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Layard, P. R. G.
Layard, P. Richard G.
Layard, Peter Richard Grenville
Layard, R.
Layard, Richard
Layard, Richard G.
レイヤード, リチャード
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Ashenfelter, Orley
Ashenfelter, Orley (1942-)
Barton, M
Bean, C R
Bean, Charles
Blanchard, O
Blanchard, Olivier J
Blanchard, Olivier Jean
Boone, Peter
Boycko, Maxim
Clark, Andrew (1963 Feb. 21))
Clark, David
Clark, David M.
Coleman, John
Dabrowski, Marek
Dolan, Paul
Dornbusch, Rudiger
European Commission. Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs
Fallon, P R
Glaister, Stephen
Goodhart, C
Gronau, Reuben
Grubb, David B
Grubb, David B.
Haldane, Andrew
Hale, Daniel
Illarionov, A
Jackman, R
Jackman, R A
Jackman, Richard
Jackman, Richard A
Johnson, G.E.
Joshi, Heather E
Knapp, Martin
Layard, P R G
Layard, P. R. G.
Layard, P.R.G.
Layard, R
Layard, R.
Layard, Richard
Layard, Richard G
Layard, Richard Grenville
London School of Economics (LSE) / Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)
London School of Economics and Political Science. Centre for Economic Performance
Manacorda, Marco
Mayraz, G.
Mayraz, Guy
McIntosh, Steven
Metcalfe, Robert
Nickell, S
Nickell, S J
Nickell, S.
Nickell, S. J.
Nickell, Stephen
Nickell, Stephen J
Nickell, Stephen J.
Nickell, Stephen J. (1944-)
Nickell, Stephen John
Nickell, Steve (1944-)
Orzag, P
Östekonomiska institutet
Owen, Susan J
Pissarides, C
Psacharopoulos, George
Reyniers, Diane J.
Richter, Andrea
Richter, Ansgar
Savouri, S
Smithies, Rachel
Symons, J
Verry, D W
Vignoles, Anna
Walters, Alan A.
Zabalza, A
Zabalza, Antoni
荒, 憲治郎 (1925-)
Análisis cosot-beneficio
Anarchy and culture : the problem of the contemporary university
Annual lecture 1992 : the training reform act
Big ideas: wellbeing and public policy
Britain's training deficit : the Centre for Economic Performance report
Britains Record on Skills
Britains training deficit, c1994
Can Russia Control Inflation?
Capital-Skill Complementarity, Income Distribution, and Output Accounting.
Case for Subsidising Extra Jobs., The
Cause of the current stagflation
causes of graduate unemployment in India, The
Causes of poverty, The
Causes of the Current Stagflation.
Changing the economic system in Russia
Classical Unemployment, Accommodation Policies and Adjustment of Real Wages: Comment.
Combatting Unemployment: Is Flexibility Enough?
coming Russian boom, The : a guide to new markets and politics
Conditions of Life, The
Cost-benefit analysis of psychological therapy
Cost-benefit analysis : selected readings
Cost Functions for University Teaching and Research.
Crisis del paro, La
current state and future of economic reform, The
Denison and the Contribution of Education to National Income Growth: A Comment.
determinants of UK imports, 1971:, The
Distributional Effects of Congestion Taxes., The
Does Long-term Unemployment Reduce a Person's Chance of a Job? A Time-Series Test.
Does Relative Income Matter?: Are the Critics Right?
East-west migration : the alternatives
Economic change in Poland
Education versus cash redistribution : The lifetime context
Efficiency Case for Long-Run Labour Market Policies., The
Emerging from Communism : lessons from Russia, China, and Eastern Europe
En busca de valores en una época competitiva.
Est-Ovest: la grande migrazione
Europe : the case for unsustainable growth : report
European versus US Unemployment: Different Responses to Increased Demand for skill?
facteurs de la croissance économique, Les : une analyse transversale par pays
Family Income Distribution: Explanation and Policy Evaluation.
Felicidad, La : lecciones de una nueva ciencia
Fight against unemployement, The : macroeconomic papers from the Centre for European Studies
fight against unemployment, 1987:, The
fight against unemployment, The : macroeconomic papers from the Centre for European Policy Studies
future of the Russian reform 1, The
glückliche Gesellschaft Kurswechsel für Politik und Wirtschaft, Die
Good childhood, A : searching for values in a competitive age
Greatest Happiness Principle: Its Time Has Come, The
Handbook of labor economics
Happiness and Public Policy: a Challenge to the Profession
Happiness felicitat : lliçons d'una nova ciència
Happiness : lessons from a new science
Home Production - A Survey
How Mental Illness Loses Out in the NHS A report by The Centre for Economic Performance's Mental Health Policy Group
How much unemployment is needed for restructing: the Russian experience
How much unemployment is needed for restructuring?: the Russian experience
How to beat unemployment
How to Privatise
Human Capital and Earnings: British Evidence and a Critique.
Human Satisfactions and Public Policy.
Impact of Robbins., The
Improving access to psychological therapy initial evaluation of the two demonstration sites
In brief: Job guarantee: a new promise on long-term unemployment
In brief: The future of finance
Income Policy and Wage Differentials
Incomes Policy and Wage Differentials.
inflation tax, An
Invandringen från öst
Is Incomes Policy the Answer to Unemployment?
Is Unemployment Lower if Unions Bargain over Employment?
Labor market institutions and economic performance
Labour market adjustment in Russia
Labour market flexibility in Japan in comparison with Europe and the U.S.: By T. Tachibanaki
Labour Market Institutions and Economic Performance
Lay-offs by seniority and equilibrium employment
Lifelong learning
Manpower and educational development in India, 1961-1968
Manpower and educational development in India 1961-1986
Manual de economía del trabajo
Marginal Employment Subsidies Again: A Brief Response to Whitely and Wilson.
marginal utility of income, The
Married Women's Participation and Hours.
Measuring Subjective Wellbeing for Public Policy: Recommendations on Measures
Measuring the Duration of Unemployment: A Note.
Microeconomic theory
Mikuro keizaigaku
Mismatch: A Framework for Thought
Model for the Delivery of Evidence-Based PSHE (Personal Wellbeing) in Secondary Schools, A
More jobs, less inflation : the case for a counter-inflation tax
More jobs, less inflation : the case for a counterinflation tax
natural rate of unemployment: Explanation and policy, The
Neoclassical Demand for Labour Functions for Six Major Economies.
New Happiness
On the Use of Distributional Weights in Social Cost-Benefit Analysis.
On Vacancies.
Paro, El : los resultados macroeconómicos y el mercado de trabajo
Performance of the British economy, The
Performance of the British labour market, The
Polish transformation, The
Post-communist reform : pain and progress
Postwar economic reconstruction and lessons for the East today
prix du bonheur leçons d'une science nouvelle, Le
Qualified manpower and economic performance: an inter-plant study in the electrical engineering industry
Que nos depara el futuro : perspectiva desde las ciencias sociales
Qué nos depara el futuro : perspectivas desde las ciencias sociales
Real Effects of Tax-Based Incomes Policies., The
Reply to John Creedy's comment
Report of the CEPS macroeconomic policy group : internal paper.
Restoring Europe's prosperity : macroeconomic papers from the Centre for European Policy Studies
Rise in Unemployment: A Multi-country Study., The
road back to full employment, The
Roshia wa yomigaeru : Shihon shugi taikoku eno michi
Russia: the conditions of life
Screening Hypothesis and the Returns to Education., The
Stopping unemployment
Strategi mot arbetslöshet
Tackling inequality. -
Tackling unemployment: Europe's successes and failures.
Thatcher Miracle?, The
Thatcher-Mirakel?, Das
UK unemployment. -
Una Buena infancia : en busca de valores en una época competitiva
Understanding Unemployment
Unemployement : macroeconomic performance and the labour market
Unemployment crisis, The
Unemployment in Britain causes and cures
Unemployment in the OECD Countries.
Unemployment : macroeconomic performance and the labour market
Unemployment, real wages, and aggregate demand in Europe, Japan and the United States
Unemployment the way forward for Europe
Uneployment : macroeconomic performance and the labour market
Varför överge den svenska modellen?
Waarom zijn we niet gelukkig?
Wage Bargaining and Incomes Policy: Possible lessons for Eastern Europe
Wage rigidity and unemployment in OECD countries
Welfare-to-work and the New Deal
Well-Being Measurement and Public Policy
What the future holds insights from social science
Who gains and who loses from Russian credit expansion?
Why abandon the Swedish model?
Why Are More Women Working in Britain?
Why Does Unemployment Persist?
Wiederaufbau Deutschlands nach dem Zweiten Welkrieg, Der : Lehren für Osteuropa
Youth Unemployment in Britain and the United States Compared
ミクロ経済学 : 応用と演習
ロシアは甦る : 資本主義大国への道
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