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Smit, $15V. Yug'in
Smit, $15Vilyam Yug'in
Smit, Ṿ. Yug'in
Smit, V. Yugin
Smit, Ṿilyam Yug'in
Smit, Vilyam Yugin
Smit, Yug'in
Smit, Yugin
Smith, Eugene
Smith, Gene
Smith, W. Eugene
Smith, W. Eugene (American photographer and photojournalist, 1918-1978)
Smith, William E.
Smith, William Eugene
Sumisu, W. Yūjin
Sumisu, Yūjin
Vilyam Yugin
W. Eugene Smith
W Yūjin Sumisu
W. ユージンスミス
William Eugene Smith
סמית, וו. יוג׳ין
スミス, W. ユージン
スミス, ユージン
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Johnson, William S. (1940-...)
Maddow, Ben (1909-1992)
Mora, Gilles (1945-)
Nevins, Allan (1890-1971))
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Salvesen, Britt
Smith, Aileen M
Smith, Aileen Mioko
Stephenson, Sam
University of Arizona. Center for Creative Photography
Viganò, Enrica (1961-)
Willumson, Glenn Gardner
Zschocke, Nina
中尾, ハジメ (1945-)
Airīn Sumisu Korekushon, W. Yūjin Sumisu no shashin, 2008:
Camera 3.
camera as conscience
city experienced; Pittsburgh, Pa.; a photographic interpretation and essay by W. Eugene Smith, conceived and photographed in 1955-56, A
[Contact sheet showing men socializing, playing cards (gambling) at a community recreational facility (see E9-R299), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]
Dai niji sekai taisen nihon no haisen : Kyapa sumisu sūōpu miki jun no shashin : Kaikan 10shūnen kinenten
Dance of the flaming coke, Pittsburgh, 1955
Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Aspen, Colorado, 1949
Dream street : W. Eugene Smith's Pittsburgh project
Fotografija 20. stoljeća - Muzej Ludwig u Koelnu
Hanabōshi. [from old catalog]
High crimes and misdemeanors the impeachment and trial of Andrew Johnson
[Iwo Jima]
jazz loft project, The : photographs and tapes of W. Eugene Smith from 821 Sixth Avenue, 1957-1965
Let truth be the prejudice : W. Eugene Smith, his life and photographs
Lew Ayres treats wounded Japs
Madness, Haiti, 1959
More real than reality
Nurse-midwife Maude Caullen, North Carolina, 1951
Objective camera, subjective truth--W. Eugene Smith
[Pittsburgh, a city experienced - various views]
portfolio of ten photographs, A
Realer als die Realität
Saipan, 1944
Shinobu-San: to gather a life.
[Title page of "A city experienced: Pittsburgh, Pa., a photographic interpretation"]
Tomoko and mother, Minamata, Japan, 1972
[Two contact sheets showing individual views of two men, one is reading from "The shame of the cities" by Lincoln Steffens, the other man appears to be listening, they both converse, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]
[Two contact sheets showing individual views of two men (see E8-R266), entrance to Mathies Mine, young men seated on steps of the U.S. Post Office at Fourth Ave., a young couple with twins in a stroller, and construction workers setting up scaffolding for the expansion of First Church, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]
[Two contact sheets showing men socializing, playing cards (gambling) at a community recreational facility, children swinging indoors at recreational facility, and adults in a thrift(?) shop possibly on an upper floor of same facility, after leaving they walk towards Amity Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]
[Two contact sheets showing young adults acting in a medical farce and in a song and dance production, and African American and other children playing around and climbing on street sign at the corner of Cowell and Pride streets, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]
[Two contact sheets showing young adults and children reading and listening to music in a library, and African American children playing around street sign at the corner of Cowell and Pride streets, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]
Ṿ. Yug'in Smit, c1988:
Ṿ. Yug'in Smit : tsalam mored.
W. Eugene Smith and the photographic essay
W. Eugene Smith, early work.
W. Eugene Smith, his photographs and notes.
W. Eugene Smith más real que la realidad
W. Eugene Smith, master of the photographic essay
W. Eugene Smith more real than reality
W. Eugene Smith [photographies]
W. Eugene Smith : photographs 1934-1975
W.Eugene Smith,photography
W. Eugene Smith : the camera as conscience
W. yūjin sumisu no shashin : Airīn sumisu korekushon
W.ユージン・スミスの写真 : アイリーン・スミス・コレクション
Welsh miners, Wales, 1950
When the cheering stopped : the last years of Woodrow Wilson
WW2-Japan's defeat
Yūjin sumisu no mita nihon
Yūjin sumisu shashinshū : 1934 1975
Yūjin sumisu ten
וו. יוג׳ין סמית : צלם מורד.
ユージン・スミス写真集 : 1934-1975
ユージン・スミス展 : 真実と人間愛スミスの遺志を受け継ぐ12人の写真家とともに
ユージン・スミス展 : 真実と人間愛に生きた写真家
水俣 : 写真集
水俣 : 生その神聖と冒涜
第二次世界大戦日本の敗戦 : キャパ、スミス、スウォープ、三木淳の写真 : 開館10周年記念展