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Densmore, Frances
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Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
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Archive of American Folk Song
Archive of Folk Song (U.S.)
Emrich, Duncan
Jumper, Harry
Library of Congress. Recording Laboratory
Ramiņš, Imants (1943-)
Red Cloud, Edgar
Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe (1793-1864)
Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology
Stany Zjednoczone. Government Printing Office
United States. Bureau of American Ethnology
American Indians and their music, The
American warriors songs for Indian veterans
Anthropological papers
belief of the Indian in a connection between song and the supernatural, The
Cheyenne and Arapaho music
Chippewa customs.
Chippewa dream song medley : SSA a capella
Chippewa Indian music : the Frances Densmore collection
Chippewa Music-II
Choctaw music, by Frances Densmore
collection of specimens from the Teton Sioux, A
collection of water-color drawings of the North American Indian by Seth Eastman in the James Jerome Hill Reference Library, Saint Paul, The
Dakota and Ojibwe people in Minnesota
Folk music of the United States
Frances Densmore and American Indian music; a memorial volume.
Frances Densmore collection of Chippewa cylinder recordings
Frances Densmore collection of Pawnee cylinder recordings
Frances Densmore collection of Teton and Santee Sioux cylinder recordings
Handbook of the collection of musical instruments in the U.S. National Museum, by Frances Densmore,...
Handbook of the collection of musical instruments in the United States National Museum
Harry Jumper Seminole songs
Healing songs of the American Indians
How Indiana use wild plants for food, medicine and crafts : (formerly titled Uses of Plants by the Chippewa Indians)
How Indians use wild plants for food, medicine and crafts
Imant Raminsh. White Feathers,c1991:
Indian Action Songs by Frances Densmore A Collecton of Descriptive Songs of the Chippewa Indians, with Directions for Pantomimic Represantation in Schools and Community Assemblies
Indian use of wild plants for crafts, food, medicine, and charms
Indians of North America. [from old catalog]
Mandan and Hidatsa music
melodic formation of Indian songs..., The
Menominee music
Music of Acoma, Isleta, Cochiti and Zuni Puebles
Music of Acoma, Isleta, Cochiti and Zuñi pueblos
Music of Santo Domingo pueblo, New Mexico
Music of the American Indians., The
music of the Filipinos, The
Music of the Indians of British Columbia, by Frances Densmore
Music of the Maidu Indians of California, by Frances Densmore...
Music of the Tule Indians of Panama... by Frances Densmore...
Musical instruments of the Maidu Indians
Nootka and Quileute music, by Frances Densmore
Northern ute music
Papago music
Pawnee Indian music
Poems from Sioux and Chippewa songs
Rhythm in the music of the American Indian
search for songs among the Chitimacha Indians in Louisiana, A
Search of songs among the Chitimacha Indians in Louisiana, by Frances Densmore, A
Seminola Music
Seminole music
Songs of the Chippewa. Adapted from the collections of Frances Densmore and Henry Rowe Schoolcraft
Songs of the Chippewa from the Archive of American Folk Song
Songs of the Chippewa, recorded and edited by Frances Densmore. [Preface by Duncan Emrich.]
Songs of the Cippewa
Songs of the lights.
Songs of the Menominee, Mandan and Hidatsa
Songs of the Nootka and Quileute
Songs of the Papago
Songs of the Seminole Indians of Florida
Songs of the Sioux
Songs of the Yuma, Cocopa, and Yaqui. [Sound recording]
study of Indian music, The
study of some Michigan Indians, A
Study of some Michigan Indiens, by Frances Densmore, A
Technique in the music of the American Indian
Teton-Sioux Indian music
Teton Sioux music and culture
use of music in the treatment of the sick by American Indians, The
Uses of plants by the Chippewa Indians.
White Feathers for two-part (div.) voices & piano
Yuman and jaqui music
Yuman and Yaqui music by Frances Densmore