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Seligman, E. R.
Seligman, Ėdvin
Seligman, Edwin
Seligman, Edwin R. A.
Seligman, Edwin Robert
Seligman, Edwin Robert Anderson
セリグマン, エドウィン・R
セリグマン, エドウイン・R. A
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Barrault, Henry-Émile (1880-)
Ishikawa, Yoshimasa
Johnson, Alvin
Johnson, Alvin Saunders (1874-1971))
Smith, Adam (1723-1790)
Tatsukawa, Shōji (1927-)
Western economic society. [from old catalog]
石川, 義昌
立川, 昭二 (1927-)
綿貫, 譲治 (1931-)
[Collection of minor publications].
crisis of 1907 in the light of history, The : introduction to "The currency problem and the present financial situation"
currency inflation and public debts: an historical sketch.
Debate between Prof. E. R. A. Seligman
Debate: "Is the failure of socialism, as evinced by the recent partial return to capitalism, due to the fallacies of Marxian theory?" Affirmative: Professor Edwin R. A. Seligman ... negative: Harry Waton ... Clare Sheridan, chairman. Held at the Manhattan opera house, New York city, Sunday afternoon, April 30th, 1922.
Double taxation and international fiscal cooperation, 1928:
Double taxation and international fiscal cooperation : being a series of lectures delivered at the Académie de droit international de La Haye
Economia e ciências sociais
economic interpretation of history., the
economic interpretation of the war., an
Economics in the twentieth century : the history of its international development
economics of farm relief: a survey of the agricultural problem., the
economics of farm relief, The : a survey of the agricultural problem
economics of instalment selling: a study in consumers' credit, with special reference to the automobile., the
economics of instalment selling, The : a study in consumers' credit, with special reference to the automobile
Ėkonomicheskoe obʺi︠a︡snenīe istorīi, 1906:
Encyclopaedia of the social sciences. Vol. 1
Encyclopaedia of the socialal sciences.
Encyclopedia of the social sciences ; associate ed. Alvin Johnson, 1937
Essais sur l'impôt
Essays in economics. -
Essays in taxation. -
Financial mobilization for war ...
Financial moblization for war;
general property tax. Reprinted from political Science Quaterly Vol. V., N° 1, The
George Eastman
Handelspolitik Nordamerikas, Italiens, Österreichs, Belgiens, der Niederlande, Dänemarks, Schwedens und Norwegens, Russlands und der Schweiz in den letzten Jahrzehnten sowie die deutsche Handelsstatistik von 1880 bis 1890, Die
house revenue bill: a constructive criticism., the
impôt progressif en théorie et en pratique, L'
impôt sur le revenu, L'
income tax: a study of the history, theory and practice of income taxation at home and abroad., the
Informe sobre el sistema tributario de Cuba
inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations
interprétation économique de l'histoire, L'
Is allied debt a just debt? : Dr. Seligman answers Hoover.
Keizai genron.
Meiji kōki sangyō hattatsushi shiryō.
Memoirs of the National Academy of Sciences, 1924:
[National Civic Federation pamphlets].
next step in tax reform: presidential address of edwin r. a. seligman, ll. d., delivered at the ninth annual conference of the national tax association, san francisco, august 11, 1915., the
On the shifting and incidence of taxation. -
Price cutting and price maintenance; a study in economics
Principes d'économique
Principles of economics, with special reference to American conditions
Progress of taxation during the past twenty-five years, and present tendencies [reprinted from the Papers and Proceedings of the twenty-second annual meeting of the American Economic Association.], The
progressive taxation in theory and practice (1894).
Railway tariffs and the interstate commerce law
Rapport sur la double imposition
Recent reports on state and local taxation
[Recueil. Dossiers biographiques Boutillier du Retail. Documentation sur John Bates Clark]
Report of the Committee of Economists on the dismissal of Professor Ross from Leland Stanford Junior University.
report on the revenue system of cuba., a
Resolved: That capitalism offers more to the workers of the world than socialism or communism; debaters: Prof. Seligman, for capitalism; Fenner Brockway, for socialism; Scott Nearing, for communism, under the auspices of the League for public discussion, at Mecca temple, New York city, Sunday evening, February 2, 1930.
separation of state and local revenues, The
Shakai shisōshi.
shifting and incidence of taxation, The
Shihon shugi ka shakai shugi ka : Seriguman kyōju tai sukotto niaringu no daironsō
social evil, The : with special reference to conditions existing in the City of New York
social evil: with special reference to conditions existing in the city of new york., the
Sozei tenka ron
stenographer's report of the selig vs. waton debate.
Studies in public finance. -
Théorie de la répercussion et de l'incidence de l'impôt
university school of business., a
War finance primer.
Wasurerareta keizaigakushatachi
Wealth and taxation; a series of addresses and papers presented at the semi-annual meeting of the Academy of political science in the city of New York, April 15, 1923
Wealth and taxation : a series of adresses and papers presented at the semi-annual meeting of the Academy of political science in the City of New York, April 15, 1924
wealth of nations in 2 volumes, The
Zēriguman shi ruishinzei ron : Ruishinzei no rironteki ōyō
ゼーリグマン氏累進稅論 : 累進稅の理論的応用
資本主義か社会主義か : セリグマン教授対スコット・ニアリングの大論争