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Thurstone, L. L.
Thurstone, LL
Thurstone, Louis L.
Thurstone, Louis Léon
Thurstone, Luis Leon
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Language material
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Chave, E.J.
Cordero Pando, Agustín
Peterson, Ruth Camilla
Science Research Associates
Seisdedos Cubero, N.
Técnicos Especialistas Asociados Departamento de Psicología y Sociología de Empresas
Thurstone, T. G.
Thurstone, Thelma Gwinn
University of Chicago
University of Chicago Affiliation (see also from)
University of Chicago. Committee on publications in biology and medicine
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Affiliation (see also from)
Yela, M. (1921-1994)
Yela, Mariano
Analytical method for simple structure
Applications of psychology : essays to honor Walter V. Bingham
Caras percepción de diferencias : manual
Classification test
Computing diagrams for the tetrachoric correlation coefficient
Contributions to mathematical psychology.
Current misuse of the factorial methods
Edge-making method of analyzing data, The
Employment Tests
Experimental methods in food tasting : This paper was read at a Research conference sponsored by the Council on research of the American meat Institute, March 24, 1950, at the Univ. of Chicago ...
factorial study of perception, A
Fondements de la statistique
Formas idénticas : manual
Freehand lettering
Fundamentals of statistics
Gestalt completion
Interest Schedule
Inventario de intereses profesionales
Laboratory reports, November 1943 to December 1947.
learning curve equation, The
Manual of examination methods
Measurement of attitude a psychophysical method and some experiments with a scale for measuring attitude toward the church
Measurement of values
Mechanical aptitude.
Motion pictures and the social attitudes of children
Multiple-factor analysis : a development and expansion of The vectors of mind
Nature of intelligence
Noções basicas de estatistica
P. M. A. (aptitudes mentales primarias) : manual
Penmanship and psychological tests
Primary mental abilities
Progress report on a color-form test : Research project on objective tests of temperament for the Air Force
Psychological assumptions in factor analysis : This paper was read at the 12th International Congress of psychology in Edinburgh, July 24, 1948
Psychological examination for college freshmen
Psychological study of Twins., A
Psychology as a quantitative rational science
Reliability and validity of tests derivation and interpretation of fundamental formulae concerned with reliability and validity of tests and illustrative problems
Safe driving; human limitations in automobile driving
Science Research Associates tests of educational ability
scientific study of inventive talent, The : This paper was read at a meeting of the Industrial Research Institute in Skytop, Pa., on May 6, 1952
Some new psychophysical methods : This paper was prepared for a symposium sponsored by the National Research Council Advosory Board on quartermaster research and development at the Palmer House, Chicago, on Oct. 9, 1953
SRA verbal, c1984:
Stroop test, The
T-19 : skrócony podręcznik do testu "Skali temperamentów" L. L. Thurstone'a [opracowany na podstawie podręcznika M. Choynowskiego]
TEA : Tests de aptitudes escolares : (niveles 1, 2 y 3) : manual
Test des formes identiques
theory of multiple factors. [and] A simplified multiple factor method and an outline of the computations, The
Thurstone temperament schedule
Transformation analysis of factorial data : and other new analytical methods of differential psychology with their application to Thurstone's basic studies
vectors of the mind. address of the president before the american psychological association, chicago meeting, september, 1933, the
Word association with homonyms : Under contract with the United States Air Force. Air Force temperament tests research contract No. AF 33 (038)-10108)
"Studies from the Psychological Laboratories of the University of Chicago."
Reprint in one volume of Psychological monographs, v. 26, nos. 1-6, published separately in 1918-19 by Psychological Review Co., Princeton, N.J
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Chicago, 1917