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Grieve, C. M.
Leslie, Arthur
M'Diarmid, Hugh
Mac Diarmid, Hugh
Mac Diarmid, Hugh (Mr.)
Mac Diarmid, Hugh (pseudonym)
Macdiarmid, Hugh
Mc Diarmid, Hugh
Mc Diarmid, Hugh (pseudonym)
McDiarmid, Hugh
McDiarmid, Hugh (pseudonym)
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Language material
Notated music
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Grieve, Christopher M. (other identity, same person)
Grieve, Christopher Murray (other identity, same person)
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Annand, J. K.
Bold, Alan
Bold, Alan Norman (1943-...)
Bold, Alan Norman (1943-)
Glen, Duncan
Grieve, Dorian (1973-...)
Grieve, Michael
Kerrigan, Catherine
Manson, John
Mitchell, James Leslie (1901-1935)
Riach, Alan (1957-...)
Weston, John C.
Aesthetics in Scotland
Age of MacDiarmid, The : essays on Hugh MacDiarmid and his influence on contemporary Scotland
Aniara : a review of man in time and space
Annals of the five senses and other stories, sketches, and plays
Annals of the five senses : the first collected work by Hugh MacDiarmid
at the sign of the thistle o j 1934
battle continues., The
Clyack-Sheaf, A
Collected poems 1941-1975
Collected poems of Hugh Mac Diarmid : revised edition with enlarged glossary
Collected poems of Hugh MacDiarmid [pseud.]
company I've kept, The
Complete poems, 1920-1976
complete poems of Hugh MacDiarmid, The
Contemporary Scottish studies
Cornish heroic song for Valda Trevlyn and Once in a Cornish garden
correspondence between Hugh MacDiarmid and Sorley MacLean, The
Direadh I, II, and III
drunk man looks at the thistle, A
Early lyrics by Hugh MacDiarmid; recently discovered among letters to his schoolmaster and friend George Ogilvie;
En drucken man beskådar tisteln --- och andra dikter
essay on Hugh MacDiarmid], [An
Exports of pottery from the United Kingdom, 1948-1968
Fantasiettina sul nome illustre dell'egregio poeta Christopher Grieve ossia Hugh M'Diarmid
Fantasiettina sul nome illustre dell'egregio poeta Hugh MacDiarmid ossia Christopher Grieve : MCMLXI, piano solo
golden treasury of Scottish poetry, The
greater Hugh MacDiarmid, The
Henryson; selected by Hugh MacDiarmid.
hohe Felsenküste, Die
Hugh MacDiarmid and Duncan Glen
Hugh MacDiarmid anthology, poems in Scots and English. Edited by Michael Grieve and Alexander Scott, The
Hugh MacDiarmid anthology, The : poems in Scots and English
Hugh MacDiarmid & Duncan Glen : a prospect from Brownsbank : poems, biographical notes, and a bibliography published to mark a conversation of 25th October 1968 and a return to Brownsbank on 25th October 1998.
Hugh MacDiarmid - George Ogilvie letters, The
Hugh MacDiarmid reading his poems with comment in Scotland, Jan. 17, 1962
In memoriam James Joyce, from a vision of world language
islands of Scotland, The : Hebrides, Orkneys, and Shetlands
John Knox
kind of poetry I want, The
lap of honour, A
letters of Hugh MacDiarmid, The
Living Scottish poets
Lucky poet : a self-study in literature and political ideas, being the autobiography of Hugh MacDiarmid (Christopher Murray Grieve)
MacDiarmids: a conversation [between] Hugh Macdiarmid & Duncan Glen with Valda Grieve & Arthur Thompson: recorded at Brownsbank, Candymill, on 25th October 1968;, The
man of (almost) independent mind, The
Metaphysics and poetry
ministry of water; two poems, The
More collected poems
New selected letters
Northern numbers, being representative selections from certain living Scottish poets
Oeuvres romanesques choisies
Penny wheep : [poems]
Poems addressed to Hugh MacDiarmid, and presented to him on his seventy-fifth birthday by John M. Bett [and others]
Poems [of] Hugh MacDiarmid, and a pibroch on his 80th birthday
raucle tongue, The : hitherto uncollected prose
raucle tonguehitherto uncollected prose, The
revolutionary art of the future, The : rediscovered poems
revolutionary art of the futurerediscovered poems, The
Robert Burns.
Scots unbound and other poems
Scottish eccentrics
Scottish scene, or, The intelligent man's guide to Albyn
Selected essays of Hugh MacDiarmid
Selected lyrics
Selected poems [of] Hugh MacDiarmid;
Selected poems. Selected and edited by David Craig and John Manson
Selected poetry
Selected prose
socialist poems of Hugh MacDiarmid, The
Song of the seraphim
Speaking for Scotland; selected poems of Hugh MacDiarmid [pseud.]
Stony limits and Scots unbound, and others poems
Suijin azami o miru : Hyū Makudāmiddo shishū
Sydney Goodsir Smith
terrible crystal [and] A vision of Scotland, The
thistle rises, The : an anthology of poetry and prose
Three hymns to Lenin; [poems]
To circumjack Cencrastus; or, The curly snake
ugly birds without wings, The
uncanny Scot: a selection of prose, The
Whaur extremes meet : the poetry of Hugh MacDiarmid 1920-1934
Whuchulls; a poem
Wind sprang auf, Ein