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Joannes (Lidgate)
Johannes (Lydgate)
John (Lydgate)
Lidgate, John
Lindgate, John
Ludgate, John
Lydgate, ..
Lydgate, Dan John
Lydgate, Daniel J.
Lydgate, Daniel John
Lydgate, John,
ca 1370-ca 1451
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Notated music
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Bergen, Henry
Cambridge University Library
Carnegie Institution of Washington
Caxton, William (ca. 1422-1491 or 2.)
Degenhart, Max
Erdmann, Axel (1843-1926)
Furnivall, Frederick James (1825-1910)
Hopper, Clarence, 1817 (1868)
Jenkinson, Francis John Henry
K. Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich
Lauritis, Joseph A.
MacCracken, Henry Noble (1880-)
Roxburghe Club
Sieper, Ernst
Spindler, Robert (1893-1954)
Triggs, Oscar Lovell (1865- [from old catalog])
assemble of goddes, The
Assembly of gods, or the Accord of reason and sensuality in the fear of death, by John Lydgate, edited from the mss., with introduction, notes, index of persons and places, and glossary, by Oscar Lovell Triggs,..., The
Assembly of Gods: or the accord of reason and sensuality in the fear of death, The : Ed. from the mss. ... by Oscar Lovell Triggs.
book of the lyf of Our Lady, The
Bruce; or, The book of the most excellent and noble prince, Robert de Broyss, King of Scots;, The
casibus virorum illustrium., De
child of Bristow, The
Childe of Bristow, a poem, by John Lydgate. Edited, from the original ms. in the British Museum, by Clarence Hopper, The
chorle and the birde] The churl and the bird, [The
Churl and the Bird, translated from the French by John Lydgate. Printed by William Caxton about 1478, The
Collections of a London citizen
Court of Sapience, The
critical edition of John Lydgate's Life of our lady, A
dance of death, painted by H. Holbein and engraved by W. Hollar., The
Danse macabre
daunce of Machabree. - s.a., The
Einige religiöse Gedichte John Lydgate's
Explicit liber primus de curia sapiencie. - [1480]
Fabula duorum mercatorum
Fall of princes
gouernaunce of kynges and prynces, the Pynson edition of 1511; a translation in verse, The
Here begynneth a lytell treatyse of the horse, the sheep, and the ghoos
Here begynneth the boke of Iohan Bochas discryuing the fall of pri[n]ces, princesses, and other nobles
Here begynneth the temple of glas. - [ca. 1505]
historia destructionis troiae
historical collections of a citizen of London in the fifteenth century, The : containing: I. John Page's Poem on the siege of Rouen. II. Lydgate's Verses on the King of England. III. William Gregory's Chronicle of London
Horse, goose and sheep
Horse, sheep and goose
Horse, the sheep, and the ghoos
[introd., notes, rhyme-liste, and a glossary, with an appendix]
Isopes Fabules
John Lydgate and the making of public culture, 2005:
John Lydgate's "Lives of Ss Edmund & Fremund" and the "Extra miracles of St Edmund" edited from British Library MS Harley 2278 and Bodleian Library MS Ashmole 46
Lay folks mass book; or, The manner of hearing mass, with rubrics and devotions for the people, in four texts, and office in English according to the use of York, from manuscripts of the Xth to the XVth century, The
Life of our lady
life of Saint Alban and Saint Amphibal, The
life of St Edmund, king and martyr, The : John Lydgate's illustrated verse life presented to Henry VI : a facsimile of British Library MS Harley 2278
Lives of Saints Edmund and Fremund
"Lives of Ss Edmund & Fremund" and the "Extra miracles of St Edmund"
Lydgate and Burgh's Secrees of old philisoffers : a version of the 'Secreta Secretorum'
Lydgate and Burgh's secrees of old philisoffres
Lydgate's Complaint of the black knight : Text mit Einleitung und Anmerkungen. Inaug.-Diss. ... Heidelberg eingereicht von Emil Krausser.
Lydgate's disguising at Hertford Castle : the first secular comedy in the English language
Lydgate's "Fabula duorum mercatorum" aus dem Nachlasse des Herrn Prof. Dr. J. Zupitza,...
Lydgate's Fall of princes, ed.
Lydgate's Horse, goose and sheep. Mit Einleitung und Anmerkungen
Lydgate's minor poems. The two nightingale poems. (A.D. 1446) Ed. from the mss.
Lydgate's Minor poems : the two Nightingale poems (a. D. 1446), edited, from the mss., with introduction, notes and glossary, by Otto Glauning,...
Lydgate's Reson and sensuallyte. Edited from the Fairfax ms. 16 (Bodleian) and the additional ms. 29729 (Brit. Mus.) by Ernst Sieper,...
Lydgate's Siege of Thebes. Edites from all the known manuscripts and the two oldest editions, cith introduction, notes, and a glossary, by Axel Erdmann ...
Lydgate's Temple of glas : Edited with introduction and notes by J. Schick.
Lydgate's Troy book, A.D. 1412-20
Lyf of Our Lady
lytell treatyse of the horse, the sheep, and the ghoos, A : Printed at Westminster by Wynkyn de Worde about 1499.
Lytell treatyse of the horse, the sheep and the ghoos, by John Lydgate. Printed at Westminster by Wynkyn de Worde about 1499, A
minor poems of John Lydgate, The
Mummings and entertainments, 2010:
Pèlerinage de vie humaine.
pilgrimage of the life of man, The
Poems. With an introduction, notes and glossary by John Norton-Smith, John Lydgate.
Reson and sensuallyte
Saint Albon and Saint Amphibalus
Secrees of old philisoffers
Secretum secretorum.
sege of Troye, The : colour microfiche edition of the manuscript Manchester, The John Rylands University Library, Ms English 1
selection from the Minor poems of Dan John Lydgate, A
Selection of minor poems of Dan John Lydgate, A
Sept contre Thèbes
serpent of division, The
siege of thebes (poem)|siege of thebes
Stans puer ad mensam. - [ca. 1500]
Table manners for children
tale of a prioress and her three wooers; Text mit Einleitung , Gleichzeitig ein Beitrag zur Literaturgeschichte der Wanderstoffe, A
temple of glas, The
Temple of Glass, The : Printed at Westminster by William Caxton about the year 1477.
Troy book
vertue of ye masse. - [ca. 1520], The
workes of Geffrey Chaucer, newly printed with diuers additions, The : With the siege and destruction of the worthie Citie of Thebes, compiled by John Lidgate, monke of Burie
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Thesis (inaugural)--K. Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, 1910