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Demsetz, H.
Demsetz, Harold,
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Alchian, Armen A
Alchian, Armen A.
Bandt, William D.
Campbell, Tom
Conference Board
Danner, Carl
Demsetz, Harold
Faruqui, Ahmad
Jacquemin, Alex
Jacquemin, Alexis (1938-2004))
Lehn, Kenneth
Northwestern University
Papillon, Jean-Claude
Pitofsky, Robert
Schmalensee, Richard
Stanford University (Stanford). Hoover Institution on War, revolution and Peace
Teece, David J.
University of California (Los Angeles, Calif.)
University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) / Department of Economics
Villalonga, Belen
100 years of antitrust should we celebrate?
2003 Manifesto on the California Electricity Crisis
Accounting for Advertising as a Barrier to Entry.
Anti-trust economics : new challenges for competition policy
Barriers to Entry.
Block's Erroneous Interpretations.
competencia, La : aspectos económicos, jurídicos y políticos
Concentration, oligopoly and power
core disagreement between Pigou, the profession, and Coase in the analyses of the externality question, The
Corporate Control, Insider Trading, and Rates of Return.
Do Competition and Monopolistic Competition Differ?
economía de la empresa, La : siete comentarios críticos
Economic, legal and political dimensions of competition
Economics as a Guide to Antitrust Regulation.
Economics in the Industrial State: Science and Sedative: Discussion.
Economics, Legal, and Political Dimensions of Competition
Economics of the business firm seven critical commentaries
Economics of the Business Firm, The
économie de la firme sept commentaires critiques, L'
Efficiency, competition, and policy
emerging theory of the firm, The
Financial regulation and the competitiveness of the large U.S. corporation
Firm in Economic Theory: A Quiet Revolution., The
Frischmann’s View of “Toward a Theory of Property Rightsâ€
From economic man to economic system essays on human behavior and the institutions of capitalism
George J. Stigler: Midcentury Neoclassicalist with a Passion to Quantify.
Growth of Government, The
How Many Cheers for Antitrust's 100 Years?
Inconsistencies in Monopolistic Competition: A Reply., The
Industry Structure, Market Rivalry, and Public Policy.
Information and Efficiency: Another Viewpoint.
Joint Supply and Price Discrimination.
Limit orders and the alleged Nasdaq collusion
market concentration doctrine, The : an examination of evidence and a discussion of policy
More on Collusion and Advertising: A Reply.
On Extortion: A Reply.
On the Regulation of Industry: A Reply.
Organization of economic activity
Ownership and Control: A Review
Ownership, control and the firm
Ownership structure and corporate performance
Primacy of Economics: An Explanation of the Comparative Success of Economics in the Social Sciences: Western Economic Association International 1966 Presidential Address., The
Private Production of Public Goods: Reply., The
Problem of Social Cost: What Problem? A Critique of the Reasoning of A.C. Pigou and R.H. Coase, The
Product innovation and imitation, 1959.
Product innovation and imitation ; with a case study of the frozen orange concentrate industry
Production , Information Costs, and Economic Organization.
Production, Information Costs and Economic Organizations
Professor Jack Hirshleifer (1925–2005): A Life Remembered
Professor Michelman's Unnecessary and Futile Search for the Philosopher's Touchstone
Property Right Paradigm, The
R. H. Coase and the Neoclassical Model of the Economic System
Rationality, Evolution, and Acquisitiveness.
Seemingly altruistic behavior : selfish genes or cooperative organisms?
Structure of Corporate Ownership: Causes and Consequences., The
Structure of Ownership and the Theory of the Firm., The
Theory of stock spreads revisited
Theory of the Firm Revisited., The
Toward a Theory of Property Rights II: The Competition between Private and Collective Ownership.
Where is the New Industrial State?
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Abstracted in Dissertation abstracts, v. 20 (1959), no. 6, p. 2056-2057
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Northwestern University, 1951