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Kotz, S.
Kotz, Samuel
Kotz, Samuel I.
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Balakrishnan, N. (1956-)
Balakrishnan, Narayanaswamy (1956-...)
Galambos, János (1940-)
Gihman, Iosif Ilʹič (1918-...)
Johnson, Norman Lloyd
Kemp, Adrienne W.
Read, Campbell B.
Skorochod, Anatolij Vladimirovič (1930-)
Skorohod, Anatolij Vladimirovič (1930-...)
Springer-Verlag (Berlin)
Advances in probability distributions with given marginals : beyond the copulas
Advances in the theory and practice of statistics : a volume in honor of Samuel Kotz
Arthur L Bowley a pioneer in modern statistics and economics
Asimptotičeskaâ teoriâ otsenivanâ
Asimptotičeski èffektivnoe ocenivanie parametrov spektra gaussovskogo vremennogo râda
Asimptoticheskaia teoriia otsenivaniia
Beyond beta : other continuous families of distributions with bounded support and applications
Breakthroughs in statistics
Characterizations of probability distributions : a unified approach with an emphasis on exponential and related models
Classical and modern integration theories. Ivan N. Pesin,... Translated [from the Russian] and edited by Samuel Kotz,..
Classification to Eye estimate
Continuous multivariate distributions
Continuous univariate distributions : distributions in statistics.
Continuous univariate distributions. Vol. 1
Controlled stochastic processes
Correlation and dependence
Cumulative index, volumes 1-9
dictionary of statistical terms
Discrete distributions : distributions in statistics
Discrete multivariate distributions
Distributions in statistics: continuous multivariate distributions
Educated guessing, c1983. Samuel Kotz.
Educated guessing : how to cope in an uncertain world
Encyclopedia and handbook of process capability indices a comprehensive exposition of quality control measures
Encyclopedia of statistical sciences : Supplement Volume
Estimation of dependences based on empirical data
Extreme value distributions : theory and applications
Faà di Bruno's formula to Hypothesis testing
Foundations and basic theory
Game-theoretical control problems
Game theory lectures for economists and systems scientists
Icing the tails to Limit theorems
Inspection errors for attributes in quality control
Laplace distribution and generalizations, 2001:, The
Laplace distribution and generalizations, The : a revisit with applications to communications, economics, engineering, and finance
Leading personalities in statistical sciences from the seventeenth century to the present
Lindeberg condition to Multitrait-multimethod matrices
Methodology and distribution
Models and Applications
modern course on statistical distributions in science work., A
modern course on statistical distributions in scientific work, A : proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, July 29-August 10, 1974
Multivariate analysis to Plackett and Burman designs
Multivariate t distributions and their applications
new continuous distribution and two new families of distributions based on the exponential, A
Nonparametric estimation of probability densities an regression curves
Nonparametric estimation of probability densities and regression curves
Parameter estimation and hypothesis testing in spectral analysis of stationary time series
Plackett family of distributions to Regression, wrong
Pozicionnye differencialʹnye igry
Probability theory : a historical sketch
Process capability indices in theory and practice
Razvitie ponâtiâ integrala
Recent results in information theory [1967] S. Kotz.
Regressograms to St. Petersburg paradox, the
Regressorgrams to St. Petersburg paradox
Russian-English dictionary and reader in the cybernetical sciences, with a selected bibliography of Soviet publications in the cybernetical sciences. Samuel Kotz,..
Russian-English dictionary of statistical terms ... 1964.
Russian-English dictionary of statistical terms and expressions and Russian reader in statistics, by Samuel Kotz with the collaboration of Wassily Hoeffding
Russian-English, English-Russian glossary of statistical terms;
Statistical distributions in scientific work
Statistical estimation asymptotic theory
Statistical size distributions in economics and actuarial sciences
Strata chart to Zyskind-Martin models : Cumulative index
stress-strength model and its generalizations, The : theory and applications
stress-strength model and its generalizations theory and applications, The
Studies in mathematical statistics
Supplement volume
Symmetric multivariate and related distributions
Teoriâ igr : lekcii dlâ èkonomistov-kibernetikov
Teoriâ slučajnyh processov
Teoriâ veroâtnostej
Teorii︠a︡ igr.
Teorii︠a︡ sluchaĭnykh prot︠s︡essov.
theory of stochastic processes I, The
theory of stochastic processes II, The
theory of stochastic processes III, The
to Circular probable error, A
Univariate discrete distributions
Upravlâemye slučajnye processy
Urn models and their application : an approach to modern discrete probability theory
Vāzhahʹhā va iṣṭilāḥāt-i āmārī : Fārsī-Ingilīsī, Ingilīsī-Fārsī
Vosstanovlenie zavisimosteĭ po ėmpiricheskim dannym.
Vosstanovlenie zavisimostej po èmpiričeskim dannym
Vvedenie v teoriiu massovogo obsluzhivaniia
واؤهها و اصطلاحات آمارى : فارسى-انليسى، انليسى-فارسى