eastern sections of the palace
handbook to the palace of Minos at Knossos with its dependencies, A
history of Sicily from the earliest times, The
Ilirska pisma
illustrative selection of Greek and Greco-Roman gems, An
Illyrian letters a revised selection of correspondence from the Illyrian provinces of Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Dalmatia, Croatia, and Slavonia, addressed to the Manchester guardian during the year 1877
Illyrian letters. Serbo-Croatian. [from old catalog]
Inscriptions in the Minoan linear script of class A
Italie et les Yougoslaves une situation dangereuse, L'
Knossos fresco atlas.
Knossos : palace, city, state : proceedings of the conference in Herakleion organised by the British School at Athens and the 23rd Ephoreia of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities of Herakleion, in November 2000, for the Centenary of Sir Arthur Evan's excavations at Knossos
Late-Celtic dagger, fibula and jet cameo, 1915:
Lloyd Collection
Monnaies d'or romaines et byzantines, collection de Sir Arthur J. Evans ...
Mycenaean tree and pillar cult and its mediterranean relations; with illustrations from recent cretan finds
Na karlovačkom sajmu
Neolithic and early and middle minoan ages
New archeological lights on the origins of civilization in Europe
Palace of Knossos in its Egyptian relations., The
Palace of Minos: a comparative account of the successive stages of the early Cretan civilization as illustrated by the discoveries at Knossos, The
palace of Minos at Knossos. Chryselephantine "lady of sports", "snake room" and full story of the cult, The : late minoan ceramic evolution and "palace style"
palace of Minos at Knossos. Chrystelephantine boy-god and ritual hair-offering in taglio types M.M. III-L.M.II [...], The
palace of Minos at Knossos. the most brilliant records of minoan art and the evidences of an advanced religion, The
Pješke kroz Bosnu i Hercegovinu tokom ustanka avgusta i septembra 1875 sa istorijskim pregledom Bosne i osvrtom na Hrvate, Slavonce i staru Dubrovačku Republiku
Prehistoric tombs of knossos
question de Fiume, Le
Restoration in town and palace after seismic catastrophe towards close of M.M. III and the beginnings of the new era
ring of Nestor;̓ a glimpse into the Minoan after-world, and a sepulchral treasure of gold signet-rings and bead-seals from Thisbê, Boeotia, ʻThe
Schliemann : Geschichte eines Goldsuchers.
Scripta Minoa: The Written Documents of Minoan Crete: with Special Reference to the Archives of Knossos
shaft graves and bee-hive tombs of Mycenae and their interrelation, The
Slaves de l'Adriatique et la Route continentale de Constantinople, Les
slavs and European civilisation, The : A lecture delivered at Sion College Feb. 23, 1878
Sylloge nummorum Graecorum.
Syracusan "medallions" and their engravers in the light of recent finds : with observations on the chronology and historical occasions of the Syracusan coin-types of the fifth and fourth centuries B.C. And an essay on some new artists' signatures on Sicilian coins
Through Bosnia and the Herzegovina on foot during the insurrection August and September 1875 : with an historical review of Bosnia and a glimpse at the Croats, Slavonians, and the ancient republic of Ragusa
vaulted tombs of Mesará, The : an account of some early cemeteries of southern Crete
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