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Guglielmo di Tiro
Guilelmus (Abp. of Tyre)
Guilelmus, Archbishop of Tyre
Guilelmus (arciv. di Tyrus)
Guilelmus (de Tyro)
Guilelmus di Tyrus
Guilelmus (Monachi)
Guilelmus (Monachi, Archbishop of Arles)
Guilelmus Monachi (archevêque d'Arles)
Guilelmus Monachi (ärkebiskop av Arles)
Guilelmus (Monachus)
Guilelmus (monachus incertus)
Guilelmus (of Tyre, Archbishop of Tyre)
Guilelmus (Tyrensis)
Guilelmus Tyrius
Guilelmus (Tyrius, Archbishop of Tyre)
Guillame Monachi
Guillaume (de Tyr)
Guillaume (de Tyr, Archbishop of Tyre)
Guillaume (Monachi)
Guillaume (Monachi, aartsbisschop van Arles)
Guillaume (Monachi, Archbishop of Arles)
Guillaume Monachi (ärkebiskop av Arles)
Guillelmus (Tyrensis)
Guillermo (Arzobispo de Tiro)
Guillermo de Tiro
Gulielmus (Arzobispo de Tiro)
Gulielmus of Tyre
Gulielmus (Tyrius)
Monachi, Guilelmus
Monachi, Guilelmus (arciv. d'Arles)
Monachi, Guilelmus (ärkebiskop av Arles)
Monachi, Guillaume
Monachi, Willelmus
Monge, Guillaume
Tiro, Guillermo de
Tyr, Guillaume
Tyr, Guillaume de
Tyre, William of
Tyrus, Wilhelm von
Tyrus, Willem van
Wilelmus de Tyro (c. 1130-1184/1190)
Wilhelm (ärkebiskop av Tyr)
Wilhelm (von Tyrus)
Wilhelm (von Tyrus, Archbishop of Tyre)
Wilhelm z Tyru
Willelmus (Monachi)
Willelmus (Monachi, Archbishop of Arles)
Willelmus Monachi (archevêque d'Arles)
Willelmus Monachi (ärkebiskop av Arles)
Willelmus (Tyrensis)
Willelmus (Tyrensis, Archbishop of Tyre)
Willem van Tyrus
Willem (van Tyrus, Archbishop of Tyre)
William, Archbishop of Tyre
William (II, Archbishop of Tyre)
William of Tyre
William (of Tyre, Archbishop of Tyre)
وليم الصوري
approximately 1130-approximately 1190
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Language material
Manuscript notated music
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Babcock, Emily Atwater
Caxton, William (approximately 1422-1491 or 1492.)
Colvin, Mary Noyes
Éditions du Cerf
Guilelmus, arciv. di Tyrus (c. 1130-c. 1190)
Huygens, Robert Burchard Constantijan (1931- ))
Kausler, Eduard Heinrich von (1801-1873))
Krey, A. C.
Krey, August C. (1887-1961)
Krey, August Charles (1887-1961)
Krey, August Charles (1887-1961))
Mayer, Hans Eberhard (1932- ))
Orologgi, Giuseppe
Orologi, Giuseppe
Pinelli, Antonio
Rösch, Gerhard
Zerner, Monique
Zerner, Monique (1935-....))
Contra Henricum scismaticum et hereticum
Historia rerum in partibus transmarinis gestarum. Book 1-9.