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A. B, Aphra Behn
Behn, A.
Behn, Afra
Behn, Amis
Behn, Ann
Behn, Anne
Behn, Aphara
Behn, Aphra
Behn, Aphra Amis
Behn, Aphra (Madame)
Behn, Aphra (Mrs)
Behn, Ayfara
Behn, .. (Madame)
Behn (Mrs)
Behn, Mrs. Aphra
Benn, Afra
Bhen, A.
Bhen, Aphra
Johnson, Aphra
Johnston, Aphra
Person of quality
ベーン, アフラ
ベイン, アフラ
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Dhuicq, Bernard (1956-...)
Gildon, Charles pseud. Lindamour
La Place, Pierre Antoine de (1707-1793)
Russell, Anne Elizabeth (1952-)
Salzman, Paul
Settle, Elkanah (1648-1724))
Stern, Simon
Summers, Montague
Todd, Janet (1942-)
Todd, Janet M. (1942- ))
Todd, Janet M. (1942-)
Todd, Janet Margaret (1942-...)
Tonson, Jacob (1656?-1736)
Zaro, Juan Jesús
大久保, 康雄 (1905-1987)
Æsop's fables with his life : in English, French and Latin
All the histories and novels written by the late ingenious Mrs. Behn... published by Mr. Charles Gildon, the 7th edition corrected and illustrated with cuts...
amours of Philander and Silvia, 1687:, The
Aphra Behn's the luckey chance (1687) : a critical edition
aventurero, El ; La heredera burguesa
Banish't cavaliers
Belle infidèle récits, La
City-heiress, or Sir Timothy Treat-all, a comedy as it is acted at His Royal Highness his theatre..., The
counterfeit bridegroom; or, The defeated widow., The
Credulous cuckold
critical old-spelling edition of Aphra Behn's the city heiress, A
Curious husband
debauchee, or, The credulous cuckold, The : a comedy, acted at His Highness the Duke of York's Theatre. Licensed, Feb. 23, 1676 6/7, Roger L'Strange.
discovery of new worlds., A
Dutch lover, a comedy acted at the Dukes theatre..., The
emperor of the moon, The
Entretiens sur la pluralité des mondes.
fair jilt and other short stories, The
fair jilt or The history of Prince Tarquin and Miranda, The
False count, or a new way to play an old game, as it is acted at the Duke's theatre..., The
Feign'd curtizans, or a Night intrigue, a comedy as it is acted at the Dukes theatre..., The
feigned courtesans
Good old cause
Kekkon kankitan : Kekkon no 10 no yorokobi
Love letters between a noble-man and his sister. -
Love-letters between a nobleman and his sister: viz. F---rd Lord Gr--y of Werk, and the Lady Henrietta Berk---ley, under the borrow'd names of Philander and Silvia. Done into verse, by the author of the Letters from a nun to a cavalier
Love-letters between a nobleman and his sister; with the history of their adventures. In three parts
lover's watch or the art of making love, The
Luckey chance
lucky chance, or The alderman's bargain, The
maximes de La Rochefoucauld, Les
novels of Mrs. Aphra Behn;, The
Oroenoko, of De koninklijke slaaf
Oronoko, imité de l'anglois (de Mme A. Behn), nouvelle édition revue et corrigée par M. de La Place...
Oroonoko : an authoritative text, historical backgrounds, criticism
Oroonoko and other stories
Oroonoko, and other writings
Oroonoko o el príncipe esclavo : la hermosa casquivana
Oroonoko or The royal slave : a true history
Oroonoko, The rover and other works
Plays, histories and novelsof... Mrs. Aphra Behn, with life and memoirs..., The
poems of Aphra Behn, The : a selection
príncipe esclavo
rover, 1677, The
rover and other plays, The
Rover, or the Banish't cavaliers, as it is acted at... the Duke's theatre, The
Rover, or the Banish't cavaliers, as it was acted by His Majesty's servants, at the theatre in Little-Lincolns-Inn-Fields, The
rover, or, The banished cavaliers, The
rover (play)|the rover, the
rover, The ; The feigned courtesans ; The lucky chance ; The emperor of the moon
Royal slave
second part of The rover, The : As it is acted by the servants of His Royal Highness
Selected works.
Selected writings of the ingenious Mrs. Aphra Behn : Together with a critical portrait by Robert Phelps by way of introduction
Seneca unmasqued : a bilingual edition of Aphra Behn's translation of La Rochefoucauld's Maximes
She ventures and he wins
Shorter novels: seventeenth century
Sir Patient Fancy, a comedy, as it is acted at the Dukes theatre
Sir patient Fancy ; traduzione, postfazione e note di Alba Graziano
Sir Timothy Treat-all
ten pleasures of marriage, and the second part: The confession of the new married couple, The
town-fopp, or, Sir Timothy Tawdrey, The : A comedy. As it is acted at His Royal Highness the Duke's theatre
uncollected verse of Aphra Behn, The
week's conversation on the plurality of worlds, A
Widdow Ranter, or the History of Bacon in Virginia, a tragi-comedy, acted by Their Majesties servants, written by Mrs. A. Behn. (With a prologue by Dryden.), The
Widow Ranter.
works of Aphra Behn, The
works of Mrs. Behn. Entire in three volumes. ..., The
young king. -, The
Younger brother
結婚歓喜譚 : 結婚の十の歓び